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Dec 30, 2021

I remember Rush saying last year, "Have you noticed how the flu has disappeared?" Now we have the news about PCR tests do not differentiate between the flu and COVID virus.

When/if the truth ever comes out, when/if actual covid deaths are revealed, I think we will be shocked by how we sabotaged our lives, our economy, and our elections for the China virus. But considering the lies that have already been reveal (Russian Collusion, Ukraine phone call, etc.) why should we be shocked?

How many lies do we have to discover before we break up with this lying, cheating, abusive boyfriend? Fauci? The Jan 6 "investigation?"

We need a restraining order against the Washington establishment and their media.

Dec 29, 2021

Political correctness, pseudo "racism," covid masks, etc., are all about gaining power through peer pressure.

P.S. Anyone notice how much Fauci looks like Harry Reid?

Dec 28, 2021

My guess is that Adam Kissinger is actually working with Dems to redistricting himself out so he won't be humiliated by Catalina Lauf stomping his butt. I'm sure he has a new gig waiting for him at CNN with co-host, Liz Cheney.

Dec 27, 2021

The left is fairly easy to understand. They absolutely hate the fact that what you practice works, bringing you happiness and success, while theirs frustratingly doesn't. And so they spend all their time trying to demonize and destroy your accomplishments, so that they can feel better about themselves, and superior to you. (P.S. Anything they do accomplish is parasitic.)

Dec 26, 2021

What the media is NOT talking about: if you want to know what's really important and who they really are, look THERE.

Dec 23, 2021

Government mandates are only required when people don't trust their government! In a government of, by, and for the people, mandates should only come from the people TO the government.

Dec 19, 2021

All these little millennials, living off of dystopian movies, and dystopian fake news, are swallowing this fear whole. From a world ending in 10 years from manmade climate change, to the plandemic, they are nervous, neurotic, paranoid wrecks -- or as I like to call them -- easy Democrat voting targets.

Dec 18, 2021

The whole Jan 6 "investigation" (and numerous other "investigations" that eventually have Trump and WE THE PEOPLE as their target) are all about "pursuing improbable cause" (personal and politically motivated fishing expeditions) -- which is the exact reason for the 4th amendment of our constitution.

It's very clear from the Virginia Governor's race that all the Democrats have left is January 6th, covid, and they're not going let go of this even if it's to their own destruction. It's all they've got.

Speaking of the VA election: heading into the Nov. 2, 2021, general elections (Virginia Governor and House of Delegates races), 103 Democrats candidates raised $56.4 million compared to $25.1 million raised by 103 Republicans. Yet, we still stomped their asses.

It's the votes, stupid! And where they can't cheat, where there is election integrity, it's not about "who counts the votes."

Dec 17, 2021

Asylum used to be about people coming to America to escape totalitarian regimes. Now they are coming here to help establish them. Even if they are doing so in ignorance, the carrot has been put out there, and their motive for coming here is now to "share the wealth." Of course, there is a lot more wealth to share here than in totalitarian countries.

Truth is, we already have a "share the wealth" system here. It's called SHARE THE WORK -- CAPITALISM.

Dec 15, 2021

When I first heard the name of Jim Jordan's book, "Do What You Said You Would Do," I thought he could have come up with a better title. But then I thought, "This is the whole problem with Washington -- they are all voted in under pretense." And that is the premise of crookedness and dishonesty in itself.

Why should we trust anyone, Republican or Democrat, who says one thing, and then does another. They have ulterior motives.

Dec 14, 2021

The get/spread covid risk is about the same among vaccinated/unvaccinated. The only advantage of the "vaccinated" is lesser symptoms if they get it, and a lower rate of hospitalization and death.

Regarding children: 0% covid deaths for healthy children. 4 deaths from the vaccine and over 300 hospitalized. And how many heart attacks from vaccinated, previously healthy athletes now?

So, the vaccines seem helpful for the vulnerable, but dangerous for the healthy.

Someone is making a lot of money from these vaccines, and even more from mandates. Someone is gaining a lot of political power from these vaccines, and even more from mandates.

Dec 13, 2021

When Republicans don't represent their constituents, their constituents stop supporting them. When their constituents stop supporting them, they join Democrats to cover their a$$es.

Dems and rinos are nothing more than kleptocrats -- inside traders scaring people to buy their vaccines and their green energy stock.

Dec 12, 2021

Voter I.D. laws marginalize dead voters!

Voter I.D. laws marginalize cheaters (of all parties, colors, creeds, and races)!

Dec 11, 2021

Media message:

1. Inflation isn't happening.

2. Inflation is just transitory.

3. Inflation isn't Biden's fault.

4. Inflation is a good thing.

Hey, guys. Pick one.

Dec 10, 2021

Racist or not, sometimes things are EXACTLY as they seem.

Dec 9, 2021

I was on a flight the other day where everyone was tested, vaccinated or not. (Pssst. It's because the "vaccines" aren't vaccines.)

Nov 21, 2021

The fight used to be for equality -- your choice to be an asset and to benefit; your choice to be a liability and to face the consequences. Or as they used to say: "level playing field." Remember?

Now it's equity -- assets minus liabilities = equity. And whatever side of the balance sheet you are on, you share equally in the equity. In other words -- incentive: BAD. Freedom to succeed or fail: RACIST, UNFAIR, INEQUITABLE!

Welcome to the USSA.

Nov 18, 2021

Leftist strategy is always to push a further extreme to get people to accept what is perceived by comparison to be a lesser extreme. Once the "lesser" is accepted, it's on to the next step leftward = DOWNWARD.

Nov 17, 2021

Trade is a great way to develop alliances but you must remember: The party you are trading with may not like you personally. And depending on their character and intent, may eventually try to take advantage of you.

Trust but verify.

Nov 16, 2021

I recently had the privilege of attending an event at Mar-A-Largo. One thing I realized from being on that property (and from visits to other Trump properties as well) is that Trump really understands the hospitality industry: You acquire a piece of property and you are the steward of that property. You develop it and you care for it. You invite others in to enjoy it and to appreciate it. If you help to take care of it, you stay and/or are invited back. If you trash it, you're not welcome.

America is ours to steward. If you want to see it trashed, like the countries people are leaving, just keep voting Democrat/RINO.

Nov 14, 2021

"Wokeness" is the next step for pickpockets after political correctness. "You have something I want and I'm gonna take it from you."

Nov 13, 2021

Zuckerberg's Meta-verse purports to offer something "beyond" (meta in Greek) truth and beyond social. But, as usual, it just offers more "death" (meta in Hebrew).

It's really just a reaction to Trump's TRUTH Social. The Bigger Lie -- as old as antiquity, as deceitful as made-made religion -- that there is something "beyond" truth. "Your" truth. "Your" universe. There will be no debate there. There will be no seeking. Only utopia.

Perhaps their slogan should be, "Get onboard the love train... or else!"

Nov 10, 2021

The business model for the last 8 to 10 years has been this: Flood ads and sign-on/off screens with anything -- black, oriental, gay, trans (yes, really, Cap1) -- anything but WHITE! And if you notice it? You are a racist, homophobic, xenophobic, white supremacist.

Nov 9, 2021

O'Biden's Infrastructure deal must have been pretty important to Dems for all those "Republicans" to have to out themselves.

The party belongs to Trump and America First candidates. Let the purge continue.

CALIFORNIA -- These are the people who think everything in the world causes cancer and ban it, or want a proposition 65 warning on it, but yet... relatively untested "vaccine" with more immunization side effects and report than any other vaccine out there? EVERYONE MUST TAKE IT.

Nah. This isn't political. It's insanity.

Nov 6, 2021



Nov 5, 2021

Trump's mistakes?:

1) During the 2016 election cycle, Trump's simple message was, "We have stupid people in Washington." I don't think he realized that we had EVIL people in Washington.

2) He really thought he could bring people together. I don't think he realized the establishment gains money and power by pretending NOT to get along with each other (the faux tug-of-war), while at the same time dividing THE PEOPLE.

3) He thought the people in Washington really wanted to help their constituency and that he could broker a deal to help all sides benefit their constituents. I don't think he realized they have no desire to represent THE PEOPLE.

I think he has learn his lessons. I think his 3rd term will be relentless.

Nov 4, 2021

It is absolutely hilarious to watch the left and the Never-Trumpers begin to spin their web. Glenn Youngkin's victory is a huge crisis to them, but never forget, the left NEVER lets a good crisis go to waste. So now they are starting to throw out the narrative strands of a "Youngkin v DeSantis" for president for 2024.

Keep in mind, there are many never-Trumpers who may not be so outwardly, but are in their hearts. And so they parse their words very carefully. But their underlying message is still, "When can we dump Trump?"

There is a natural inclination to fall back into a comfortable rut, especially in politics. But WE THE PEOPLE are not going to fall back into this acquiesce (I hope). WE started this movement. TRUMP spearheads it. DeSantis and Youngkin are the RESULT of it. So get over yourself, Not-Trumpers. If Trump gets tired, he'll let us know.

Nov 3, 2021

It was very interesting to watch Mark Halperin (writer of the worst seller, "How to Beat Trump") and former Gov. Scott Walker parse their words as they talked about Donald Trump last night on Newsmax election coverage. Walker is a "good guy" (but in the vein of Mike Pence) and Halperin is one of the people that Rush nailed as someone who "has lots of info that could help Republicans, but withholds it so he can write a book about it after the fact."

Guys. Let's keep this simple. No Trump. No Youngkin. PERIOD.

Oct 30, 2021

The complete lack of intellectual curiosity on the part of the media is the strongest indicator of their dishonesty and partisanship... well, that, and their straight up lying.

Oct 27, 2021

What's going on in the Republican party is very clear. The Republican party has never represented their constituency. They were just a better alternative to Democrats. Finally we have some "America First" candidates to represent us.

What's going on in the Democrat party is clear as well. It's been hijacked from the "hand-outs" by the "tear downs."

Oct 26, 2021

The crises that are being created now through both ineptitude and planning are being taken full advantage of by Obama and his administration.

The Obiden agenda is to destroy our nation, then to "build back better" from the (human) remains. Oh, I'm sure that will work out real well.

Oct 25, 2021

Donald Trump will be the only man in History to win the presidency three times. SKB

Oct 22, 2021

The middle class is the moral compass for any country.
The left wants to destroy small businesses and the middle-class.
They want only rich and poor and nothing in between.
They want the controlling and the controlled only.
They want the destruction of Liberty.

They want to make the USA IKEA, or as I like to call it, "Poverty Barn."

Oct 21, 2021

They know there was no Russian Collusion. So what do they do? Poke the bear.

They know that election fraud isn't a "big lie." So what do they do? Poke the bear.

They know there was no insurrection. So what do they do? Poke the bear.

They know the vaccines aren't necessary for 99% percent of the people. So what do they do? Poke the bear.

They know illegal immigration is the #1 hot button issue in the USA, especially among LEGAL immigrants. So what do they do? Poke the bear.

Yet, with all that being said, I'm reminded of something Rush said, (paraphrase) "People tend to think that the left always knows what they are doing, and they don't." And along those lines, something that Buck and Clay said yesterday, (paraphrase) "I think even the Biden administration is amazed at their own incompetence."

