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The "sacred halls of government" are only as sacred as the sacred votes of WE THE PEOPLE.

January 10, 2021

Cheating By The Numbers

When I was a kid, my mom used to do "paint by the numbers" art. It was basically kid art, with HUGE easily identifiable sectors, and when you looked at the end product (which she proudly displayed on our walls) it was easily identifiable as "paint by the number."

When people would come to our home they would praise my mom for her artistic ability. But now, as an adult, I realize they were laughing their asses off after they left our house.

No one but Democrats are laughing at our most recent election. But over the last few days I've been pondering how Republicans could fold so easy to this sham. Yesterday it finally hit me. They never saw mom's paintings. They never even looked at the evidence. Maybe they never wanted to.

Most Trump supporters were glued to the presentations made to state lawmakers from whistleblowers who filed sworn affidavits under penalty of perjury. They were more than compelling. They were conclusive.

The statistical presentations barely needed explanation. They were plain. The presentation by a firm hired by banks and financial institutions to detect fraudulent financial transactions were -- again -- beyond compelling.

How about the "middle of the night" video from Georgia's State Farm Arena? Georgia election officials gave a press conference that NEVER addressed the obvious objections: Why/How were ballots cases pulled from underneath that skirted table, when the video shows nothing was ever put UNDER it? Why were the workers counting illegally without observers present? Why were they counting and recounting the same stacks of ballots over and over? (Oh, yes they were! Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining. Don't cut off your privates and tell me you are a girl!) And if all of this is so innocuous, why did they refuse examination of this process, and even shred documents that are required by law to be kept for 22 month after the election?

The outright lies by Dominion representatives, now contradicted by VIDEO evidence of their company reps previously saying just the opposite, are on the internet (at least they were still there as of this writing).

My family and I were on vacation, and instead of spending time with them like I should have, I spent hours and hours listening to testimony. I started keeping track of election stats in 2012 after Romney lost the election, so I have plenty of my own data as well.

Many, many Trump supporters listened objectively to the evidence. Like me, they wanted the president to win, but were far more interested in the integrity of the system, even if it meant Biden winning. Unlike the left and their media, we are not interested in deluding ourselves. If we've really lost our county, we want to know it.

My point is, there is a mountain of evidence compared to the molehill of explanation, and WE THE PEOPLE listened to ALL of it. Most of our elected representatives didn't. Oh, they might have heard a synopsis of it. But synopsis is the exact opposite of due process and justice. And it is a crying shame when we care more and know more than our leaders. And it is an absolute travesty that the media and tech buried this evidence (along with anything unflattering to Joe Biden), and only offered (weak) explanations of the stuff that was too ubiquitous for them to ignore.

So perhaps you can begin to understand how OUTRAGED Trump supporters were when Republicans folded, and turned against our president so easily. Sure, they were frightened by the events of January 6th, but we the people have been frightened by leftist riots for months. And to throw the American people under the bus, and then to blame Trump for the actions of stupid people is OUTRAGEOUS. And just for the record, the left didn't seem too frightened by the violence across the country, nor did they even seem too frightened by the event at the capital. They used it, not as an opportunity to denounce violence, but once again, an opportunity to denounce Trump. Makes you wonder if they knew it was coming, and if so just HOW did they know it was coming?

Other than Senators Cruz and Hawley, Rep. Paul Gosar, and a few others, most Republicans (including Pence) acted as though the objection to the certifications was just a show, and they had to go through the motions to get it over with. And again, this fortifies the premise -- THEY NEVER HEARD THE EVIDENCE. Oh, they probably called their buddy Kemp in GA, and he said, "Ha, there was no fraud," and then they said, "Ok, buddy. Thanks for letting us know." Then went back to fundraising.

Leoffler! Graham! McConnell -- YOU BEGGED FOR OUR SUPPORT AND FOR OUR MONEY. And you never even listened to the evidence!!!

WE THE PEOPLE took money from our children's school funds and our medical savings -- money we couldn't afford -- to support you, because we knew our country's future and our children's and grandchildren's future was at stake, and we thought you were going to fight for our Constitution. And you never even listened to the evidence!!!

This is just the evidence of fraud. This does not even take into account the unconstitutionality of the state governors and courts, usurping the Constitution in bypassing the state legislators to make new election law. And when you add to this courts "throwing cases out" without hearing evidence, and worse, the Supreme Court refusing to hear cases that have no state remedies because the abuses were of the Constitution by the states themselves... you wonder why the Trump supporters are so OUTRAGED!!!

Speaking of our recent elections --- when I was a kid, I knew all the angles. We'd take cars for joyrides in the middle of the night (people had left their keys in the car), then return them before dawn. People never knew. No observers present.

But probably the most akin to our election was this angle. We used to collect empty "pop bottles" when we were kids, and take them to our local mom and pop grocery to redeem them. Thirty or 40 bottles at 2-3 cents apiece. We'd haul in a buck or so. That's a lot of money when candy was only 1-5 cents.

The store owner kept the redeemed bottles in a cage behind the store. After a while, we figured something out. We cut a small hole in one side of the cage, and would take bottles out, and take them to the store and redeem them. These were the same bottles we'd already redeem. And we did this frequently. Sort of like counting the same votes over and over and over again. (This was long before the days of security cameras.) Why, you'd think I was a Democrat as a kid ! Oh, wait, my whole family WERE Democrats up until Ronald Reagan!

This went on until the store owner finally figured out what was happening and put up heavier gauge wire that we couldn't cut through.

As long as Republicans see their "sacred halls of government" (i.e. their asses) more sacred and more worthy of protecting than the sacred halls of WE THE PEOPLE's votes, the fraud will continue.

The Capital police did a hell of a lot better job at protecting Republican asses than Republicans did of protecting our votes.


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