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January 8, 2021

The Good, The Weak, and the Gullible

There are the lawful and the lawless. The miracle of The Constitution of The United States of America is that there were enough lawful at that place and at that time to establish that document.

Because it is built on Biblical principle and wisdom, the Constitution really can't be properly understood or applied without the knowledge and wisdom that God gives. Its constraints protect the lawful from the lawless, but it does not constrain the lawless without FORCE from the lawful. And no amount of intellectualism can defend it from the lawless. (Do you understand that, SCOTUS?)

We have an entire political aisle of our government that is lawless, and they will employ ANY MEANS NECESSARY to get rid of their political enemies. The naiveté of the right has been that they have not recognized this; have even refused to acknowledge it.

Senator Graham: they are not your friends. You are not there to have a hell of a journey. You are there to oppose the lawless -- the enemies of our Constitution. Look across the aisle, in case you are having trouble finding them.

Senator Leoffler: How quick you were to throw your constituents under the bus when trouble came to YOUR door. (It's been at OUR door for several years now, and the ones across the aisle from you have encouraged it.) How quick you and Graham and the rest were to join your enemies in BLAMING the one person who has been fighting for us, for you, and for law and order; blaming Donald Trump for what happened on January 6th, 2021.

How weak and gullible you are.

Who will protect you when your "colleagues" storm across the aisle? Well, just don't get in their way (or let the Constitution get in their way), and it might not happen. But have no doubt: The Constitution is in their way and they won't stop until they have gotten rid of it directly, or indirectly by pulling its teeth.

The Bible says, "Evil associations corrupt good ethics." Yes, the left is evil, and yes, your ethics have been corrupted. You have joined the left in your crucifixion of a good man; one who advocated for honest elections and PEACEFUL PROTESTS. You have joined the leftists media (by your weakness and inaction) in saying he "incited" what happened on the 6th.

How naive you are.

It will all come out. The election fraud. The left's involvement in the events of the 6th. But when it does, it won't make any difference. They'll just says what Harry Reid said when he falsly accused Romney of not paying his taxes: "It worked, didn't it? We won, didn't we."

Washington D.C. the great has fallen, and become the habitation of devils.


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