Oct 20, 2021

Even though we've always been the majority, prior to Trump, we didn't push back because we had no one to represent us and to push back with us. (We only had those who misrepresented themselves in order to get elected.)

Now that the majority finally has representation to push back with us, the left can no longer maintain their slow incremental take over. It's full tilt boogie or die. Personally, I think it's full tilt boogie AND die.

Oct 19, 2021

Poll: Majority of Americans Believe the Coronavirus Pandemic is Getting ‘Less Serious’

STILL, Dems will do their best to hide it and keep the Plan-demic going. That and the "insurrection" is all they got going for the midterms.

(Maybe Chris Steele will produce a phony pee-pee tape for an October surprise.)

Oct 18, 2021

Dems are desperate. They know there cannot be another election or everyone will know.

These vaccine mandates must be very, very important to the leftist agenda, else all we'd be hearing about is how the Trump vaccines are killing everybody. And of course, if Trump was in office that's all the left and their media would be talking about.

The Trump vaccine is helpful for those for whom it was intended -- the vulnerable! It seems like it only kills healthy people!

Oct 17, 2021

Only self-seeking PoSs run for the "prestige" of office. Being a Republican who actually represents the people is REALLY hard work nowadays. You put a target on your back, like Trump has. I admire those who are actually doing it. I don't have the guts, that's for sure.

P.S. To those running: Out rai$ed doesn't mean out voted. Keep that in mind.

Oct 16, 2021

I think (as Rush did) that the China-virus probably wasn't released on purpose. It was definitely in development by the Chinese military as a bio weapon. It leaked out of the lab and begin to go viral at a time that China needed it the least (during Trump's tariffs and the Make/Buy American campaign), so (like the Dems) they decided not to let a good crisis go to waste, and stopped flights from Wuhan to the rest of China, but allowed foreign flights from Wuhan to continue, and they didn't inform the USA. They also did other things to deliberately infect and spread the virus to the USA.

They should be sued (or bombed). It was an act of war.

Oct 15, 2021

You can't comply your way out of tyranny.

Oct 14, 2021

Republicans just flipped Iowa house district in area held by democrats for 46 years! A few weeks ago Republicans flipped a Connecticut state senate seat in a district Joe Biden won by 25 points.

Nah, Joe's doin great. Let's Go Democrats!

New poll sample shows 56% of San Francisco's residents planning on relocating in the next year. I know people "talk," but this many people even considering it is just staggering.

Let's Go Brandon!

Oct 13, 2021

Nothing like calling peaceful moms and dads and grandparents domestic terrorists to shut them up... NOT!

Black people are NOT down with CRT. Just watch as more and more exit the Democrat party.

The left's tactic is to cause division on everything until good people just go along to get along. Then onto the next step downward.

The RNC is going crazy because they can't raise money, and yet, Trump candidates are winning.

Oct 10, 2021

Let's set the example of transparency and integrity, and do a full forensic audit... IN EVERY STATE THAT TRUMP WON!

Yes, really! Once we see how much cheating went on in the states he won, then we'll REALLY begin to get the picture of what happened in the states that he "lost." It will become obvious why the counting suddenly stopped in the swing states at midnight with Trump WAY ahead.

State sovereignty creates a pilot program for what works and what doesn't work on a national level. Ross Perot talked about this during the debate over nationalized health care. Test on a local level. Learn from what works and what doesn't work. Each state adapts to their local need. One size doesn't fit all.

But Dems really don't like the idea of state sovereignty, because it shows their ideological failures in a practical way. They only use state sovereignty as a political tool to gain national control, because they need national control to subsidize their failures in order to obscure what works and what doesn't work, in order to push their ideology.

Let's face it: Dems are the party of gas lighting. Their media too. Elections. Boys can be girls. The sky is red. Doesn't matter what.

The civil war has begun, like it or not. The only way the left will back down from its current assault, is if they think there is a political advantage in doing so; if they think they can't win and need a different strategy. But I don't see that happening right now, because there is a certain amount of desperation involved in the Dems. I think they realize that we know who they are and what their tactics are. And I think they've realized we are not going back to sleep.

Oct 9, 2021

"Let's Go Brandon."

As much as the media want to forget it, I think these words will be remembered and used for years to come.

Oct 8, 2021

It is an experimental "right-to-try" vaccine for the vulnerable (we know who they are). And it is absolutely INSANE to push it on healthy people (though they have the right to take it, should they feel their circumstances might warrant it).


Oct 5, 2021

Most people we "help" via government, don't want our help. They want our STUFF. Dems have found a way to promulgate this tribe of looters, make a living off of the arrangement, while still being protected from the looters in their ivory towers.

Beware, Dems. Towers are great for protection until you run out of stuff. Then towers become prisons, and prisons without caretakers become tombs.

Oct 2, 2021

The acts of God are deliberately erased from history, but if you know the scriptures, you can see their footprints.

Oct 1, 2021

A few weeks ago Republicans flipped a special election Connecticut state senate seat in a district Joe Biden won by 25 points.

I don't think Dominion can keep up with the FJB (F Joe Biden).

Sep 30, 2021

The left does not believe in contractual obligations. So, just how do you coexist with someone who thinks that way? Join them in their folly?

Contracts are borders. Friendships, marriages, roommates, businesses, partnerships, countries, and many more things cannot exist without contracts.

When communism takes over nepotism reigns. Anyone from the former Soviet Union knows that.

Sep 29, 2021

As Rush said, "Republicans have always hated their conservative base." One example/evidence of this is Paul Ryan and his involvement at Fox news. He is now doing for that corporation what he used to do for the party, namely, feigning just enough "conservative" leanings to keep the audience/base.

But Rush also pointed out how Republicans never run on social issues for fear of losing "swing" voters. And he constantly encouraged them to do just that -- RUN ON SOCIAL ISSUES! Trump DID, and we kicked ass in 2016. And the never-Trumpers lost their minds when Trump enacted policies they claimed to "fight for" all of their lives; supposedly because he was crass, but in reality because we no longer needed them as our saviors. Thus, the loss of their importance and their income stream.

Sep 25, 2021

The fact that the counts matched in the Arizona audit was what I expected and is not important. Of course it matches. But dups and illegal votes are more than enough to decertify. But I feel like we are getting the, "we will get them next time" rap.

My big concern is the refusal of the Dems to hand over the routers. What are they hiding?

My big concern is the event logs being "pushed" by running a script over and over. What are they hiding?

My big concern is the deletion of election data that is supposed to be kept for 22 months by Dominion. What are they hiding?

My big concern is the insistence that these machines weren't connected to the internet, which they were. What are they hiding?


Sep 24, 2021

More Children Have Been Shot in Chicago This Year than Have Died From Covid Nationwide.

Texas Secretary of State’s Office Announces FULL FORENSIC AUDIT on 4 Texas Counties.

Sep 23, 2021

I'm not hearing Dems talk about how the filibuster is the "end of Democracy" anymore. Guess they realize the Republicans are taking back the house and the senate, and then the Dems will need the filibuster to "save Democracy."

Funny how these things work.

Sep 22, 2021

Dems are scared out of their wits that we are going to take back the house and senate in 2022 and the presidency in 2024 (or sooner). That's why they are going full out commie. So we have to find more constructive things to do with our energy than having word battles with paid/ideological trolls or even trying to encourage discouraged, impatient patriots.

Stay tuned. On this website I'm going to be focusing on crucial races that need our support.

Sep 21, 2021

Chris Kyle's (American Sniper) dad told him all people were either wolves, sheep, or sheep dogs. The left seems pretty intent on turning everyone into wolves or sheep. The middle class has got to stand up as the sheep dogs, or we will be eaten along with the sheep.

Sep 20, 2021

I have a theory. The left says our biggest problem in America is white privilege and systemic racism. But what if it's really "pretty privilege" and systemic "uglyisim." And what if it is not even a problem?

Studies have been done where young babies are placed before 2 pictures, one on their left, and one on their right. The one on the right is of an attractive person, while the one on their left is a not so attractive person. The babies spend the majority of their time looking at the attractive picture.

This is natural. Left or right, we are hard wired for beauty. We stand in awe at a sunrise/sunset. We stand on the shore and marvel at the beautify of the ocean. How about Beethoven? Rachmaninoff? Debussy?

How hard do nice looking black people really have it? Denzel? Hally? Sidney? Will? But consider this: The majority of BLM protestors are white (UGLY) women. Maybe what they are really protesting is the fact that they are butt ugly. They can't protest "ugly," because then they'd be admitting...

...so they find another cause as a pretense. But make no mistake. They are bitter. They are angry. They are ugly.

Beautiful or ugly, accept your circumstances and make the best out of them. You will succeed, not because of the color of your skin or your appearance, but because of the content of your character.

Sep 17, 2021

It is not a vaccine. It is a short-term therapeutic treatment which is very helpful for high risk people (elderly and those with co morbidities). In low risk people it can suppress their natural immunities and cause them to be more at risk short term and long term. It also has other side effects ranging from mild to life threatening. There are other treatments that are safer for those at medium and low risks, should they NEED them. NO "ONE SIZE FITS ALL." NO MANDATES.

Sep 16, 2021

Fix it:

1) full forensic audit in every state (many states, even Blue states, have Republican congresses)

2) exert state sovereignty on every issue (why not, the libs are doing it)

3) support a CONVENTION OF STATES (Article V of the constitution)

The answers are at the state and local level. And on the Federal level:

4) Support fully vetted, Trump endorsed candidates, especially Republican Iraq and Afghanistan vets for the house and senate in 2022 and 2024. They are pissed and motivated (Thanks to Joe Biden and G.W. Bush), and more than ready to give their service, instead of blood and limbs, for their country.


Avoid anyone advocating violence as a means for fixing our crisis. Anyone who is, is either a lib, an FBI shill, or just plain ignorant of our constitution.

Our Founding Fathers predicted tyranny would inevitably raise its ugly head and that the states would need a constitutional recourse to check the feds’ power, without resorting to a second bloody revolution. They went through it, and wanted to make sure we didn't have too. That’s why 234 years ago, they proposed Article V of the constitution. It gave WE THE PEOPLE authority to call a Convention of States to propose amendments that limit the power of the federal government.

It takes 34 states to call the convention. We already have 15 onboard. Six more (Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, South Carolina, or Nebraska) are on the brink. If you live in one of these 6 states please go to convention of states dot com and sign to learn more and to sign the petition for your state.

Sep 15, 2021

New article up.

Sep 13, 2021

Lib focus on extremes: tops and bottoms. They want the rich and the poor. They want the Federal government and the local government.

The middle class has always been the key to freedom. If you can eliminate the middle class, you can eliminate freedom. Right now, the middle class is the majority in the USA.

Our state sovereignty is the power lever of the middle class. Too often we focus on the presidency, but if we can wield the power given to the states by the constitution, we can take back our entire country -- A CONVENTION OF STATES! We have 15. We need 19 more, AND we can do this, because Republicans control the majority of the state houses, even in some blue states. Put pressure on them to join. By CoS, we can literally make and change the constitution's AMENDMENTS!

Stop complaining about how impatient you are getting (with election audits, fraud investigations, etc.) You are starting to sound like Joe Biden. GET INVOLVED!

