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It seems to me like sick people are just using politics as a cover to do what they'd really like to do anyway.

October 27, 2018

My Unfair Lady

Over the years Liberals have coerced people into swallowing their insanities, one bite at a time. If they could, they'd have Eliza Doolittle turn Professor Higgins into a guttersnipe, rather than have Professor Higgins help Eliza become a lady.

Their most common ploy has been the "tolerance" argument. But when that stops working, and people stop swallowing, everyone gets to see their true colors.

This situation is not too different than any relationship gone bad. You get into a relationship because you assume you have common goals. As differences surface, you want to believe that the conflicts are only surface, just differences in strategies, and that you still share the same ultimate goals.

If/when you finally realize that isn't the case, decisions have to be made, and quickly if the other party is engaged in destructive/self-destructive behavior. You can either:

1) find a way to help/get the other person help if possible,


2) find a way out of the relationship before you are sucked into their destructions.

If you get out soon enough, you move on with your life and your goals. If not, it could be fatal. If you do get out, there is always a chance that the other party will come to their senses. But you cannot control that. That is up to them.

A restraining order against Democrats would be very appropriate at this point. Democrats can no longer pretend they have America's best interests at heart. They have reached the tipping point and now openly embrace the insane and the insanities that they have been advancing in our country (and around the world) for years.

The only restraining order available in this situation is VOTING for law and order. It's either that or the default: lawlessness and violence. The sane know that lawlessness and violence do not create a functional society. Not immediately or ultimately.

The media has repeatedly refused to call-out Democrats' on their calls to violence and ACTS of violence. And now that they think they've found a lawless Trump supporter, they are ecstatic.

Cesar Sayoc's ultimate motivation is simple to understand. He did it for the same reason Kathy Griffin held up a severed Trump head. Or the same reason De Niro said, "F Trump." Or the same reason Madonna suggested to burn down the White House. Or the same reason the NYT ran a fantasy piece on assassinating Trump. Because of mental instability and irrational HATRED.

This insanity and irrational hatred did not originate from a president who affirms what Americans already know: that we have a right to defend ourselves, our county and its borders. That is not irrational or hateful.

Sound minded people know that lawlessness and violence does not help them politically or in any other way. Yet the Democrat party has embraced and promoted this insanity, and annexed those with psychological problems to accomplish their agenda.

Are there Trump supporters who are mentally unstable? Possibly. Probably. But does the Republican party embrace and promote violence, or have a "by any means necessary" ideology? Hardly.

When Trump Supporters say, "Lock her up!" what they are really saying is, "Do an HONEST investigation. Due process. If she is guilty, she is not above the law, she gets JAIL TIME!" Not only do Trump supporters not take Trump literally (the media does), they know Trump doesn't take them literally either. (Except for the part about the Wall!)

When Maxine Waters says, "Harass Republicans and get in their faces, wherever they are!" she means, "Harass Republicans and get in their faces, wherever they are!" She is not speaking figuratively, nor do her supporters take her that way.

What Trump supporters are demanding is law and order, no exclusions. What Dems are demanding is lawlessness as a means to gain political power by silencing their political enemies, eventually hoping to destroy them.

The real point is that none of this, including Sayoc, equates to the media narrative that Trump supporters equal Waters/Holder/Clinton, etc. supporters.

The more I think about the Sayoc mail-bombing incident(s), the more problems I have with it:

1) How could this guy who has gone way over the top to show himself as a Trump supporter NOT know that his "October Surprise" would only hurt Republicans and help Democrats, especially 13 days out from the midterm elections?

2) A postal employee for over 20 years said that Sayoc's packages had "ALL the markings" that they look for.

In other words, the packages couldn't have been any more obvious if they'd had the words, "Bomb Inside. Handle with Care. Report to FBI."

3) How could an intelligent person, set on destruction, make at least 13 bombs (none of which went off), lick the stamps (leaving DNA), and leave fingerprints all over them?

4) Why was this guy driving a "clown" van covered in Trump supporting graffiti? All of the pics seem professionally produced and perfectly placed. None of them faded or bleached from driving around in the hot Florida sun for a year or two.

I didn't even put up a yard sign for the upcoming midterms, because of all the Dem's rhetoric. In 2016, my first Trump/Pence yard sign got stolen within an hour of putting it up, and the second yard sign I put up got bleached from being in the Ohio sun for about a month.

5) Why did this guy switch political parties to Republican in 2016? (MySpace has him listed as Green Party. My Life has him listed as a Democrat. The media is saying he registered as a Republican in 2016.)

6) This guy has a long list of troubles with the law, even a bomb threat... hum, that's convenient. He doesn't sound like a Republican to me. More like a guttersnipe.

7) How did they catch this guy in less than 48 hours? (Oh, that's right. He left lots of clues. Is this the same DOJ that investigated Hillary? The same that has been investigating "Russian Collusion" for over 2 years now?)

I'm not asking these questions because I'm a conspiracy theorist. I'm just asking the obvious. And the media suffers from an obvious lack of curiosity, except about things that could hurt or damage Trump and Republicans.

Either Cesar Sayoc is a nut who really hated Democrats, or a Democrat willing to give it all for the party because he really hates Trump. I honestly don't know. We may never know. But it seems to me like sick people are just using politics as a cover to do what they'd really like to do anyway. (That includes CNN.)

Today another lunatic demonstrated his political hatred via violence in a Pittsburg synagogue. (All of his "bombs" actually went off.) This time it was a Trump-hater, who yelled "All Jews must die," while he shot and killed 11 people and wounded 6.

The guttersnipes at CNN will find a way to blame this on Trump. In the words of Eliza Doolittle, "Oh, we are proud!"


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