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Biden has single handedly revived Russia's power by destroying America's oil industry.

February 18, 2022

Wassup Wit Dat Ukraine?

THE WAY WE WERE (misty watercolor memories)

1) Russia in not a rich county. They have a gross domestic product the size of Italy's, which is not much. The only reason they are considered a world power is because they have the most nukes of any single country in the world and a formidable military. The USA is 2nd in nukes, although they have roughly the same as Russia. And Ukraine used to be third, but they gave up their nukes (destroyed them) by agreement with Russia, the USA, and Great Britain, that Ukraine's territorial integrity would be respected and protected.

2) Gas/Oil is Russia's chief export -- their "life's blood" -- and their economy is completely dependent on it. Ukraine has always been a big trade partner with Russia, and is completely dependent upon Russia for their energy, as is most of Europe.

3) Over the years, Ukraine has moved more towards the west, as investments have been coming into Ukraine from the USA and the EU. This has weakened trade between Russia and Ukraine, but not when it comes to gas and oil.

4) As Ukraine has moved towards the west, they have been pursuing and are being considered for membership into the EU, and therefore, into NATO. Russia is adamantly opposed to this, because they really don't want NATO missiles on the Ukrainian/Russian border (anymore than we want Russian missiles in Cuba).

5) The pipeline that delivers oil from Russia to Ukraine and Europe goes directly through Ukraine. So this has given Ukraine a degree of leverage. But the new pipeline that Russia has been building (NORD2) bypasses Ukraine, which gives Russia a lot more power/control over Ukraine, and gives Ukraine a lot less leverage.

THIS IS IT (make no mistake where you are)

6) Trump prevented Russia from building NORD2 as part of sanctions. And under Trump the USA was a net exporter of energy, which created lots of middle-class jobs in America, and drove down the prices for consumers. But this also drove down the price of oil, which wasn't great for investors, and was horrible for Russia. And this helped us keep Russia in check, and gave us a negotiating tool with Russia.

7) When Biden took office, he allowed Russia to continue NORD2. He also closed down our oil industry in pursuit of the green new deal. This has really hurt middle-class employment, and has driven up prices for the consumer, and has given us the historic inflation rate we are experiencing. Oil is at an all time high, which gives Russia a lot of power, because as I stated above, oil is Russia's life's blood. Biden has single handedly revived Russia's power by destroying America's oil industry.

AFTER THE LOVE IS GONE (what used to be right is wrong)

[Ed. Note 03/04/2022 - Man, was I wrong on this!]

So where are things now? I really don't see Russia going into Ukraine. There is nothing to gain by it. Putin doesn't want to support Ukraine. They've always wanted to have a puppet president in Ukraine, which they don't have now, but I just don't see what he'd have to gain. It would be a bloody war that would last for years. Russian mothers would lose sons, which Putin doesn't need (another Afghanistan).

It is most likely that Putin is parking troops on the border just to pressure Ukraine, the EU, and USA into giving assurances that Ukraine won't join the EU and/or NATO. If Putin actually goes in (for other than a "limited excursion" per Joe Biden's instructions/permission -- which has already been going on since 2014) then Putin loses the leverage he has now.

Putin has had many troops on the border since Crimea/Donbass and the Obama Administration. Joe is conveniently forgetting this, to hype imminent war, and to give the media news cycle something else to talk about other than his falling poll numbers, the Durham report, the Virginia election, the San Francisco school board recall, the attempted assassination of a Democrat mayor by a Democrat BLM star, etc., etc., etc.

There is also the likelihood that Biden is hyping this to make sure Ukraine keeps silent about Burisma and other Hunter money laundering operations. Joe has already openly threatened a Ukrainian president to fire the prosecutor investigating Hunter by withholding funds/USA support. Why wouldn't he do it again? In Biden's last speech he kept referring of the bloody costs of war to Ukraine, but not to Russia; it was almost like he was threatening Ukraine, not Russia.

I think Ukraine and Russia will work out an agreement, in spite of Biden. But it's almost as though Biden and the media doesn't want that. They keep yelling "Putin is going to invade any day!!!"

The Democrat motto is, "Never let a good crisis go to waste." And considering most believe the Republicans are taking back the house and the senate this November, this just seems to be using the crisis as a deflection.

LET'S GIVE 'EM SOMETHIN' TO TALK ABOUT (how about... war!)

Something no one wants to talk about: One of the main reason Ukraine isn't already in the EU is because they won't adopt the "gay rights" provisions of the EU. They are very traditional and believe in husband, wife, and family, and they don't want this stuff shoved down their throats. Obama was REALLY pushing this in Ukraine during his administration. Ukraine doesn't want to adopt these measures, but they also don't want to be run by Russia or Russian puppets either.

CRIMEA: Russia got their rent-free naval base by taking over Crimea. And though a majority in Crimea were opposed to the Russian takeover of Crimea, there were still a good number of Crimeans who have always wanted to return to Russia, and have bellyached about Ukrainian rule since Nikita Khrushchev's 1953 card game that gave Crimea to Ukraine.

Many of the people who wanted to be part of Russia were in the "right positions" in Crimean government when Russia took over Ukraine and/or were installed afterwards. The common attitude among them is, "Kiev is just a bunch of gays." The attitude of Crimea being Russian, or at least independent of Ukraine, has managed to be passed down to some young people in Crimea as well.

DONBASS: Those in the conflict area of Donbas on Russia's border, think things would be better under Russia; that Russia would take care of them (handouts). But any country that has bought into this has learned that when Russia comes in, the mayors end up driving limos, while the people end up unemployed, poor, and starving (like in South Ossetia).

The issues are very similar to those we have USA, and have been throughout history -- the haves and the have-nots, and those who promise the have-not "victims" to solve their problems while making money off of perpetuating their problems.

Same ol same ol.


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