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Dec 23, 2022

1) Republicans are cheating. They stole the election.
2) Republicans are practicing voter suppression.
3) We aren't cheating
4) Sure we are cheating. So what ya gonna do about it?

Dec 23, 2022

Donald Trump was bad for the business of war. Even though he spent more on defense/military, it was to solve defense problems, not to prolong them for the purpose of making money.

With an economy the size of Italy's, Russia will not win in Ukraine. Instead, the Biden, McConnell, Schumer, Pelosi, Cheney machine will outspend and out-supply Russia, not for the purpose of winning, but for the purpose of prolonging and profiting. And all that profit will go back into the Dem/rino party to keep the establishment war machine in business.

There is no way this $ war machine is not connected to election "integrity."

Dec 22, 2022

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO)
Sen. John Boozman (R-AR)
Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV)
Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME)
Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX)
Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR)
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)
Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK)
Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)
Sen. Jerry Moran (R-KS)
Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)
Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH)
Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT)
Sen. Mike Rounds (R-SD)
Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL)
Sen. John Thune (R-SD)
Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS)
Sen. Todd Young (R-IN)

Three Republican senators — John Barrasso (R-WY), Richard Burr (R-NC), and Kevin Cramer (R-ND) — were not there to vote on the titanic piece of legislation.

Dec 17, 2022

Russia, a country with an economy the size of Italy's, annihilating their own economy and depleting their own military, while annihilating a country with an even smaller military and economy.

Who's winning again?

Nov 23, 2022

If the Hobb's machine knew that they were going to win, or even win by a small margin, there would have been no need for such an absolutely catastrophic smokescreen.

Lake (and others) must have cleaned their clocks, probably by at least 6. (The cheaters kept it as close as they could, giving Hobbs just enough of a razor's edge lead to not trigger a recount. This was being watched and controlled very tightly.)

And for you stupid Republicans who say we just need to move on and learn to cheat/ballot harvest like the Dems... bullshiii. WE NEED TO FIX THIS SHIII IN A UNITED EFFORT. Do you hear me, Mike Penis?

Oh, and Fox News is complicit in this cover up. They are not on the side of Saving America.

Nov 22, 2022

Ukraine has always been the money laundering machine for Russia and the USA, and the two have fought over the machine for years. But the problem is (and this article ignores) that the blood of innocent Ukrainian people is being used as the laundry detergent. It ignores the invasion of a sovereign nation by a KGB/USSR enthusiast who has a habit of invading and annexing sovereign nations.

But in many ways, the USA is far more corrupt than Ukraine, as a majority or near majority (aided by fraud) supported a fraudulent election and are supporting a fraudulent pResident (as shown by our midterms). The vast majority of corruption in Ukraine is a narrow band at the top (in government), while the vast majority of Ukrainians (unlike liberal America) are good, decent people, who are very akin to decent Americans. They are very tradition/family, very much opposed to homosexuality, and who know their government is corrupt (like we do) but can't get the corruption out of office because of corrupt elections.

However we view Zelenskyy, the majority of the Ukrainian people actually voted for him because they thought that he would be their "Trump" and would root out this corruption.

This war is useless and annalistic. It ignores national borders and former treaties. It never would have happened under Trump, because Trump would have brought it to Moscow. He told Putin that, and Putin knew he not only had the political will to do so, but the competency to win. Putin also knows Biden has neither. So whatever Putin's pretense, he is advancing, just like he did under Bush and Obama.

Nov 21, 2022

There's something happening here
What it is ain't exactly clear
But there's a girl with a d**k in our school
Tellin me that he's really a girl

Think it's time we stop children, What's that sound
Everybody look what's hangin down

Nov 20, 2022

This morning after breakfast my wife told our 6 year old to go wash her hands. She went into the bathroom. We heard no water run. She came back to the table.

My wife told her, "Go wash your hands!"

My daughter replied, "I did."

My wife said, "You are lying."

My daughter said, "YOU don't know that."

