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AOC has no plans of going back to bartending after the socialist revolution.

September 15, 2021

How to Succeed in Politics Without Really Winning

Like Rush Limbaugh, I was bewildered by George W. Bush's reaction to Donald Trump. Rush, being personal friends with the Bush Family, refrained from saying too much on the situation. But what he did say numerous times was this: "The Republican party has always hated its conservative base." And I am now convinced this applies to Bush as well.

Many of us who support Trump, supported G.W. in his "war on terror" -- his unsuccessful Easter egg hunt in Iraq, and in his other excursions into middle eastern countries. Some gave their blood, limbs, and family members doing so. Now, those same people who made these sacrifices are being denigrated by Bush.

Trying to lump the selfie "insurrectionists" in with "that same foul spirit" as those who carried out the 9/11 attacks is despicable. It's almost as though G.W. has become Paul on the road to Damascus, only in reverse. Instead of Paul going from killing Christians to preaching Christ, Paul went from preaching Christ to killing Christians.

Truth is: We finally got tired of supporting those who hate their own base, and we decided to replace them with those from our base. It only makes sense. And once we had the audacity to do that, sparks began to fly, and true colors were revealed.

My spam box is filled everyday with Republicans begging for money. The subject line usually reads something like, "Did you see what Nancy Pelosi said?" or, "If I don't reach my fundraising goal, I'm going to have to drop out of the race."

Unbelievably, that last line was from a Trump endorsed candidate, who incidentally, went on to win his race by 26 points. Maybe that dude needs a new campaign manager. Or perhaps he doesn't need one at all. Truth is, most of the money that a campaign takes in doesn't go to the vital parts of the campaign. It goes to the campaign manager; the one who strategizes what is vital. Maybe they are worth it. Maybe they are not. But consider this:

Bernie Sanders hired his wife as a political consultant to run his campaign. Political consultants get paid HUGE sums of money to run campaigns. And where does all of this money come from? Lots of it comes from big donors. They don't care if the money gets funneled back to Bernie via his wife, because they get paid back in political favors. But what about all these little millennial socialists who give their hard earned Starbucks tips to the campaign? Do you think they know how this system works?

And I'm only using Bernie as an example, because this is very common among both Democrats and Republicans and has been for years. AND IT HASN'T CHANGED. And here is the real kicker -- you make money whether you win or lose. How many candidates run for office knowing that they will lose, yet knowing that they can funnel money back to themselves via their campaign? You could make a career out of this.

Having followed the last 3 elections cycles (Romney, Trump, Biden) carefully, I've been amazed at how much mismanagement of resources there is in campaigns. For example: If I'm on your email lists, why do you waste resources and time on physical mailings? In this age of computers, how do you not know that I'm on both? Plus, if you are wondering why you get fundraising emails from multiple sources, it's because different fundraisers get a "cut" of the money they raise. Combine multiple inefficiencies with the fact that the lion's share of the money goes to campaign consultants, then you begin to understand why politicians are always begging for money.

As Mike Lindell said, "The money that's put into elections, I don't know, hundreds of millions of dollars on both sides, think of that wasted money. I got tired of hearing from politicians, you know, 'boy, I raised 50 million dollars, we need to raise more money cause they raised 80 million.' Are you kidding? You think you're gonna buy an election? That always bugged me."

And to paraphrase Mike, if the Dominion machines are going to pick our winners for us anyway, why don't we just save some money on campaigns. But if we can eliminate the fraud, then "of the people" candidates will have the votes, and the volunteers, and whatever grass-roots donations are necessary to do the marketing.

Don't be fooled: Most of Washington D.C. are not socialists. They are kleptocrats making money off of their base; elitists insulating themselves from the wrath of the peons by claiming to share their interests. And people like AOC have no plans of going back to bartending should they accomplish their socialist revolution. Nope, none of that "of the people" stuff then. She's made it. She's one of the elites. Hell, she didn't finally get a piece of the pie. She got the PIE.

There are a lot of honest, America first, citizen-statesmen candidates out there -- veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars who are tired of politicians making money off of their blood, who are going to be giving their lives in service as our next 2022 and 2024 Republican Senators and Representatives. My guess is there will be a few from the Democrats ranks as well, some as posers, but some trying to save their party that has been hijack by the left.


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