1) Full forensic audit in every state.

2) Support CoS.

3) Recognize and assert State Sovereignty.

Sep 12, 2021

If you want to know what we have to do to stop the destruction of America, then you must imagine what Obama is thinking in order to continue it.

Obama: "I'm glad you could all make it to the meeting today. We are at a critical juncture, and we need to set out what is absolutely critical to our agenda, and to put these deplorables out of their misery once and for all.

Number one, we have to stop the full forensic audits. It must not happen in every state, and it should not happen in any state. If it does, we need to get out in front of this in the media to discredit anyone associated with it. If we don't stop them, we are screwed in the 2022 midterms. The Republicans will take back the house and the senate, and they'll take back the Whitehouse in 2024. Hell, they might even take back the Whitehouse before the next election if we don't get a lid on this.

Second, we need to provoke these Trump supporters. The insurrection narrative was good, but it isn't working the way we wanted it too. Neither is the systemic racism narrative. Keep pushing those narratives, by all means. But we have to do more to provoke them, to enrage them. Afghanistan was a good start. The vaccine mandate a good next step. But we need more. We need them to make one wrong move, one wrong word, so we can nail these f'rs, and invoke Marshall law. If we can accomplish that, we can shut down the audits, and we won't even have to have elections anymore. As long as we have Dominion, we'll have dominion.

Ha! Did ya see what I did there, Valerie?

Well, you all know the plan. Now, get out there and make it happen. And Susan, tell Joe not to f' it up."

Sep 11, 2021

NEVER FORGET... that the left said it was OUR fault. And they are still saying it.

I remember it well. There was unity for 2 weeks before the left started trashing America (and Bush), blaming us for the attacks. The NYT headlines was: Why Do They Hate Us?

The only agreement there was in D.C. was: Dems "cared" about people. They were the winners. Republicans were "hateful," and though they'd be allowed to "win a few," their main job was to assume the position as designated "losers." Both sides made money on this proposition, while the left continued to drag our government and culture away from the constitution, away from sanity, and down the drain.

So, G.W., if you'd like to continue this shiii show while our children and grandchildren and entire country disappear, so you can appear "honorable," have at it. BUT, as for me and my house...

Sep 10, 2021

Here is how to fix our constitutional crisis:

1) Full forensic audits in every state NOW

2) Exercise our constitutional Convention of States to make constitutional amendments to stop what is happening NOW

3)Exercise our state sovereignty on EVERY issue NOW

Sep 9, 2021

But Joe, the vaccinated aren't at risk. And supposedly, they are not a risk to others. So if people chose to not be vaccinated, they are only a risk to each other (which is their choice). And "at-risk" groups (comorbidities, obesity, elderly) might choose to get vaccinated, quarantine, or even consider other options. But, IT'S THEIR CHOICE. IT'S CALLED FREEDOM

No one is endangering anyone, except you. You are endangering what men and women gave their lives to preserve. Oh, I forgot. You don't give a shiii about them. My bad.

Sep 8, 2021

The Bill of Rights should appropriately be named, the Bill of Wrongs, or better, the Bill of NOTS! It does not say what government "allows" WE THE PEOPLE to do. In a government of, by, and for the people, it tells the government what it may NOT do.

It is completely obvious from the document and its historical context that the intent of our constitution is to establish a government that cannot be used as a weapon of suppression and persecution against its own people.

King George demanded conformity to a state religion. He suppressed the speech of those who wanted to speak against his rule. He took away the weapons of the people, so that they had no way to defend themselves against whoever had them, including, but not limited to, his government. He empowered fishing expeditions against anyone who dissented. He put men and women in prison without evidence or credible witnesses, and carried out the entire process without probable cause.

King George did all the things we are seeing our government do today. This is not a Republican/Democrat issue. This is our right to freedom of expression.

In our current culture, artists may think suppression is ok, because the government seems to express and support their views. But if you allow government to have power over you, someday the tables will turn. And historically, ARTIST who do not express the state sponsored opinions are eliminated. Freedom of expression is GONE. Art is gone.

In previous times, a person was considered an adult (one who could make their own decisions) at 12. This was because by the time they reached this age, they bore the same responsibility as all other adults. Responsibility, and one's ability to handle it effectively (caring for one's self independently, and therefore able to care for others who can't) is the gauge of that maturity -- to not be a burden on others; to be effective at bearing the burdens of others who (for good reason) cannot bear them for themselves (children and elderly).

Society has indeed (through ignorance) created problems to which there are likely no solutions. Some groups have even learned how to get money and power by pretending to "care" about solving these problems, but instead, profit by making sure they don't get solved. Misdirection -- rivaling the greatest magician -- keeps them in power.

Sep 2, 2021

Dear pResident Biden,

I would like to personally thank you for filling the future seats of the Senate and the House with Republican veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. We couldn't have done it without you.



Sep 1, 2021

Great piece by Julie Kelly on American Greatness about the eerie similarities in the Michigan Whitmer case and the Jan 6th ordeal and the implications of FBI involvement in it as well. A must read.

I believe the Biden regime is in a new stage now, trying to manufacture anger in order to produce more "Jan 6th like" situations. I don't think Afghanistan was incompetence. It was planned to produce outrage. They are hoping for "one wrong word" (as Rush put it in his January 7, 2021 show), one wrong move, so they can create a trap and then spring the trap.

I really believe that a full forensic audit of every state is our only hope at this point. The hill to die on. Deep state knows it too. That's why they are willing to go to jail to not produce the routers in AZ. It's why they are dragging Paul Ryan out to claim there was no election fraud, etc. Unless we prove what happened in 2020, there will be no 2022, 2024. "Oh, say can you see..."

Aug 31, 2021

Only an insane person would use their own freedom to destroy their own freedom. I can think of only 2 things that would fuel that insanity:

1) If you are a "peon" -- guilt: wanting to live in a state of "shared misery" with your fellow peons.

2) If you consider yourself "elite" -- greed: thinking you can live on the backs of the peons.

Aug 30, 2021

Under Trump it seemed there was good news everyday -- and the left bellyached.

Under Biden there seems to be bad news everyday -- and the left still bellyaches.

Is this what they wanted all along? Just a constant cycle of negativity?

America has become a bad marriage. But please keep in mind a third party brought us to this place.

The right wants to keep working at the marriage (though they probably shouldn't) because they think they can still fix it. The left wants to get out, though they probably shouldn't, since they are parasitic and can't survive without the right.

But hey, let's just pull the trigger. (No pun intended.)

The side that supports the constitution, and has committed the least gun crime, gets to keep their guns... and their military.

The side that is trying to tear up the constitution and has committed the most gun crime doesn't.

Ouch. The left is f'd.

P.S. Would the left still need us to hate on? or would they just hate their own country like they do now?

Aug 28, 2021

For those of you who think we should just move on from the 2020 election and look forward to 2022? Certification takes place almost 2 months after the election. The statute of limitation on fraud is TWO YEARS. Why do you think they are supposed to keep the election records for 22 months!

Fix it now!

Aug 27, 2021

A million times worse than Watergate. People are dying!!! Resign, Mr. Fake President.

P.S. Can we NOW forensically audit every state and put the winner in the Whitehouse?

Aug 26, 2021

This debacle will not just go down in American history, but in all recorded history -- like Nero fiddling while Rome burned. This is absolutely heinous.

Aug 24, 2021

Obama: "Mission accomplished."

Aug 23, 2021

The RNC just sent me a "Presidential Preference Poll" survey with names like Chris Christie, Nikki Haley, and Mike Pence on it. They are still clueless after all these years...

I met my old party in the mail last night
They really wanted my advice, I just smiled
And they talked about old candidates, and I laughed myself to tears
Still clueless after all these years
Oh, still clueless after all these years

I'm not the kind of man who supports globalists
I really believe in conservative ways
And I ain't no fool for panderings that whisper in my ears
They are clueless after all these years
Oh, still clueless after all these years

Crapped out, fawning
Longing for their old web
But we shouldn't worry
Why should we?
When they offer us candidates like Jeb!

Now I sit by my computer and watch these clowns
And pray the damage they've done is gone
But they should be convicted by a jury of their peers
Still clueless after all these years
Oh, still clueless
Still clueless
Still clueless after all these years

Aug 20, 2021

Fake elections have real consequences.

The worst president in history is having the worst week of any president in history.
(I stole that line... like Joe steals his.)

Joe! "It was not anticipated," is not the same as, "I did not anticipate."

It was in your power to stop what has happened and is happening. Of course, the media will help you bury the bodies when it's time to count the costs.

Aug 19, 2021

The whole Washington establishment has "dirt" on each other. They play that dirt like cards to keep each other in line. Folks have a LOT of cards to play on Joe. Joe will stay in line.

Stupidity and weakness accommodates evil (Biden), but deviousness plans it (Obama).

Level 1: Live and let live
Level 2: Live and help live
Level 3: Live and let die
Level 4: Live and help die
Level 5: Die and let die
Level 6: Die and help die

"Progressives" have almost reach the apex.

Aug 17, 2021

Corrupt elections have corrupt consequences!

P.S. Pay no attention to that election fraud hiding behind the Afghanistan mess. Can anyone say, "wag the dog."

Aug 16, 2021

No one feels safe under Biden -- not even Dems. Dems felt "annoyed" under Trump, but they felt safe (no matter how much they pretended that "protected" groups weren't safe).

This will absolutely show in 2022. Maybe before.

Aug 15, 2021


We all know where this goes:

1) Biden creates the mess
2) Biden eventually will have to spend millions in treasure and blood to recover
3) The industrial military complex gets fed
4) The establishment politicians (including Bush, Romney, and the rest) make their millions off of it

Trump could fix this in a matter of days. Biden will draw it out as long as possible to fed the industrial military complex so he and his war whores can make millions.

Nothing but war whores!!! killing our kids for their millions!!! Trump is the only one who tried to stop this atrocity. No wonder they had to get rid of him!!!

Aug 13, 2021

Each individual vote must be more secure than a credit card transaction, and have a way for each citizen to see and contest any transaction made on their card.

If there is no election integrity, there is no WE THE PEOPLE.

Aug 1, 2021

If Jesse Waters, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Tucker Carlson would all walk off of Fox in a show of solidarity, and join Newsmax or even start their own network, it would be like the shot heard round the world. It might cost you a law suit and some money. But let's face it. It's time to stick a fork in Fox. She's done.

Like Rush said, "The Republican party has always hated their conservative base." And so does Fox. Only now, their management doesn't care if their network dies. My guess is, if they can't corrupt it, they want it destroyed.

Get out while you still can.

July 30, 2021

If we can institute election integrity, it is almost inevitable that we will get back both the House and Senate in 2022; I believe in a landslide. However, the left KNOWS this and is getting desperate. There are two things I see happening BIG TIME lately:

1) Poison Pill: Dems, RINOs, and deep state planting fake story(s) among true stories so they can use the fake story(s) to discredit the true stories (i.e. planting fake election fraud "whistleblowers" to discredit real election fraud whistleblowers).

2) Anti-Trump candidates running as pro-Trump "agenda" candidates: Heard an ad on the radio last night that said, "We all love and support Trump, but he was wrong about... (such and such a candidate, etc.). Supporting our candidate will be better for Trump supporters in the long run."

