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I am just dying to see how the media and their Dems will explain a LANDSLIDE victory in November.

February 2, 2020

National Back History Month

Recycle! Recycle! Recycle! Dems are once again doing what they do best -- playing the victim. "The trial wasn't fair because there were no witnesses."

But everyone knows the real unfairness was House Dems calling 18 witnesses in their investigation, interviewing them in private, and selectively leaking their testimony, while not allowing Republicans to ask those witnesses questions or allowing them to call any witnesses of their own.

But still, the Dems had the majority in the house, so they set the rules there. So why is it unfair that the Senate majority does the same?

Barring a last minute bombshell from Christine Blasey Ford, the President will be acquitted. So now Pelosi, Schumer, and the 2020 Dem presidential candidates are on to the next, previous hoax -- trying to preemptively delegitimize the 2020 elections -- signaling that they know they are going to lose. But this could be a bad idea on their part, because, what if they win? Did Russia help them?

But seriously, the only people they can push this hoax on, are those who are ignorant of how our election system works. No, we don't elect our president by a national popular vote. But in essence, we do elect our president through the state popular vote. Electors are expected to vote according to who won the popular vote in their state, and in some states, they are required by state law to do so.

In 2016, it was Dems (not Trump) who were going state to state, trying to get individual electors to change their vote contrary to their state's vote. And here's the real kicker: In 2016, the state electors all did what they were supposed to do and voted the popular vote of their state, except for 5 electors who defected to vote for someone OTHER than Trump. So, there goes the "Russian collusion" theory.

Pre 2016 election, Obama said the election system CAN'T be hacked. Post 2016 election, AG Rosenstein said in the indictment of the Russian Facebook farm, that no American was named in the indictment, and that not one vote was changed.

The Electoral College is a masterpiece, blending the idea of the equal representation from each state (like the way it is with elected Senators - 2 per state) and the populous of each state (like it is with elected House Reps - number determined by population). It is brilliantly fair. Yes, you will win some, and you will lose some. And this is the part Dems don't like (seeing as they don't even think we should have to have meaningful elections to begin with). Any election they don't win is "unfair."

Not that it matters, but for those who still cling to the idea of the popular vote? Not only will Trump win the electoral vote in a landslide, but I think there is a good chance that he will win the national popular vote this time around as well. Trump only lost the popular vote to Hillary by 2,640,135 votes. She had a 6 million vote plurality with CA and NY combined, which means she had a significant deficit from the rest of the states.

Trump only has to win half of that 2.6 Mil number plus 1 vote to win the popular vote. Of course, liberals will probably say Putin cast that one deciding vote, while denying any votes were cast by illegal aliens. But consider the following:

1) Of all 2016 Trump voters, 18% were Democrats.

2) Democrats, especially Blue-collar workers and Pro-Life Democrats, are becoming increasingly frustrated with their own party.

3) At Trump's recent New Jersey rally, 25% in attendance were Democrats.

4) Over 8 million votes went for someone other than Hillary or Trump in 2016. Are they going to throw away their vote again on Jill Stein? or some other Independent candidate?

5) It's the economy, stupid. (Lowest overall, African-American, Hispanic, unemployment rate in history.)

I think Trump winning the popular vote is a very good possibility. He will definitely win more states and more electors. And I am just dying to see how the media and their Dems will explain a LANDSLIDE victory in November. Gonna be kind of hard to blame it on the Russians.

"Hey Russia, if you're out there, maybe you can help find some naked pictures of Trump for Adam Schiff."


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