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If we don't fight back we'll end up with One Nation under Liberals with Tyranny and Injustice for ALL!

October 26, 2019

Stand Up for Betsy's Boss

This morning at breakfast I was wearing my "Stand Up for Betsy Ross" T-shirt. My 3 year old daughter looked at it and said, "Oh, the American flag."

My wife and I were both surprised that she knew this, and asked her where she learned this. She said, "At school." My daughter is in her first year at Christian pre-school.

Then she surprised us again by saying, "Under God," at which point I began to recite the pledge of allegiance, and she recited it right along with me, word for word.

When I was a kid, this was us in public school! We even prayed in class to begin our school day. What has happened to us as a nation?

No liberal would even consider going into a Muslim nation and declaring it unconstitutional or wrong to pray at the hours of prayer. But subverting America is just fine, even preferable.

Whether you think it is ok to pray in school is one thing. But there is no doubt, we were a safer, kinder, more unified nation. No school violence. No school funding problems. And no 7 year olds being convinced by loony adults that they weren't really a boy and to cut off their genitals to complete their "reassignment."

We've tried to get along with these nuts for years as they've gone further left, left, left; further down, down, down. We thought if we just left them alone, they'd leave us alone. You know: coexist. But not so. They are after us, our children, our values, our country -- everything and anything that reminds them of what they are NOT. And what we'll end up with is: One Nation under Liberals with Tyranny and Injustice for ALL!

When a Democrat (like John Kasich) says, "Can't we all just get along," it always means, "Can't we all just follow Democrats' rules so they'll leave us alone." We've been following them for the last 50 years, John, right over the cliff and down the drain. We didn't vote for Trump to get along with liberals. We voted for him to stop their insanity.

The insanity that has accompanied liberal "progress" is obvious to everyone except the loonies. But I wonder who is loonier -- the looney, or the person who refuses to push back. The days of trying to convince the looney they are looney, instead of just putting a stop to their insanity and locking down the mental institution, has ended. Hopefully.



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