If they are being promoted by Fox, you can pretty much bet this is what is going on. Trump was right when he said that Dems stick together. Keep your eyes open.

July 19, 2021

The war on Fox is not a war on the right, because Fox is not right. The war on Fox is a war on the perceived "middle" so as to polarize us further, and to make truth look even further "right."

The ultimate war is a war on truth. Covid. Big Tech. It's to get rid of the 2020 election cheat, so as to get rid of elections.

July 18, 2021

Kids don't seem to understand that money is just a representation of energy expended (or goods acquired by that energy expended). But maybe they could understand it if you put it this way:

Imagine that you lived in a home with others who always expected YOU to clean up after them.

Now do you get it?

If someone around me constantly blames me for their lack of success, tells me I'm systemic "anti-them," then my inclination is to get away from them as quickly as possible.

I want to succeed and I want others to succeed. And so if there is some chance that their accusations are correct, then the only way for us both to know is to get away from each other. But what if they still don't succeed? Still self-destruct and destroy others? What's the answer then?

What if a person constantly blames others for their problems, yet doesn't do anything for themselves or their community to improve it? What if you provide them with resources, but those resources are squandered, still no success, and others still blamed.

Whatever inherited privilege or inherited misfortune there may be in life, we've seen plenty examples of both inherited freedom and inherited wealth squandered. Freedom allows one to squander or to build. You can squander when you have everything. You can build when you have next to nothing. But only freedom (to succeed or to fail) allows you to do that.

Our founding Fathers didn't institute the principles of freedom for the purpose of destroying freedom, but to preserve it. They wanted the freedom to seek God and to manifest his abundance. One can seek God no matter what their circumstance. But it is very difficult when the almighty government itself becomes the instrument of destruction of this freedom, and even an instrument of persecution and sadism aimed at those who seek freedom. What is ultimately taking place is a tool to try and destroy those who seek God.

Think about how Joseph was sold into slavery by his own brothers, and how God used the situation to exalt Joseph to 2nd in command in Egypt, and to the saving of Israel during the famine.

Now, think of all the American slaves that were sold into slavery by their African brothers, and how many of them and their progeny escaped the intense idolatry of their "brothers" and became Christians in America.

I'm not condoning slavery - not of Joseph, not of Jews, not of blacks. But think of how God turned that horrible situation to good for those who sought him.

Now, go freak out CNN.

July 17, 2021

(to the tune of Z is for Zorro)

Out of the night,
When the full moon is bright,
Comes the frontman known as Fauci.
This bold renegade
Carves a "$" with his blade,
An "$" that stands for Fauci.

Fauci, Fauci, the fox who says wear a mask
Fauci, Fauci, who smiles as he rakes in the cash

He is polite,
But the good take flight
When they catch the sight of Fauci.
He's friend of the libs,
And hangs out at their cribs,
This not so unique, señor Fauci.

Fauci, Fauci, the fox who says wear a mask
Fauci, Fauci, who smiles as he rakes in the cash

Fauci, Fauci, Fauci, Fauci, Fauci, Fauci....

July 13, 2021

A workable society has 3 populations:

1) children who can't care for themselves

2) adults who can care for themselves, and as a result, can care for children and others when need be

3) elderly who may or may not be able to care for themselves and others

A forth class has been created by Democrats as a voter block:

4) adults who can't (don't want to) care for themselves or anyone else

So much for workable societies.

Thanks to the covid lock downs, the new remote work scam is working two (or more) jobs -- AT THE EXACT SAME TIME. This is especially big in IT. Setup 2 computers. Work one job on one. Work another job from the other.

I'm not sure which is worse: cheating your employer this way, or just not working at all thanks to extended unemployment. But by paying Americans NOT to work, Obiden is insuring foreign workers (whose countries don't subsidize not working) will flood our employment market.

And while Barack Obiden and his merry band of comfort-creature, Millennial Snowflakes might be able to bring socialism, they will never be able to keep it, seeing as battle hardened Russians couldn't. Nope, what will happen is they will prepare America for the takeover, and China will take it from there.

July 12, 2021

Why the hysteria around covid? We knew who the vulnerable populations were very early on, and these vaccines are experimental. These vaccines really fall under the category of right to try drugs. But to force them on non-vulnerable populations -- especially children -- is insane; almost as insane as putting infected people in with vulnerable populations like Govs Cuomo and Whitmer did.

July 11, 2021

Former Presidents usually don't stay involved after their term, but I think it's good for Trump to do so, because 1) TRUMP WON, 2) it gives Americans hope to see THE president out front leading. Obama tried that and found it actually hurt Dems. So now he just leads from behind the scenes.

July 4, 2021

D.C. overwhelmingly votes Democrat. However...

Biden won it by 94% in 2020.
Hillary won it by 96% in 2016.
Obama won it by 86% in 2008
Obama won it by 84% in 2012.

Hum? So they are not sexist, but apparently very RACIST!

July 2, 2021

The filibuster is EXACTLY for situations like the present -- when the nation is divided evenly or by a very narrow majority. When a situation like this exists, change is put on hold until enough people can be persuaded (not forced) one way or the other. Its function is very similar to the Electoral College process, which preserves and defends individual state sovereignty against the force of the populous.

(Everything about our constitution defends the individual against tyranny of individuals or of collectives.)

In my opinion, the last fraudulent election didn't just cheat the president, but many down ballot races as well. But still (and this is something that concerned Rush as well), cheating or not, the elections are still way to close. The fact that wide-spread mass insanity has infected so many in our Republic is just as big of a concern as election integrity.

Jul 1, 2021

Gun control = armed elites, unarmed peasants.

You think fighting nukes and F15s is hard with ARs, just try shovels and pitchforks.

Just more of the Dem party trying to demoralize WE THE PEOPLE.

If you represent the people, you don't need to fear the people.

Jun 30, 2021

Liberals create a culture of perversion to influence all, but then selective decide who to condemn and for what. They are playing the long game. They are collecting data on you (think NSA, big tech); data that may seem innocuous at the time, but then can later be used against you, to influence you, to control you, or to destroy you.

This is how Washington works as well. The Washington establishment/deep state keeps "cards" on each other as well. Hillary could have destroyed Obama. But Obama could have destroyed Hillary as well. So it's "MAD" -- mutually assured destruction.

I'm sure these generals are included in this scheme/system. Remember David Petraeus? It's all a big political game to them and they know how to play it -- while they play with our lives and livelihoods.

Jun 29, 2021

Republicans will take back the House in 2022, and probably the Senate as well. And in 2024? Dems better get ready for 4 more year of the Donald, or 8 years of The Ronald.

Jun 28, 2021

Here's my Critical Race Theory Lesson. Class begins:

1) We had slavery.
2) Slavery was bad.
3) America was the 2nd sovereign nation to end slavery in the western hemisphere. (Haiti [then Saint-Domingue] unconditionally abolish slavery in 1804. All northern united states had abolished slavery by 1804.)
4) Lots of white Republicans died trying to force white Democrats to end it.
5) Democrats still haven't ended it.

Lesson over. Time for recess, kids.

Jun 27, 2021

Democrats have taken groups that are already mentally ill and driven them further to the left to feed their derangement. They've done this to make sure there is no middle ground; no place for left and right to meet. They want absolute power.

There is no question as to the WHY of the 2nd amendment. King George attempted to disarm the colonists so they could offer no resistance or revolt to his tyranny. (And for the record, flintlocks were state of the art weapons at the writing of the constitution). The writers of the constitution realized that the threat of tyranny increases in direct proportion with the inability of WE THE PEOPLE to do anything about it.

But Dems/Biden are being totally disingenuous about gun control, because 25% of homicides are committed with something other than a gun (FBI 2019 report). Of the 75% of homicides committed with guns, most are committed with handguns. So that only leaves a small percentage that are committed by rifles, and of rifles, an even smaller percentage are committed with AR style weapons.

So if you genuinely want to reduce gun homicides (we are not even taking about crime in general), why not go after hand guns? Why the silly arguments about nukes and F15s v ARs? Because it's not about the type of gun, but about getting rid of guns altogether.

You and I know (no matter what kind of legal controls might be constitutional) that the Dems real intent is not about legality or common sense. It's about ABSOLUTE CONTROL. And as we approach this subject (or any subject), it is about understanding WHO the left are.

Shortly before his death, Rush Limbaugh expressed disappointment in that he felt he wasn't successful in getting people to see just WHO the left are. And when you look at people like Mitt Romney, maybe that's true. But the first time I heard Rush 28 years ago, I said to myself, "Here is someone who gets it. Someone who understands who these people really are." And I suspect that is why many started listening to him.

Jun 21, 2021

Understanding establishment RINOs like Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, Rob Portman, and others, is not hard. And no one has ever said it better than Rush: "The Republican party has always hated their conservative base."

These RINOs are not conservative. They are swamp creatures, who thrive off of the connections and approval of the Washington establishment. It is a career choice. And when they start appearing as regulars on CNN and MSNBC, that will be a career choice as well.

Proof of vaccination, but no proof of identity or citizenship? Bass ackwards!

Voter ID problem? Washington, Oregon, and Colorado can do the same as "joints for jabs," only offer joints for IDs instead.

States like Ohio? can just do what Gov. Mike DeWine did there: Have a $1,000,000 lottery for getting your ID.


There are victims and then there are those who use victimhood status to achieve Supremacy. I kind of like the, "And justice for all" thingy.

We reached out today to living slave owners and living slaves, but they were not available for comment.

Excuse me if I don't join your "knife fights are normal" culture. You are welcome in mine. It works, provably! Just ditch the knife.

P.S. If you have to subsidized failure, it means your system doesn't work.

Jun 19, 2021

Democrats' old strategy:

1) Covert Election fraud
2) Loot and destroy as much stuff as you can while you are in power, hoping the American people will ask you to fix it

Democrats' new strategy:
1) In your face Election fraud
2) Loot and Destroy as much stuff as you can while you are in power, hoping it CAN'T be fixed

They seem to have a lot in common with Antifa.

Jun 15, 2021

Federalism and the assertion of state sovereignty is the answer to this mess liberals have gotten us into. Blue states have been asserting their sovereignty, and they are destroying their states. Good people are leaving. The rubbish is taking itself out. Trump understood this, and let them do it. This is seeing the long game.

Texas is building its own walls, and has every right to do so.

AZ is doing a forensic audit of its recent election, and has every right to do so. Other states are doing the same.

This is the real BUILD BACK BETTER. This is the only way to stop the tyranny of our federal government. And it is most assuredly CONSTITUTIONAL.

Jun 13, 2021

For America to succeed, Americans must stand together. Problem is, half of America is getting their $uccess from China.

I think President trump will be getting a fantastic birthday present tomorrow. The AZ election forensic audit is supposed to be completed.

Jun 12, 2021

When you can undermine the economy of a nation, it makes it easier to promote socialism and communism as a cure for the ills of society. Even if your parents grew up in the former USSR, and have warned you about the horrors of that system, if the economy is failing, the kids will just say, "They had bread lines. We have bread lines. What's the difference? At least everyone had a share."

