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The left will continue to try and "Russia" their way out of their falling poll numbers.

January 28, 2022

Why The Left Has To Cheat... Again

2016 was a very exciting election because for the first time since Ronald Reagan, those of us who cared about the decline we saw going on in our country could finally push back. 2020 was even more exciting and critical, because not only did we know we could make a difference by voting, but we'd seen from the preceding 4 years what the opposition was capable of to try and stop us.

When we saw the 2020 election stolen right from under us, we weren't surprised, and we didn't get discouraged. We got mad and more determined. And no, we didn't just take our queue from Trump saying the election was stolen, and follow blindly like lemmings. Many of us were ahead of Trump.

We'd listened to hours and hours of testimony (people who worked as poll watchers; people who signed affidavits under penalty of perjury) as to the incredulous thing that happened during the election. We saw what happened in the swing states on election night. We saw election laws changed at the last minute to facilitate cheating, and we've watched all the things that have come out since. But again, we weren't surprised. Just angry and more determined.

I say this both seriously and sarcastically: People like Lindsey Graham were way too busy to take the time we took to look at the evidence. I wonder if Senator Graham even got a watered-down "nothing here" synopsis from his staff of the evidence and testimony we took our time to hear. But our motive in taking our time wasn't just because we wanted Trump to win. Unlike the left, we honestly wanted to know if we'd really lost our country. And the more we looked/look, the more corruption we saw/are seeing.

Because of the fraud we'd seen, there was an army of poll watchers involved in the 2021 Virginia election, and Democrats were a lot more cautious about cheating because of the scrutiny. But I don't think they thought they were going to be trounced like they were. Now they know.

We have put the left... or should I say, the left has put themselves, in a very precarious situation for 2022 and 2024. There will be an army of poll watchers. If they cheat again, they take the chance of getting busted (even though they can use the corrupt media to cover, and the corrupt courts to litigate their way out); but if they don't cheat the price is much higher: everyone will see just how much support there really is for Trump and Trump endorsed candidates. And at that point, I don't think the catch-all "blame Russia" is going to work for Dems anymore.

For now, the left is going to try and "wag the Russian dog" their way out of their falling poll numbers. They will try and fill up the news cycle with SCOTUS confirmation hearings. (Although I think that is going to go more quickly and smoother than they think.) They will continue their phony Jan 6 "investigation." They will do anything and everything they can to try and undermine Trump and his support.

One of their newest angles is constant social media posts from so-called Trump supporters saying they supported Trump, but just can't anymore because blah, blah, blah (never anything of substance). Then they move to, "Trump's too old. We need DeSantis," even though they hate DeSantis just as much as Trump.

The smartest rooz I've seen so far is commenters going off on Trump about his "killer vaccines." This one would probably be effective. But the problem is, the left needs the positive vaccine narrative too badly in order to push masks, and mandates, and more government control. So their predicament is much like their election "to cheat, or not to cheat" dilemma. But if the truth ever comes out about the harm the vaccines are doing to people, the left and their media will quickly shift to calling them Trump's killer vaccines.

But they really aren't vaccines at all. They are treatments, intended for the vulnerable. You could say they are big Pharma's Vaccine$, and their real kick is the kickbacks they bring to the wealthy, especially Fauci and the invested political class.

Trump's part in these so-called vaccines was to bring them in on-time and under-budget, because that is what he does. But, after having to deal with the deceit and venom of the invested political class since he entered politics, I'll bet he's learned a thing or two about who, and who not to trust.


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