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Liberals want to use government to redefine wholeness, then use their redefinition to gain more political power.

January 26, 2019

Wholeness-Free Zone

The hatred we see manifesting itself from liberals is literally hatred for GOD. It is because:

1) They KNOW He exists (yes, even atheists/anti-theists know it) because He showed it to them in an IRREFUTABLE way.

2) Not only do they know He IS, but they also KNOW His power and authority is ultimate and supreme and is not temporary.

So they have no excuse, only outright rebellion and lawlessness (and all night deflection discussions about whether or not the sky is really blue). They REFUSE to recognize what has been made plain to them BY GOD, and they refuse to recognize that what He gives and offers is undeserved. (Those who refuse to recognize GRACE include quite a few conservatives as well.)

And yes, I've heard the argument, "Hey, God. I didn't ask for life. So f' off. I don't owe you anything. I'll do what I want with my life. It's MY LIFE!"

The resulting consequence of hiding themselves from what is evident is the same as the affects would be of hiding from physical light: Unwholeness. Weakness. Withering. And these actions are cyclical and compounding, as, the more they hate God, the more they wither. The more they wither, the more they hate and resent God. They consume the hate as the hate consumes them.

Because they have never experienced wholeness, and because their indulgence is in the world of the senses, they look at wholeness from the outside in, and see it as something that's robotic, prudish and boring, rather than joyous and fulfilling. They are incapable of perceiving realities: differentiating the differences between causes and effects, content and form, intentions and actions. Their attempts to find love, joy, and peace, are only mimicry, much like paper roses, or realistic-looking plastic fruit, that unless one attempts to eat it, would fool us all.

They have literally turned their backs on the light, God, and the wholeness He provides, and out of resentment, have embraced that which is deformed, freakish, and queer. They even take pleasure is doing so. And they take pleasure in others that do the same. What a club!

This is why they hate WHOLENESS. They even hate the very idea of wholeness, declaring it "non-inclusive." And so any condition or behavior that excludes wholeness is embraced. Their phony concept of diversity is not at ALL what they say it is about. It is not about making people whole or helping those who are unwhole. It is about promoting and embracing unwholeness. It's why they need to employ government to force the redefinition of wholeness, and why they will continue to use their redefinition of it as a ploy to gain more political power.

They refuse to embrace the light to find wholeness. They resent having to. So they try to get rid of God by changing truth into lies, and lies into truth. Only they can't and they know it. Even as their own bodies rot and decay, they know they still can't get rid of Him. So instead of blaming themselves and reckoning with the problem, they blame God. Thus the hatred and resentment for God, for wholeness itself, and for anyone who is whole, or who is seeking wholeness.

Is it any wonder, that in the most compassionate nation on the face of this earth, liberal still feel guilty and try to dump that guilt on others besides themselves?

The foundations of this nation are astounding to me. They are not about color or creed, but about self-evident Truths, "...that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” They don't guarantee happiness, only the liberty to pursue it.

Seek and you shall find. You can find God anywhere, yet some continue to miss Him everywhere.


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