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September 14, 2018

The Googlely War Hero Cult

Since John McCain's death, the media and Democrats have been echoing John Kasich's (daughters') perpetual battle cry of, "Can't we all just get along?" So why is it then, that Democrats and RINOs like McCain are always the first to dig up dirt on Republicans, and the Republicans are always the first to lay down, go on the defensive, or recuse themselves, to avoid the slightest bit of impropriety? Democrats know this strategy works every time.

But then came Trump. Maybe Trump shouldn't have made his comment about McCain not being a war hero, but then again, why not? McCain went after Trump first.

I truly do appreciate John McCain's military service. And my heart aches for those who were captured during war. No matter how Liberals cry over our treatment of prisoners of war, the way other countries have abused our soldiers is unspeakable, even unthinkable. This is proven fact. (Think USS Pueblo. If you don't know, look it up. Just make sure there are no kids in the room.)

It spite of this fact, think of what a trained fighter pilot like McCain could have accomplished in the air for those 5 years, instead of in captivity. Trump thinks like a businessman. Trump thinks results. It's why we voted for him. The Liberal media still doesn't get that. The Google-cult still doesn't get that.

Since the Russian collusion hoax began, we've learned John McCain sent someone all the way to London to get the dirty-dossier. Guess this was an act of "reaching across the aisle."

There is no doubt that McCain was personally offended by Trump's "heat of the campaign" remark, and even in his farewell letter, it is obvious that he never did get over it. It is human. It is understandable.

Like Hillary, John McCain lost 2 presidential campaigns (a primary and a general), and like Hillary, blamed someone else for his loss. I voted for him, but still, he was the only choice the establishment gave us.

Like most people, McCain had a lot of dirt in his closet. And unlike Trump, it's not even necessary to dig it up. It is well known. (Go ahead. Google it.) I have no desire to dig up McCain. He crossed the aisle, and never came back, both figuratively and literally. My beef is with career politicians who populate Washington for life. For them, it is not our livelihoods that are at stake, but theirs.

Those with a Liberal mindset believe that if we can't all just get along (meaning: think the way they do) government can FORCE us to, and THEY can make a good living in the process. It's just a little too "Googlely" for me. We need TERM LIMITS. Maybe Google does too.

If Jeff Sessions neutered... 'er, recused himself because of the mere appearance of "conflicts of interests," how in the hell can Robert Mueller and his angry Democrats be allowed to continue to conduct their Hillary cover-up/Trump witch hunt with their proven and obvious conflicts of interests?



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