My daughter has a bright future in Dem election "security." They know they cheated. We know they cheated. But they don't think we can prove it. And they'll be doing everything they can to make sure we don't get the chance to prove it.

Nov 19, 2022

Is the deep state trying to take both Trump AND Biden out so they can do a reset and introduce their new candidates on both sides -- ones they can own on BOTH sides?

And then all the politic-wearied wusses can say, "Oh, happy, happy. We're a brand new country!"

Or more likely, they are just trying to create as much confusion as they can, by sending up as much flack as they can, and as many smoke screens as they can -- just like they did in the Arizona election!. (Where there is confusion there is every evil work.)

The NYT has announce that the DOJ is opening an investigation into the Taylor Swift Ticketmaster debacle. The Ohio AG is doing the same.

Good thing. We wouldn't want them to waste time on the AZ election debacle at the expense of Taylor Swift. I mean, after all, we have the future of America to look after.

Nov 18, 2022

Honestly, what good does it do for us to take the House, and even the Senate, if the Republicans we put in office don't push back against/stop what's happening, and just vote with Dems to "get something done." In fact, it's even worse, because then Republicans get blamed for the miserable situations that result, instead of Democrats.

But I'm not really sure it makes a difference anyway, since we've been through 2 years of this shiii and people still voted for Democrats. Or did they?

Are they just better at "getting out the vote" and ballot harvesting, or is there really massive widespread election fraud, and maybe even some/much of it coming from foreign actors (hint: Chi-na) or even our own three letter agencies? Even Dems seemed surprised at the results of last week's elections.

Why are those who have brought out evidence of election fraud being politically persecuted, even (like Jovan Pulitzer, Rudy Giuliani, and others) having their lives threatened?

1) Just typical leftist hatred?

2) Because they are over the target?

3) Because the left wants them to THINK they are onto something, and waste their/our time going down a rabbit hole?

Many of us have lots of questions, and it seems no one even wants to talk about it.

And how about those who are being politically persecuted and threatened for supporting President Trump? those who have risked their "Lives, Fortunes, And Sacred Honor" in doing so?

1) Is it just lefty, TDS haters?

2) the uniparty being truly afraid of a President Trump?

3) or, the uniparty just trying to get us to go down the "unelectable" rabbit hole?

If the left isn't fighting against our pick for president, then we probably have picked the wrong candidate. But are they really trying to get us to go down a rabbit hole, like some have suggested?

There are lots of smart guys on the radio, but they don't have talent on loan from God'D. And that wisdom makes all the difference. And I think that's the problem we have: a lot of really smart people who have no idea in h*** what is going on, but it's their job to get on the radio and pretend they do for 3 hours a day.

Rush said for years that Democrats don't want elections; don't even think we should have elections. Oh, sure, we will have them, but they will be irrelevant - just "for show."

We may be in that post-election period, and I'm not just referring to the midterms. (I pray I am wrong.)

Truth is, there is a lot of flack flying out there. Hope we (including the smart guys on the radio) are over the target.

If after two years of the most disastrous administration in our history, people STILL voted for Dems, then we either have an insane nation, or our elections are a complete fraud.

Polling indicates that if people would have known about Hunter's laptop, 6% would not have voted for Joe Biden in 2020. So, if elections really are fair and honest, then this would have flipped that election. Right?

But seriously, if the FBI/media were honest, and everyone knew about Hunter's laptop, Ashley Biden's diary, etc., would it have made a difference in last week's midterms? in the Fetterman election? (HA!)

Rush said that there is a possibility that Hunter wanted his laptop to be found, to get back at the big guy, because he was resentful of having to support the Biden crime family all those years. Of course, maybe Hunter has had a change of heart now, seeing his dad can get away with murder.

Like I said, we either have an insane nation, or our elections are a complete fraud.

The reason the left wants to talk about insurrection and the end of democracy so much, is: so they can capitalize on the subject before we bring it up. This is to deflect from the fact that we have already had an insurrection and the "end of democracy" has already taken place.

That's why they were/are absolutely giddy over Jan 6th. (Listen to Rush's Jan 7th, 2021 show - "ONE WRONG MOVE." They were just waiting. Planning. Ready to spring the trap.)