Notice how the youth are all on board with everything that Obiden is promoting. Everything they are promoting is aimed at the YOUTH!!! Insidious.

Merrick Garland's DOJ has announce it will scrutinize any election audits results for "violations of the law."

It's very clear why the DOJ is doing this. The truth shall make you free... but it will put Dems in jail.

The beauty of our government as founded is to make sure WE THE PEOPLE have the domain -- not government. The purpose of the Leftist is to make sure WE THE PEOPLE have no domain.

Jun 11, 2021

The left knows there is no "man-made" climate change, and so they know there is nothing man can do to change the climate. But they know it gives them political power to pander to the fears of millennials who live on a diet of dystopian movies. OMG, the sky is falling.

Of course, they toggle between global warming disasters and "systemic racism" and the Easter bunny as being the most important issue facing our "world."

Personally, I'm getting tired of 4 seasons. Could you libbys reduce it to 1? Guess you are already on reducing all the many races to one. Isn't that called genocide?

Jun 8, 2021

I finally figured it out. The left's violence is not about justice. They love rioting. They love destroying things. They love the adrenaline rush of rage and hate and power. They enjoy it. And they'd do it for free.

They don't want to earn a living. They don't even want you to give it to them. They want to TAKE it from you. They want THAT kind of supremacy!

Jun 1, 2021

BIG NEWS! Pennsylvania just sent a delegation of state legislators to AZ!!! They are interested in the Arizona audit and in replicating it in Pennsylvania.

The Democrat party philosophy: If I have, and you don't, I am evil, and you are a victim.

The Democrat Party is nothing more than large-scale panhandlers. And in case you hadn't noticed, there's a lot of money in panhandling nowadays.

May 28, 2021

January 6th commission? How about a November 3rd commission?

May 14, 2021

Welcome Back Kotter Carter.

Next thing you know, Iran will be taking hostages.

May 13, 2021

For years the Washington establishment has offered us their "choice" of candidates (crap A, B, or C), but not OUR choice of candidates. In 2016 Republicans finally got to choose their own candidate -- Donald Trump; while Democrats finally got to choose their own candidate -- Bernie Sanders. The establishment was able to sabotage Bernie Sanders so they could present Hillary, but they were not able to destroy Donald Trump so they could present heir apparent, Jeb!

In the aftermath, we see the Democrat establishment embracing Bernie and the left wing, while the Republican establishment joins Democrats in continuing to try and destroy Donald Trump.

WE THE PEOPLE must scare the shiii out of these people.

May 12, 2021

Liz Cheney: “I will not sit back and watch in silence while others lead our party down a path that abandons the rule of law and joins the former president’s crusade to undermine our democracy.”

“I will not sit back and watch in silence while others lead our party down a path that abandons the system and the war machine me, my dad, and the Bush family makes money off of.”

Get up in the mornin', look in the mirror
She's worn as her tooth brush hangin' in the stand, yeah
Her face ain't lookin' any younger
Now you can see bitterness' taken it's toll on her

She's gone, she's gone.

(buh bye, Liz)

May 10, 2021

Democrats couldn't fix anything if they tried, because they are incompetent. But their incompetence works in favor of their goal (and they know it) because: Their goal is to f this country up BEYOND REPAIR so they can send in the government to "fix" it. And they don't care how badly they hurt the country, or the middle class, or the "little guy" they claim to want to help. Nope, because once they get power, they don't have to fix anything -- just enjoy the rewards of power.

May 6, 2021

Barrack Obama got more votes in 2008 than any president in history up to that time. He got them for one reason: He was black. No, white people weren't virtue signaling. Oh, maybe some were. But many were saying, let's put the "racist America" accusations to rest, once and for all. They did this in spite of having a good idea about what his policies were.

After 4 years of Obama's destructive polices, and the worst race relations in decades, you could see the movement to replace him gathering steam by 2012, because he got 4 million less votes in 2012 than he did in 2008.

Fast forward to 2016/2020: The Democrat party is no longer home to the blue color worker -- those just working hard to put food on the table and make a life. It is a collection of criminals from every strata of society. Democrats know this, and they welcome it. The Democrat party is also quickly losing the black vote as well, working overtime to replace that vote with illegal aliens and brain washed millennials.

The 2016 election shocked the hell out of the liberals and their media. So they upped their game in 2020. As the MSNBC folks setup people up for the 2020 steal (i.e. "It may look like Donald Trump is winning on election night, but don't worry, because we will win as soon as the "mail in" votes come in, in the days and weeks after."); even so, those same folks are setting people up for the results of the forensic audits going on in the battleground states (i.e. "Those deplorable are going to manufacture results that make it seem like we lost.)

They already knew what was coming in the 2020 election, and they know what is coming in the audit. Of course they do. Because they are the ones who cheated and consistently think cheating is ok, because, after all, it's for social justice, and to save the world from global warming. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, BECAUSE IT'S EXISTENTIAL. And they are right: it is existential for cheaters and crooks.

And thus, the tooth and nail, life and death fight we are in now. Democrats understand this. RINOs don't, or they refuse to admit it, because they just want things to be "the way we were" -- a happy little faux tug of war with the boys/girls in the D.C. club.

May 5, 2021

OBAMA - Wins House seats, Wins FL OH IA, 18/19 bellwethers, 873 counties, 69 Mil votes
TRUMP - Wins House seats, Wins FL OH IA, 18/19 bellwethers, 2497 counties, 74 Mil votes
BIDEN - Loses House seats, Loses FL OH IA, 1/19 bellwethers, 477 counties, 81 Mil votes????

I think we ALL (on both sides) know the truth.

May 4, 2021

What if we gave everyone education money and say, "Use this money to become a doctor, etc."

1) Not everyone has the aptitude to become a doctor.

2) Some wouldn't want to do the work, even if they did have the aptitude.

3) Why are we giving people money again?

Everyone has something to give; something to exchange. Growth is a process. If you don't participate in the process, your abilities, on every level, atrophy.

Apr 29, 2021

The new narrative from the media: "Of course we are bias. Every news outlet is." Their angle is: to purport there is no such thing as truth, just political angles.

That's how they get rid of the truth, and how they make people tired of trying to seek it. It is really quite insidious. And Fox is complicit.

Apr 28, 2021

I used to say "Political correctness is tyranny with manners." But lefties don't even have any manners anymore. But they do have the same tyrannical objective. And in order to accomplish it, they have to do the following:

1) Get rid of the 1st Amendment.
2) Get rid of the 2nd amendment.
3) Liberalize the military.
And now I add a 4th
4) Get rid of good cops so they can bring in mercenaries.

Apr 27, 2021

Kids aren't high risk for covid, nor are they spreaders like with the flu. Yet the schools are still closed, and now they want toddlers masked.

Old people with immune problems are high risk, but Cuomo puts active covid patients in rest homes. Now Cuomo is Biden's goto covid man.

This isn't just about craziness. And it isn't just about nonsense. This is about control and impudence (just like Peter Smerk/Struck/Stoke). It's their of saying, "because we can, so f you, smelly Walmarters.")

Half of us know what's going on and are done with it. The other half know what's going on and are participating in the fraud, just like they did with the election fraud.

Apr 25, 2021

I'd be in favor of using "global warming" to create jobs, just like we do with Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Chia pets, and a zillion other items... except, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and Chia pets create more jobs than they destroy.

Apr 24, 2021

The function of a responsible society is to teach people how to take care of themselves. Our current society teaches people how to NOT take care of themselves. It is DYSFUNCTIONAL. And we have a whole political party that gets power and money from keeping it that way.

It's rather fun watching Democrats run out of tactics. Phony global warming and pseudo racism is all they've got left. I love how they are trying to merge the two. Makes their phoniness even more apparent.

Apr 23, 2021

People who think knife fights are a normal part of any culture, let alone adolescent culture, should never be the majority, no matter what color their skin is.

10% of white homicide victims were killed by cops

3% of black homicide victims were killed by cops

YET blacks die at homicide rate 13 times that of whites! so just who is killing who?

My dad worked his ass off to put food on the table for us kids. And he whooped our little asses when we were doing things that could be harmful to ourselves and others.

I can't imagine being raise with no father and the government putting food on my table. But the way out isn't blaming others. And it most certainly isn't government.

Apr 22, 2021

This past week in Cincinnati Ohio a 13 year old black girl stabbed and killed another 13 year old black girl. Twenty-four hours later, in Columbus Ohio, a police officer shot and killed a 16 year old black girl who was trying to stab another black girl, saving that girl's life.

How about it, Joe? How about THAT black girl's life; the one that was saved by that police officer? Doesn't HER black life matter?

The narrative that is being promoted by Dems to gain political power is destroying an entire race, as well as a country. Dems pander, pander, pander to create a race war. But this will definitely end better for the majority than it will for the minority, and it is all Dems fault. Dems are despicable. I hope black people are waking up.

Trump 2024.

There were 17 ("unarmed" according to the media) black people killed by officers this past year. You'd think from the media there were hundreds. In almost every single one of these situations, the "unarmed" person was either committing a crime, had a gun on the seat, were violently resisting arrest, or attempting to get the officer's gun, etc.

But the narrative marches on, because the left wants to tear down the country, hoping they will be in charge when the dust settles.

Apr 20, 2021

I keep thinking about the early morning FBI raid on old Roger Stone, his old wife, and his guard Chihuahua. Full body armor, swat team, with CNN cameras magically there to film the event.

And where are all the "good rank-in-file" agent whistleblowers? We are in really deep shi... state.

Apr 18, 2021

When people ignore common sense, they are either stupid, or are trying to sell you something.

Hey Joe, where you goin with that gun in your hand?

Hey Joe, if you buy a double barrel shotgun, go out on your porch and fire off two rounds, do you know what you have? AN EMPTY SHOTGUN.

Hey Joe, nobody needs to have a twenty round magazine? One reason is they are more reliable than a 30 round magazine. But the main reason is because the dude with the mental problems (who the FBI knows about, but ignores) is going to have at least that many rounds.

Hey Joe, there is no reason to have 5,800–6,185 nuke warheads. Oh wait, maybe because Russia has 6,372–6,490 warheads? It's called a deterrent, Joe, and it is the main reason for the second amendment -- to keep tyrants like you and your ilk in check.

Like I said, when people ignore common sense, they are either stupid, or are trying to sell you something.

Apr 5, 2021

The crazier liberals get, the more gun enthusiasm increases. Just makes sense.

Apr 4, 2021

The reason corporations always appease leftists is because they've always been able to count on the right not to boycott, so it's a win win for them to support the left. THOSE DAYS ARE GONE!

All we wanted was for you to stay out of it. But now it's time to pick a side, corporations, because either way, you are going to lose some customers, and you are in serious danger of losing ALL of your customers. And you better come down on the side of those who want to build America, and not those who want to destroy it. Because the left will never stop extorting until THEY are stopped.

I'm glad the right is finally waking up. Maybe it was Mitt Romney's snoring that did the trick.

I thought the following article from April of 2016 would be appropriate for this situation.

Kindergarten Cop.

Apr 3, 2021

The majority of people, including Dems (including blacks), are in favor of voter ID. Gun sales are at a record high, and the fastest growing group of gun buyers is Democrats. So what the OBiden's Washington and Hollywood elites are pushing is not "For the People" or even supported by the people.

