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Whatever freedoms our government wants to take away, it is ultimately to prevent us from delivering the Truth that makes people free!

September 2, 2022

Wassup Wit Dat Ukraine? The Final Chapter?

There are only two great spiritual forces. And what we are seeing playing out on the world stage is the battle between the two. So, why we try to break it down by political white hat/black hat, the forces of evil play across the spectrum, hoping we will become part of the problem.

The Kings of the earth have set themselves up against the Lord and His Christ. The corruption we see in the USA, Ukraine, Russia, China, and all over the world is a unified effort to get rid of God, His word, and His people – IN EVERY COUNTRY!

I understand the history and politics involved in the Ukraine/Russia conflict. But from a spiritual point of view, Russia is the USSR all over again. The government is allying with the Russian Orthodox church to stomp out the huge insurgence of Christian evangelicalism that has been spreading like wildfire in Russia and Ukraine over the last 1 to 2 decades. They want "Church-anity" and the power of the government allied in a single state religion.

China's evangelical movement is 30 years old now, but the CCP can't stop it, because they have no membership, and no leader but Christ.

We see the same thing playing out in the USA as our government becomes more tyrannical every day. We know that whatever freedoms they want to take away from us, it is ultimately to get rid of our ability to deliver the TRUTH THAT MAKES MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN FREE!

The lawlessness that is rampant today in our country and in the world is only aiding and abetting its destruction.

The 1994 Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances wasn’t kept by any of the signatories (Russia, USA, Great Britain, and Ukraine), except for Ukraine.

The 2014 Minsk Agreements weren’t kept by anyone, including Ukraine (according to Russia).

So just how will there be any resolve in the future on Ukraine or the violation of anyone’s sovereign borders?

The so-called “International Community” is not going to enforce any agreements. Russia isn’t going to keep any. China isn’t going to. In fact, unkept agreements are to their advantage. And our current president and his party are profiting and gaining power through this lawlessness.

So just how does this lawlessness end, aside from removing the patient from the cancer, and letting the cancer eat itself?

Eventually, it’s going to be wash day – the day that God Almighty will be doing the laundry. This will be a joyous time for some; for others not so much. But until that day, there must be a return to sanity, law and order, and a purge of the corruption that is rotting culture, education, and the legal and political systems. And only people with the spirit of power, and of love, and of a sound mind, can facilitate that.


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