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America's mental health problem was created by the Left, and its progress is tied directly to the Left's progress.

August 9, 2019

The Biggest Caveman on the Block

The left has long wanted to disarm America's citizens, of guns, at least. Their argument is that only the police should have guns. Yet, factions of the left want the police disarmed as well.

One argument against only the police having guns was the night I waited for 34 minutes for the police to arrive while some crazy person was trying to break down my door in the middle of the night. (You can read about it in my January 20, 2016 article, "Obama – The Reason I’m Buying A Gun.") I did not own a gun at the time.

The greater something's potential for good, the greater its potential for evil, and vice versa. And the user of that thing is the determinate of good and evil; lawful or unlawful. In light of that, I wonder which is more damaging -- guns or the media?

But let's pretend that guns are outlawed. So to defend my family, I have to have a knife at least equal in sharpness and length to my aggressor's, preferably superior to. So "assault" knives are outlawed. So I have to have a club bigger than my aggressor's. Clubs are outlawed. The result? The biggest, burly brute (like the "hands up, don't shoot" guy) becomes the local/regional/national/global tyrant.

Thus we see how weapons evolved to begin with. People needed an "equalizer." And in the case of The United States of America and England in the 1700's, it needed an equalizer against government itself. And written within our constitution is a guarantee that no government, not even our own, will ever be allowed to have power over WE THE PEOPLE again.

Now the left thinks that "freely" giving the people's power to government will equal safety. But history and common sense shows that the power hungry always head straight for the helm of centralized power (Hitler, Hillary). Those who simply want to be allowed to live their lives, enjoy their liberty, and to pursue happiness, realize that government must be contained, or it will become destructive to these ends. Thus, our constitution.

Of course some argue that the right to keep and bear arms is no match for today's military. But the world's largest standing army -- the armed citizens of the USA -- is certainly a deterrent to it. (And only an insane despot would destroy the population to take away the rights of the population.) This is why the left keeps chipping away at these rights with unconstitutional laws.

The left's aim is not really even about safety for citizens. It is about the power.

One thing I've noticed among responsible gun owners is the sharing of information on how to use guns responsibly and safely, and in what situations would be the safest and most effective use of a specific weapon (i.e. pistol v. AR/AK v. shotgun, etc.).

My desire to protect my family is first and foremost. And I don't want to be limited in my decision as to which weapon to use except by the prudence of the circumstances (i.e., innocent bystanders, aggressor's firepower, etc.).

America has a mental health problem. It was created by the left, and its progress is tied directly to the left's progress. And until liberalism is defeated, the problems that the left pretends to want to solve will continue to exist.


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