The purpose of war is to kill your enemies and to break their things until they stop fighting back. Dems are taking a little different approach: they are trying to break people and to kill their livelihoods. It is all psychological warfare... at least for now.

Everyone knows that conservatives are basically good, productive people. So the left has to create the "white privilege," "white supremacy," "you didn't build that," narrative to try and turn the tables. This is why EVERYTHING is racist. That's their story and they are sticking to it, until they find something else that works. Our job is to stand up against their bullsh*t, whatever it is. And I am so down with boycotting these woke corporations that promote this b.s.

We must understand that we are at war and we must push back until they move on to their next lie. It is so sad what is happening to our country -- that we have a group of people that are willing to destroy our country for what they perceive as justice, but is really vengeance against generations that have been dead and buried for decades. In the process, they are destroying those they profess to champion.

Apr 2, 2021

Joe's "Infrastructure" bill is preparation for self-induced poverty.

AOC thinks she'll use batteries to charge her batteries.

Apr 1, 2021

If Hitler had the media on his side, he might have won. If he had big tech on his side, he definitely would have won.

What is happening now is not good for left or right, and definitely not good for us as a country. Most realize that we need a divorce or this will end in a full out civil war. Yet, Biden offers no hope for the left or for the right, and everyone knows it.

When the left says white privilege, what they really mean is majority privilege. But there is no way to fix it, because someone will always be the majority. I'd prefer to work toward making good people, whatever their color, the majority, because if not, history will repeat itself, and it won't be pretty -- for anyone. But it looks like the left is bent on making America crooked and insane.

Hey PAJAMA kids. Forensic recounts are going on now in several states. What you and the media gonna do if massive fraud is uncovered. I don't think you will be able to keep a lid on it. I'm sure this is why the left is desperately trying to eliminate Trump's voice. They see what is coming.

Mar 31, 2021

The first time I ever heard the term "passive-aggressive" was in 2003. I was sitting with a liberal friend and her liberal social worker friend. As soon as they started talking about it, I thought, "Ah, oh. Here come the thought police."

The reason we can no longer have honest debates with liberals is because they know their arguments and claims aren't valid, but they've found that their claims are effective (i.e. racism) on emotional and unreasonable people. So don't expect them to abandon their b.s. any time soon (i.e. ever).

Dems are all about ugly and insane in your face and in charge. Guess normal, happy, WHOLE people, just by BEING, are just too much "IN THEIR FACE" for them to handle (without crying at sky).

Mar 29, 2021

Privilege is inherited wisdom -- one generation offering lessons learned so the next doesn't have to repeat them, with a view towards every generation having it better than the last. This "privilege" is very hard to have when you don't have a father in the family. Even harder to learn when lessons of the past are ignored, or your father-figure is a Joseph Stalin or Karl Marx clone.

There are many, many sins far worse and more consequential than racism. Interesting the left should always double down on this one. It even comes with a list of taboo words. Right up the religious left's alley.

Maybe the left should brush up on the first and great commandment?

Mar 28, 2021

Every person in the world wants to come to our country, yet, OBiden will surrender this country to countries everyone wants to escape.

Don't give up your guns. We may need to defend our country from China when OBiden waves the white flag and our new military waves the rainbow flag.

Oh, and do not shop at or patronize gun free zones. They are far too dangerous.

Mar 27, 2021

To imply election laws are "racist" clearly displays that the Democrat party thinks blacks and minorities don't have the skill sets everyone else has to go to the polls and vote. Drive. Take public transportation. Walk. These are really hard things to do. Psssssssttt.

Democrats are really good at turning the most beautiful places on earth, including states and cities, into trash heaps. Oh, but they can save the earth. Psssssssttt.

Man cannot create or control the climate. But if he could, he'd use it to promote a political agenda.

If a man can become a woman, then Michael Jackson can become white, and I can identify as black without being racist.

False narratives are untrue equations that are used to build other falsehoods on. But if any part of your equation is false, the whole equation is false.

Mar 26, 2021

The Dominion law suits are meant to shut people up and scare them off. But this will backfire, and give people a chance to make the evidence known and prove their claims.

No single counting system should be used in an election. All elections should have redundant counting systems as comparison check points. When I create a spreadsheet, I always create vertical and horizontal check points to make sure I have included all rows and columns I meant to include.

Elections are accounting. And election integrity is simple IF integrity, and not cheating, is the goal.

Mar 25, 2021

The real battle right now is over election integrity. Dems want to pass laws that make cheating even more widespread so they can pull a 2020 again and forever. Republicans (not RINOs) want to sure up voter integrity. The race is on.

I'm excited about the GA forensic audit of ballots, and here is why.

As Mr. mom to our 2 small children, I've been on the Pampers Rewards program for several years now. (I get points for diapers that give you cash back or coupons for purchases.) Up until a few months ago, their app used OCR (optical character reading) to scan the purchase codes. With the OCR, the light had to be just right and the camera had to be in just the right position to scan. And even then, 60% of the time I had to type the codes in by hand. But recently they started using the box scan code system.

With this new code scan system, I don't even have to have my camera in direct position before it picks up on the presence and position of the code and scans it. It ALWAYS scans the code correctly. It NEVER gets it wrong. The guy who invented this code system is the person doing the forensic audit.

I am also very excited about this audit, because, if Dems destroyed ballots in an attempt to cover their fraud, the audit will show a short count by the amount of ballots destroyed.

Be afraid, Dems. Be very afraid.

Mar 24, 2021

Democrats want to turn the whole USA into a gun free zone so mass shooters can go everywhere. Be honest. These mentally disturb shooters never go where people can shoot back at them. And when people do arrive that can shoot back (police), they usually give up or shoot themselves.

Mar 23, 2021


When elections are not honest, isn't it "taxation without representation?" And since Dems/RINOs seem to be ok with 2 billion in Antifa/BLM property damage, why can't we toss 2 billion worth of Dominion equipment into Boston harbor? We can call it the Boston "Chea-t" Party.

Mar 17, 2021

There is a TruGreen lawn care commercial currently on TV. In it, a couple on a casual stroll through a neighborhood stops in their tracks and looks toward a home, their eyes widen and their jaws drop. We see that a large UFO hovering above the ground and three little blue aliens standing on the lawn. When the woman manages to speak, her only words are, “That…is a gorgeous lawn!” To which her husband replies, “So green and lush.” The lawn is so awesome, in fact, the couple fails to even notice the aliens.

I guess color is all Michelle Obama sees as well.

(Probably shouldn't have used this example. Now the commercial will probably get canceled because of blue-racism or xenophobia for illegal.. 'er, undocumented space aliens.)

Mar 15, 2021

Let's conduct a little experiment. I think Trump got closer to 80 million votes. Maybe more. So let's have everyone who voted for him send in a letter stating they did. But even if 80 million people said they voted for Trump, there are several reasons Dems wouldn't believe it:

1) The votes would have to be "mail-in."

2) People wouldn't want to provide "ID" with their votes or signature verification for a "test" vote.

3) They wouldn't trust "partisan" Trump supporters to count the votes.

Hum. See where I'm going with this? I mean, who knows. Maybe Trump would double or triple count the same votes. Without observers, who knows what could happen.

Mar 14, 2021

Biden's speech will inspire HUGE 4th of July celebrations... 'er, peaceful protests, all across America!

Dems were perfectly ok with BLM/Antifa protests, destruction of property, and loss of life. So deal with Americans joyfully and peacefully assembling to protest the usurpation of WE THE PEOPLE.

WE THE PEOPLE will tell government what it can and cannot do, and not the other way around.

I hope Biden DOESN'T lift the lockdown, so we can DEFY IT.

Mar 13, 2021

Hillary is easy to understand. It's all about bitterness. She and Mitt would make a great couple.

I've been cheated
Been mistreated
When will I be loved?


Welcome to McDonalds. May I take your order.

Yeah, I'd like a Big Mac and a small coke.

That will be $54 at the first window.

Did Doctor Seuss kill old people in nursing homes?

91% of "stimulus" will go back to Dem/RINO "interests" so it can be funneled back into Dem/RINO pockets. It's the establishment way. No wonder the deep state is so invested.

Poll finds only 36% of US adults believe George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis police officer.

Wa sup wit dat, media?

Mar 9, 2021

Ever notice how these people who want all spaces to be public (AOC and her ilk) don't know how to take care of public spaces? Streets of San Francisco? Occupy Wall Street? and they want us to trust them to "clean up" the planet? I don't think so. These kids don't even know how to clean their own rooms.

USA is doing more and spending more to fight libs' phony "global warming" than any other country, and our emissions are already lower than any other country... and yet, we are still the problem? SEE HOW PHONY THIS ALL IS?

AMAZING FACT: Democrats have the smallest majority they've had in Congress since the 1800s.

Macomb County Prosecutor says criminal charges against Michigan Governor Whitmer possible over nursing home deaths. But not to worry. We will soon learn she did "black face" in high school and all will be forgotten.

Mar 2, 2021

So Cuomo is in hot water with the #METOO movement. But what is this sacrifical lamb really all about?

Remember when the media/Dems rescued Ralph Northam from his live-birth abortion scandal with his high school "blackface" scandal? I mean, baby killing is one thing, but RACISM? Unspeakable!!! The ultimate sin!

Now they are not only rescuing Cuomo from his nursing home murders, but rescuing several other Dem governors from their own nursing home scandals as well by sacrificing Cuomo. Why, the next thing you know, we will find out that Gretchen Whitmer was reading Dr. Seuss!!! The shame of it all.

Feb 19, 2021

Bill and Hillary Clinton announced their new individual pod casts the day after Rush Limbaugh passed away. I'm sure it was planned that way, and is a good indication that Rush still lives rent free in their heads, even after his death.

I'm sure their very "relevant" shows will be as exciting, successful, and as long-lasting as "The Tom Daschle Show." Bill's theme song will be "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy." Hillary's will be "When Will I Be Loved."

Honestly, I think "Brother Can You Spare A Dime" would work well for both of their shows.

Feb 18, 2021

Twenty seven year listener. Never a caller. Forever grateful for "talent on loan from God-d."

I stopped listening to Rush for a while in the 90s because of some comments he made about Ross Perot. I thought Perot was our "Donald Trump." But then again, I thought Mitt Romney was our Donald Trump too. Just shows how wrong one can be.

My hiatus was short lived. I missed hearing that voice on the radio expressing exactly what I was thinking, with plenty of additional insight. It was only a couple of years ago that I finally understood about Ross Perot when Rush made a single comment, "Ross Perot didn't want it." Rush was right. Mitt didn't want it either, and probably a good thing.

Christmas time was Rush's favorite (and most emotional) time of the year, and it was pretty clear to all of us that during his last show of 2020 on December 23rd, he was expressing his gratitude, and saying goodbye. My dad had just died that morning, so it was a pretty emotional show for me as well.

Rush appeared on air 13 more times after that Christmas show, starting on January 7th, with his last show being on February 2nd (one year after he announced his condition on February 3, 2020). Every one of those shows was a encore, and we all knew it and were extremely thankful for each show, especially considering all that was going on at the time.

