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January 13, 2021

Tucker Trump, the Man and His Dream

One of my favorite movies is Francis Ford Coppola's 1988 true story of Preston Tucker. Like most people, I'd never even heard of Tucker before I saw the movie. Yet, today, we all have seatbelts, padded dashes, and safety glass in our cars. These were all standard in the 1948 Tucker automobile. These were only a few of his many, many inventions.

In the movie, Tucker wants to produce advanced automobiles, but the big 3 -- Ford (Twitter), GM (Facebook), and Chrysler (Google), along with big government, don't want the competition. So they (with help from negative publicity from the media) try to frame him for defrauding investors, saying he never even intended to build cars, in order to stop him from competing with them. Of course they knew he was going to build those cars and they were scared shitless. It is seldom about ideology to the powerful. Just money.

The closing scene of the movie is in a court room. An "Andrew Weissmann" type lawyer is giving his closing arguments on what a scoundrel Tucker is, and it is pretty obvious that "big tech" has succeeded in putting Tucker out of the automobile business. But as the lawyer is giving his arguments, Tucker is not even listening to the courtroom proceedings, but is making sketches of his next invention -- a refrigerator for milk, so kids won't get rickets.

Though the prosecution's premise was that he never even intended to produce the cars, he actually brought 8 of the cars to the courthouse and offered for jurors to drive them.

The company "... was investigated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the United States Attorney, and led to an indictment of company executives. Although all charges were eventually dropped, the negative publicity destroyed the company and halted production of the car." -- Wikipedia.

He was able to produce 51 cars before they were able to shut him down. Most of those 51 cars are still around. One sold for $1.127 million in 2010, another $2.915 million dollars in 2012.

It is acknowledged history that the big 3, government, and media conspired to eliminate "the Tucker." And they didn't have a problem with trying to destroy Preston Tucker himself to do it. That's kind of how it works, right? As the Democrat mantra goes: "The nature of the evidence is irrelevant. It's the seriousness of the charge." Wish they'd applied that same mantra to election fraud. Oh, wait, they did (from 2016 up until the 2020 election).

So what will Trump do next? He's building. That's what he does. He is a builder. And he is good at it. He plans; starts with the preparation, the ground, the foundation... it's what he's been doing most of his life. That's why he won in 2016 (and in 2020 also, but Dems, with the help of Republicans, were able to demolish that building). Always some setbacks in building. Some adjustments. But the main ingredient? Patience. Something you have to learn when you are building. Something he probably didn't have as much of when he was young, but learned from his father and the business.

I'm quite optimistic about the future. Even excited. I'm not trusting in Trump. But I'm quite sure Trump will be quite involved in whatever happens. So, keep the faith and stay tuned. REAL tuned. Because Trump's dream is still the dream of 75 million (plus) Americans -- to MAKE AMERICA GREAT. And it isn't going anywhere.


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