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Lawfully, Russia must either get out of Ukraine, or give them back their nukes.

April 2, 2022

Wassup Wit Dat Ukraine? Part три/3

The idea that eastern Ukraine was pro-Russian before its 2014 invasion is a misnomer. But I certainly understand why people believe that, because we all have access to the same information sources, from main stream media, Fox media, and alternative media.

My (wife's) family and friends -- all Russian speaking -- are from all over central and eastern Ukraine and Crimea. These are the very people Putin is supposedly "rescuing," and they don't feel rescued at all. Nor did they feel recued when strangers started showing up in their communities pre-2014 and taking over key positions, and mayors were suddenly driving really nice cars (the same tactic used in Georgia and South Ossetia). A lot of the info that came out in 2014 about the Russia/Ukraine situation was verifiable. Now it's like untangling spaghetti.

The UN Refugee Agency reported on February 6th, 2015 that 978,321 [79%] refugees from Donbass had chosen to take refuge in other parts of Ukraine, while only 264,777 [21%] refugees had moved to Russia. During a humanitarian evacuation of Debaltseve, 600 [95%] people reportedly took refuge in other parts of Ukraine, while 30 [5%] chose to take refuge in Russia.

So the fact that Russian speaking Ukrainians, or as Mr. Putin likes to call them, "Ethnic Russians," chose to go to other parts of Ukraine rather than Russia (to escape Ukrainian "Nazis"), strongly supports my on-the-ground reports. Those still left in the Donbass either have no place to go, or probably are supportive of Russia. But that doesn't justify the breaking of Russia's 1994 nuke/territorial agreement.

The element that I always look to find "the poison in the food" is LAWLESSNESS. When a person doesn't respect the greater -- the laws of God, they won't respect the lesser -- the laws of man (though they may pretend to while simply finding a way around them to GET WHAT THEY WANT.)

Divine laws grow from divine love -- out of the creator's love for individuals, "This is the Way. Walk in it, and be blessed."

But human laws grow out of the experience of, "If we hurt each other, we destroy each other. So this is not good for either of us." Agreements are based on this. If they are not honored, lawlessness ensues, and destruction follows.

Laws are simply borders -- areas of domain that we have agreed to live within to exercise our God given rights so as to not violate the rights of others. Basically, the golden rule. Free and honest trade grows from this rule.

The United States of America was built on the rule of law and the recognition of BOTTOM UP sovereignty -- individual (creator endowed) rights, then family, then community, state, national -- by the consent of the governed. TOP DOWN government is godless tyranny.

Creator endowed right do not recognize "ethnicity." So for a national sovereignty to be just, it must not either. National borders are defined by the agreement of the people calling themselves a nation. They have the right to enforce their borders.

Russia agreed to Ukraine's national borders and territorial integrity by agreement in 1994 (but many times before that as well). If they simply made this agreement under the pretense of getting Ukraine to give up its nukes, then they violated the spirit of the agreement and are in violation of that agreement. So either get out of their territory, or give them back their nukes.

The invasion of a sovereign nation is lawlessness. Putin is simply coming back 30 years after the divorce saying he doesn't like the divorce decree. He has no legal basis to do this.

This is why the whole "Putin is protecting ethic Russians" argument is total RLM (Russian Lives Matter) bullshiii. If not, Africa must immediately violate America's sovereignty and rescue its "oppressed ethnic" population from Dem run city in the USA. Mexico too.

Now, if things are indeed going poorly for Russia in Ukraine, then we'll see a shift back to Donbass and Crimea and the narrative used there in 2014 -- protecting "Ethnic Russians" from "Ukrainian Nazis."

So many problems with this, but of course the biggest is the violation of Ukraine's national sovereignty. LAWS AND BORDERS. And Putin keeps using this narrative to gain territory -- Georgia, South Ossetia, Crimea, etc. He sends in operatives to stir the "separatist freedom fighter" stuff, and when countries try to defend their sovereignty in these areas, he claims the "ethnic population" is being abused.

Please keep in mind that our own civil war was about economics and ultimately over secession, not slavery. The south tried to do a Crimea type referendum with only the southern vote, rather than a constitutional all-state ratification. As much as I'd like to see California secede, it will probably never happen constitutionally because of the economics.

The idea of Crimea or Donbass directing its own referendum, let alone one conducted by Russia, is absurd. Ukraine must not settle for anything less than a complete restoration of its territory. Then from that point, ALL Ukrainians can decide if Crimea and/or Donbass must stay or be jettisoned.


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