So rest in peace, Rush. Your talent has accomplished what it was given to accomplish, and has gone back to the one who gave it. Well done, our friend.

2017-11-11 - AFTER THE RUSH GOLD

Rush is Right.

Feb 17, 2021

They never hated Trump until he represented us. So tell me, who is it they really hate? and will keep right on hating?

Feb 16, 2021

We don't want to silence the left, because we want everyone to see how insane and dangerous they are and how flawed their arguments are. Even if they incite violence (which they actually HAVE and still are on social media), we want them to have free speech because we want them to be found guilty and shunned.

But the left wants to shut up the right so there is no evidence of what we have actually said, only their cherry-picked inferences to what we have said. At the same time, they intellectually purify their most bizarre speech and behavior, while putting a muzzle on anyone who can effectively destroy their intellectual dishonesty.

The left says Trump saying "Peacefully protest" = "incitement."

The left says Dems saying "Go to their homes!" = "peaceful protest/free speech."

Trump supporters to Trump: "We love you! We love you!"

Biden supporters to Biden: "We hate Trump! We hate Trump!"

Can you imagine your wife shouting during love making, "I hate my x-boy friend. I hate my x-boyfriend." Quite a letdown.

Feb 11, 2021

If Joe Biden had "lost" the election...

We'd be hearing about how it was not only Democrats' constitutional duty to object to certification, but how it was Republicans' duty as well, and "thirty pieces of bit-coin" Romney, Murkowski, Collins, and Sasse would be right there with them.

We'd be hearing Joe Biden say, "Fight like hell," like he did in 2017.

We'd be hearing from the media how there were not only election irregularities, but outright fraud. Oh, and we'd hear EVERY detail about that fraud. (Sorry, too many examples to repeat).

We'd be hearing about how capital rioters were just exercising their constitutional rights, and that they will, and should, keep it up. And there'd be plenty of bail links offered to the rioters, and liberal judges would let their asses walk.

We'd be hearing, "Ashley Babbitt. Say my name," for the next year or two; especially if she were black.

And violence at the Capital would be a speck compared to the violence that would go on all across our country.

... if Joe Biden had "lost" the election.

Feb 9, 2021

But let's just pretend the Dems weren't able to pull off their cheat and Trump would have been certified president. There would have been violence, the likes we've never seen in America. Dems would have said the people were "defending the constitution and Democracy."

But as it was, a bunch of stupid idiots, along with a bunch of lefties... well you know, some people did something, and now the idiots are insurrectionist, and Dems are still "defending the constitution and Democracy."

Fact is, Dems use "the constitution and Democracy" for one purpose -- to destroy the constitution and Democracy.

Feb 7, 2021

Hey, Ben Sasse. What part of REPRESENTATIVE do you not understand?

If people like Sasse and Cheney are going to vote like Democrats, then we might as well primary them out or vote FOR Democrats.

Liberals seem to have concluded that socialism is the happy medium between slavery and privilege. But it isn't really slavery they want to eliminate, but privilege. They claim to hate strata, and yet their leaders always end up at the top of the heap and with millions and billions of $ for them and their families. They want to eliminate abundance except for themselves.

Freedom of will is the greatest of God-given inalienable rights, but freedom of will requires responsibility and stewardship, and it always results in success or failure. And freedom of will is the first that liberals are willing to give up, and the first thing they want to take away.

Feb 6, 2021

The 1st impeachment trial was a sham, and EVERYONE knew it. This 2nd one is a sham, and everyone knows it. So why in the hell would we support ANY candidate that gives it ANY credence.

So sorry that WE THE PEOPLE want to intrude into your little club, but we mean not only to intrude, but to DRAIN IT. You do not represent us. You do not support our constitution. We are tired of the pretending.

The fence and the troops and the guards are all for show, to create the narrative that Trump supporters are dangerous "white-supremacists" and have to be muzzled and disarmed, while Antifa/BLM are cuddly little teddy bears who just killed 47 people and did $2 billion in property damage because of injustice.

Trump supporters don't want to overturn the election. They just want questions answered honestly. This kind of attitude feeds objectivity.

Biden supporters (media and tech) just want to win at all cost, and therefore want to shutdown any questioning (using the narrative that questioning the results causes violence). This kind of attitude is at the heart of bias and injustice.

You may think our father's generation, the greatest generation, is gone. And if you look at those who use their freedom in an attempt to destroy freedom, it does look that way. But this fight isn't over. We are not going away and we are not going to stop asking the questions just because you say asking them is conspiratorial, and that we should all just "move on."

With liberty and justice for all. That includes ALL. #WETOO

Feb 5, 2021

Don't let the Dems fool you with their socialism rap. The reason they keep beating us and are a step ahead of us is capitalistic -- they PAY people to do things. Dirty things. Print ballots. Double count those ballots. Vote. Approve Dominion machines for their state. Dig up dirt on their enemies. MAKE up dirt on their enemies.

P.S. Why was there never an investigation as to whether the many GOP who got covid, including President Trump and Giuliani, were deliberately infected? Conspiracy? Remember, "by any means necessary," and they MEAN it. We would NEVER go that low, but they would. IN A HEARTBEAT.

Feb 4, 2021

Liz Cheney by secret ballot? They're not trying to take back the party from Trump, but from the 75 million who voted for him. They hate him because they see him as a traitor. He joined WE THE PEOPLE.

Feb 3, 2021

Got a letter today from the RNC/Ronna McDaniel begging for money. Not one mention of Trump or what he's done for the party in her letter. Here is my response to her:

Ronna, No more $ for the RNC. I will continue to contribute to individual candidates that TRUMP personally endorses. If he doesn't endorse the R candidate in a particular race, I'll support their Democrat opponent. And I'm not kidding. Hope you are getting a lot of letters like mine. -- My Name
P.S. Dump Mitch and Lindsey.

Feb 2, 2021

President Trump. I'd be happy to represent you at the "impeachment" trial, and I'll do it for free.

In spite of CNN and others deceitfully editing your words, everyone knows you said to "peacefully protest." But Dems claim supporters were incited by your words because of their state of mind. So let me speak to the state of mind of YOUR supporters.

Trump supporters: "Those idiots who stormed the capital do not represent us!"

That should be evident by over 600 peaceful "protests."

But let's speak to the words of Democrats and those who THEY support.

Harris: "It's going to keep up and it should."

Based on that alone, you are acquitted, and DEMOCRATS SHOULD BE IMPEACHED.

Nuf said.

Learning about the people Pence brought into his staff and their association to the deep-state was a real gut punch to me. Pence always said he was a Christian first, a conservative second, and a republican last. His actions bring all of this into question, especially if he is considering a 2020 presidential run. And if there are people encouraging him to run, then it once again shows they don't know who Trump is or who the 75 million plus who voted for him are.

I'm glad these people are raising their heads. If Trump would have won, they would have just hid in the weeds for another 4 years, undermining our agenda. Now, we can see a little more clearly where we need to weed and where we need to harvest.

The wheels of God's justice grind slowly, but they grind finely.

Jan 31, 2021

I do not know if some of the January 6th rioters supported Trump. But I sure as hell know that Trump supporters and Trump don't support them!

I do not know if BLM/Antifa support the Dem party (other than a means to an end), but I sure as hell know that the Dem party supports BLM/Antifa as a means to an end.

Jan 30, 2021

The Democrats and their media and tech allies are sending a very strong message: LIVE AND LET DIE (i.e. if you don't destroy us first, then we will destroy you.) So much for unity and healing. But it has become very clear that Democrats, like the Tsavo Man-Eating lions, with their new-found power, are simply enjoying the kill.

Our message has always been, LIVE AND LET LIVE, which is, in fact, a much more diverse and unifying way of life. We must continue to find non-violent ways to combat this madness, but combat it we must. And we must continue to get rid ourselves of those in the Republican party that don't understand the existential importance of fighting back.

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition. Same devil, different mask.

Jan 27, 2021

We need to make gun ownership so ubiquitous that the Second Amendment isn't even an issue; just the way Democrats have made mental illness so ubiquitous that it's not even in question. It is part of the culture.

Jan 26, 2021

(To the tune of Take Me Out to the Ball Game)

Take them out of the ball game
Just as soon as we can
Vote out the RINOs, political hacks
And make sure that they never come back

Let's all vote, vote, vote for the fighters
And drain the swamp of McCains
Cause it's one, one, one strike they're out
Of the new ball game

Here is the strike zone, and they ALL need to go -- in this order:

1) Those Republicans who blamed President Trump for "inciting" the Jan 6th violence without any investigation and without so much as a shred of evidence. We know who you are, Mitch, etc.

2) Those Republicans who voted to "impeach" the president (the big 10, led by Liz Cheney).

3) Those Republicans who refused to vote for a complete investigation into clear evidence of voter fraud before certifying the election.

3) Those vulnerable House Democrats who remain silent on amnesty.

Complete lists to follow.

Jan 24, 2021

Notice that actual violence is ok with the left, and incitement to violence won't get you banned from social media. But if you claim ELECTION FRAUD (which supposedly incites violence) then you are banned. This is even the premise that they are using to "impeach" the president.

Exposing the ELECTION FRAUD is what scares the left the most, else they wouldn't be banning even the mention of it. This is where the bodies are buried and will be buried in the future. This is the hill to die on.

Many of us have listened to hours and hours of testimony and know beyond a shadow of a doubt what happened. So it is evident to us that congress never even listened to the evidence (or even cared to). It is further evident that more than 90% of congress is corrupt, and that thanks to them, at this point there is nothing we can do about the results.

HOWEVER, we can, and must, fix the process. How?

1) Do forensic examinations to provide the public with absolute proof of the fraud. (Limitations statutes on fraud -- 3 years. So we've got the time.)

2) Get that information out to the pubic so that they can be aware of what news media and social media are suppressing. (Think about how we'd do it before the days of social media!)

3) Prosecute low level poll workers who carried out the fraud so that no one will want to participate in this fraud in the future.

4) Follow the money paid to these workers to its sources so we can prosecute those who perpetrated the fraud.

5) Vote out of office those politicians (regardless of party) who refused to look at the evidence and take a stand. (Like McConnell, etc.)

6) Vote into office those who are committed to eliminating voter fraud. (Like Cruz, Hawley, Greene, Boebert, Gosar, and others.)

7) Lobby Republican held state legislatures to make laws that PREVENT ABSOLUTELY, VOTER FRAUD.


Jan 22, 2021

Trump succeeded in spite of their constant assaults. Biden will fail even with everyone's support.

I used to be against a third party because it just divided the vote. But now it is looking much more viable. Ninety-five percent of the Republican party will be united as the Patriot Party, while the 5% left of the Republican party will just become another flea, like the "other" (Libertarian Party/Green Party, etc.) is every election.

They will probably vote Dem just to show their hate for us, but there will be no way they can complete with us in the down ballot races. And I think enough of "other" will come over to the patriots once we rid ourselves of the Republican label. I say let's do it. Let's get the petitions and let's do this.

Bye McConnell, bye Mitt, bye RINOs.

I was reading that the 2020 Trump vote represents close to 180 million total (including those in the households who didn't vote/aren't eligible to vote YET.) I'm seeing good things in the future. The Dems are feeling pretty smug right now. PRIDE COMETH BEFORE A FALL.

