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If Biden offends the Church of Green Energy, Democrats will become extinct.

March 7, 2022

Wassup Wit Dat Ukraine? Part два/2

Well, I was wrong. Putin did it. I should have read the writing on the wall -- Georgia (Bush), South Ossetia (Bush), Crimea (Obama), Donbass (Obama), Ukraine. (Biden). (Hum? Trump's name is mysteriously missing.)

When Putin invaded Crimea on February 20, 2014, gas prices were almost to the penny of where they were last week when the invasion of Ukraine began. If Biden and Democrats were to do the one thing necessary to end the fueling of Putin's war, they know they would alienate those worshiping at the green altar. They would lose their power, and the Dem party could become extinct.

So with Democrats in charge, there is little or no chance of making America energy-independent again, or of making us a net exporter of energy again to help the rest of the world get off the teats of Russia. So the best plan that Dems have is, "Make Iran/Saudi Arabia/Venezuela Great Again." Apparently, foreign oil doesn't cause climate change.

There is a worldwide epidemic of leaders ruling against the will of the majority of its people. The Russian people do not want this war (those who even know it is happening). The Ukrainian people do not want this war. The people of Europe do not want this war. The people of the USA don't want this war. It seems like the only people who do want it are the leaders, and no leader will suffer because of this war, except the one risking his life for his country's existence -- Zelenskyy.

Rulers all across the world are using labels like Nazis, terrorists, supremacists, and insurrectionists to go after anyone who opposes their tyrannical rule. The obvious motives are the same -- money and power. But now there is a "because we can" impudence accompanying all this.

Obama gave Putin lots of money. Biden is giving Putin lots of money. Money isn't power in and of itself. But it can be IF you make the right decisions regarding what to do with it. As the saying goes, "buy land," and Putin is using his military to "buy" land from people who don't want to sell it. Because he can. And China is now allied with Russia to help in this expansion. No doubt, Taiwan and other former Soviet countries will be next. And then what?

If there is another election this November (no, I'm not being hyperbolic), Democrats are going to suffer a humiliating defeat, and they know it. As Democrat strategist, James Carville, has always said, "It's the economy, stupid." Runaway inflation is the same thing that ended Jimmy Carter's presidency, giving Reagan 44 states against Carter in 1980. The Reagan economy was so robust, he won 49 states in 1984 -- every state except for Mondale's home state of Minnesota. (For some real lessons in comedy, read some of the things Dems have said to try and explain away Reagan's wins.)

Putin isn't looking for an off ramp. His end game is to win. He doesn't need provocation to attack anyone. He'll just make up a reason if he wants to attack someone. He knew Obama wouldn't do anything to stop him. He knows Biden won't do anything to stop him. And now with China having his back, he just might be willing to assist the Democrats in their goal of destroying America, to make sure the 2022/2024 elections don't happen.

Maybe what Biden has been saying all along is, "Hey Russia. If you're listening..." Sounds like Russian collusion to me.


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