Patriot Party -- No RINOs or cowards (I'm being redundant) need apply.

Jan 21, 2021

Convincing spoiled, white, guilty, millennials to live in socialistic poverty might be easy, but convincing blacks who have lived in poverty most of their lives and have finally tasted the lowest black unemployment in history to continue to live in Dem induced poverty is not going to be so easy. Especially when they see politicians like Maxine Waters living high off the tax-payer funded political hog.

The demographic is changing, and Donald Trump is responsible for it. Even the NYT is admitting that the Dems have to get back to the Trump, pre-covid economic boom if they want to succeed.

The problem is: After 4 years of assaults from the liberal media, Democrats, and even Republicans, Donald Trump STILL succeeded. Even if all of the above, and all of us get behind Joe Biden, he will still fail.

This says a lot about who Donald Trump is and why he was elected.

Jan 19, 2021

More and more Republicans are running away from conflict. Democrats don't run away from it because they're the ones creating it. Same goes for the media as well. Nice strategy, keeping things in a constant state of conflict.

We want to solve conflict, not create it. But we certainly shouldn't run from it. We are going to have to start electing officals that won't run from it. But who wants to run for office when you know that is what the Dems have in store for you?

Net effect? People like Mitch McConnell are showing their true colors and will finally be voted out. People that show courage will be supported.

Jan 18, 2021

Please read "The Five Most Obvious Acts of Fraud in the 2020 Election that You Are No Longer Allowed to Discuss" on the Gateway Pundit.

The fact that it is taboo to discuss ELECTION FRAUD means we are really, really close to where the bodies are buried, and probably where they plan to bury them in the future, and it means we need to desecrate their sacred burial grounds every second of every day.

The fact the left is trying to say Trump, Cruz, Hawley, and others incited the Capital violence by claiming ELECTION FRAUD, is a VERY strong indicator it is what liberal tech, media, and Dems fear the most.

The fact that many Republicans weren't objecting to the certification of the electors from those contested states indicates they either never heard (listened to) the evidence OR they are complicit in the ELECTION FRAUD. (Remember, we are getting close to where the bodies are buried!)



Jan 17, 2021

Remember that old song, "Always something there to remind me?" That's why liberals want to get rid of conservatives. Cause as long as we are around, there will always be something there to remind them that they are full or shiii. I'm serious. That's all it is. Like Teddy Roosevelt said, "If you want to anger a conservative, tell him a lie. If you want to anger a liberal, tell him the truth."

Like the impudent Peter Strok, Jack Dorky loves flagging conservative posts regarding election fraud. His flags are really just middle fingers. He's knows there was election fraud. Everyone knows there was. But like Strok, he gets to laugh and say, "So, what ya gonna do about it?"

Keep your Vaseline handy, Jack.

Oh, speaking of something everyone knows. Everyone knows Trump supporters aren't violent. If there were any Trump supporters involved at all in the capital "invasion" it was a micron of those there. Everyone knows violent extremists are perfectly at home in the new Dem party.

So why does the inauguration area look like a high security war zone? Either Dems are afraid of the monsters they've allowed to roost in their party (as they should be), or they are trying to push the narrative of the "domestic terrorists Trumpsters."

So why is it Dems get to lie with impunity (and have for years), and then get to pretend to be outraged by "lies" about election fraud? Maybe Jack should post a disclaimer on Democrat Tweets:

(!) The liberal media has determined that Democrat lies are good for the future of the utopian society.

Jan 15, 2021

On Wednesday Rep. Louie Gohmert read a statement from the House floor:

"I just don’t know why there aren’t more uprisings all over the country and maybe there will be."

Libbys went crazy, one even Tweeting, "What the hell does it take to get expelled from Congress?"

The hilarious part is, Gohmert was reading off Nancy Pelosi’s previous statement on the House floor. Democrats didn't realize Louie was quoting Speaker Pelosi.

Here are a few more of Dems greatest hits:

Rep Aynna Pressley: "There needs to be unrest in the streets".

Rep. Maxine Waters: "And I want to tell you, for these members of his Cabinet who remain and try to defend him, they're not going to be able to go to a restaurant, to be able to stop at a gas station, to be able to shop at a department store."

Sen. Chuck Schumer, "They (SCOTUS Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsich) will never know what hit them."

Prez. Barack Obama: "Get up and get in their faces." "If they bring a knife, you bring a gun." "We will reward our friends and punish our enemies."

Such peace loving people.

Jan 14, 2021

Representative Marjorie Taylor Green from GA said the following regarding the impeachment yesterday from the floor of the House:

Thank you. Madam Speaker I am against the impeachment effort by the Democrats. President Trump has held over six hundred rallies in the last four years. None of them included assaulting police, destroying businesses or burning down cities. Democrats have spent all this time endorsing and enabling violent riots that left billions in property damage and forty-seven dead across the United States. Democrats are on record supporting violence when it serves their cause – in their own words, on social media, on interviews and on fundraising platform ActBlue. Democrats support defunding the police when it’s someone else’s city, someone else’s home and someone else’s business. Democrats will take away everyone’s guns just as long as they have guards with guns. Democrats’ impeachment of President Trump today has now set the standard that they should be removed for their support of violence against the American people. I yield back. Thank you.

She nailed it in 147 words! She was wearing a "Censored" mask while speaking.

Washington Post columnist, Karen Tumulty, tweeted: "The death of irony: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene wears a mask that says "censored" as she speaks into a microphone in the House Chamber on national television."

Hey Karen, "The death of intelligence: She is representing those of us who don't have a microphone in the House Chamber on national TV, a Twitter account anymore, or a printing press."

P.S. Marjorie Taylor Green announced yesterday she'll be introducing Articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden on 1/21/21

Jan 13, 2021

Another article up. So much fraud. So little time.

Just imagine, Dems spent 3 years trying to impeach the president, accusing him of election fraud (with "Russia") and now they want to impeach him for claiming there was election fraud.

Jan 12, 2021

“The greatest movements that we have seen in recent history, have been born out of protest; have been born out of understanding the power of the people, to take to the streets and force their government to address what is wrong.

They’re not gonna stop. This is a movement, I’m telling you, they’re not gonna stop. Everyone beware, because they’re not gonna stop before election day in November, and they’re not gonna stop after. That should be, everyone should take note of that. On both levels, that they’re not gonna let up, and they should not.”

-- President Donald J. Trump (Oops!) "Vice" President Kamala Harris. (Sorry, my mistake.)

And just look at this picture of the violence in Washington D.C. by Trump supporters!

Oops! My mistake again. This picture is of Washington D.C. during the Black Lives Matter protests. Looks great compared to Portland.

Of course, Trump will fry the capital rioters (as he should) while BLM (who caused over 1 Billion in property damage and over 55 deaths) will get bail money and/or a pardon from President Kamala.

Speaking of pardons -- from a Twitter account 3 days ago (that account has now been suspended):

In 1983, Susan Rosenberg planted a bomb outside the US Senate chamber to assassinate Republican senators. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler got Pres. Clinton to pardon Susan Rosenberg. She’s now a board member of Black Lives Matter Network, Inc."

Libby cover-Dems-ass website, Snopes, says that it is not true, but I guess lib Wikipedia didn't get the memo:

"As of 2020, Rosenberg serves as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of Thousand Currents, a non-profit foundation that sponsors the fundraising and does administrative work for the Black Lives Matter Global Network, among other clients."

Many news sites confirm this also.

I don't think I've ever linked to an external article before. But this says it all:

The Consequences of the Capitol Assault
(Hard to believe is was written by Meghan McCain's husband.)

Jan 11, 2021

So let me make sure I understand this: You have the Democrat party that supposedly represents a small percentage of people who have been denied justice (which they have not), and then you have the Republican party, who refuses to represent 75 million people who really didn't get Justice.

Gives new meaning to the words, "and justice for all."

Jan 10, 2021

Another new article up.

One of my favorite parts from the musical Oklahoma illustrates what Dems do on a regular basis:

AUNT ELLER: You'll feel funny when I tell your wife you're carrying on with another woman.

CORD ELAM: I ain't carrying on with no one!

AUNT ELLER: Maybe not, but you'll sure feel funny when I tell your wife you are.

So how about, (former) AG Barr? Is this what happened, or did you even look at the evidence? Maybe you just had a Dem intern look at it for you? How about you Senator Graham? Leoffler? Mitch?

Jan 9, 2021

Biden says, "Enough, enough, enough."

Thank God. It's been almost a year of riots, looting, and "protests." I was wondering when it was going to stop.

But honestly folks, the lefties are the party of BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY; namely, violence. And the media has kept very quiet about it, waiting and hoping for the Right to react.

BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER. Trump supporters aren't violent. They support law and order and our law enforcement; not violence and defunding the police. Sure there are a few "asshole" birds in every flock, but assholes are the norm for the left; the exception for the right.

This has been the strategy of the left for years: blame others of what they are guilty of, and then capitalize on it if/when others actually are guilty of it. (Not that guilt or lack of it ever stopped them from the accusations.)

For years the left claimed their speech was stifled, that they were discriminated against and marginalized. But now we know what their ploy was all along. We see who they really are and what they were really after.

I do not want to stifle the free speech of the left. I want people to SEE and HEAR just who they really are. I like it when people can see all those assholes flocked together. So, please Hollywood, just keep talking.

But the left DOES want to shut their enemies up, for a number of reasons, the greatest being that suppressing speech is the best way to frustrate people and incite violence. AND THEY KNOW IT.

At any rate, lefties, you've shown your true colors. But we will not respond with violence. Real Americans are adaptive and ingenious. I hope and trust that the American ideal of freedom itself has given birth to an indomitable spirit, and that we will find a way around your tyranny.

There are 75 million that voted for Trump, many of them Democrats. And that number doesn't include their many children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren who can't vote yet, but who have been raised with the principles of freedom, liberty, and law and order. There are also many people who want to come to this county who long for freedom. Don't assume, lefties, that they all just want to come here to live on your plantation at the cost of your handouts.

And for your information, support for Donald Trump has gone up since January 6, 2020, not down. Impeach Obi-wan, and he'll only get stronger.

So once again, you've failed. Cancel all you want. And while you are at it, follow your twitter lemmings comrades over the cliff. We know we're out here. We don't need "tweets." We aren't looking for marching orders from "The Donald," or Rush, or Spartacus. WE ARE SPARTACUS. WE ARE RUSH. WE ARE DONALD.

Jan 8, 2021

New article up.

Jan 7, 2021

To (LYING CHEATING) Democrats, it is all about whether they win or lose. POWER.

To us it's about integrity. HONESTY.

What is the remedy? How can voting be the remedy when elections aren't honest. When states don't follow their own laws. And when courts refuse to hear the evidence.

You (ON BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE) have put us all in a very precarious situation.


Jan 2, 2021


Utah wishes they had a Senator like Ted Cruz. Oregon wishes they had a Senator like Mitt Romney.

"At midnight on Election Day, the machine stopped counting. By 3 a.m., Chavez had won by 10 percent." -- Former CIA offical.

Sound familiar?

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