Nov 17, 2022

In the midterms, Republicans SMASH it in Red states. But we also smashed it in BLUES STATES AS WELL! But in Purple/Swing states? Fizzle.

Doesn't anyone but me find that a little suspicious?

Something that continues to amaze me was Rush's love for what he did, for his audience, and for this country. He could have just retired when he went deaf. He certainly had the money to do so. He could have just retired when, as he put it, he learned he had "an expiration date." But he didn't. He fought till the very end.

And this reminds me so much of Trump, of what he did and continues to do, because he loves this country and its people.

(Did you happen to notice what a great relationship Rush and Trump had?)

So all you people who are all butt hurt because you can't suck D.C. for your livelihood anymore. Get used to it.

Nov 16, 2022

Drain the swamp. Separate the wheat from the chaff.

Nov 15, 2022

Election fraud seems to be the unspeakable subject by Fox and others since Jan 6th.

Clay and Buck have been saying that we just have to find ways to turnout the vote to overcome any voter shenanigans the left pulls, and that Trump needs to just move on from 2020. And yet, they won't even entertain the idea that the cheat may be so nefarious and variegated as to NOT be overcomeable, BECAUSE IT IS A DYNAMIC SYSTEM.

This is not just me saying this. People like Jovan Pulitzer and many others in banking forensics and data analytics are saying the same thing.

President Trump cannot, and should not give up 2020, nor AZ or NV until we PROVE exactly what happened and fix it, and people go to jail for it.

We don't just MOVE ON. The left have tried for 7 years to "find" a crime to pin on Trump, but ignore Joe/Hunter's crimes and election fraud and election laws broken that they don't even have to look for. It's in plain sight.

Ron DeSantis is a good guy. But the people stroking his ego (Lefty media, Murdoch, Fox, Obama money backers, never-Trumpers, Lincoln project) don't give a crap bout him. And I hate to think of what they will do with him when they are done with him.

I don't believe President Trump ran for personal ambition. Maybe for a personal challenge, yes. But there is no doubt in my mind that he loves this country and wanted to use the skills he's honed in business to help our country.

He's taken a lot of shiii for us; stuff DeSantis could never handle. Of course, if Ron cuddles up to the right people, and makes the right compromises, he never will have to handle it.

Don't fall for it, Ron. Don't fall for it, people.

Nov 14, 2022

Before Trump, we had millions of non-voting Republicans who couldn't be loyal to the party, because the people they elected were never loyal to them. But in 2016 we elected a pragmatic president that embraced the conservative, America First agenda, and was loyal to those who elected him. And he continues to be. And the party continues to grow.

So, do you really think we are going back to letting the establishment pick our candidates for us?

Nov 13, 2022

Truth be told, Dems take advantage of the problems we have in our country (homelessness, drugs, etc.) to gain power. But even if they wanted to actually FIX the problems, they haven't an idea in hell how to.

And when I thought about that, I realized why they are pushing the phony "insurrection" narrative so much. It's because they know that if we had a REAL insurrection, those of us who are competent would succeed at it.

In fact, the left is SO incompetent, that the Antifa/BLM "insurrection" didn't succeed even with law enforcement not being allowed to stop them, even though they killed 40 some people and did around 2 billion in damage. (In all fairness, police weren't allowed to stop people from taking selfies in the Capitol, either.)

WE DO NOT WANT AN INSURRECTION! We want law and order. The left only wants law and order to the end that it allows them to control their political enemies. THIS MUST STOP!

Here is this week's never-Trump media (including Fox) narrative: “Maybe Republicans will finally learn, if they aren’t serious about policy, they’ll nominate Trump in 2024 and lose a fourth straight election.”

Rush warned us about this narrative for years. As he said, "The Republican party has always hated it's conservative base."

And they do this while pretending to be the REAL conservatives. They ARE, and always have been the problem. It's all about protecting the D.C. club, and they would rather have Dems win than give up this club.

They would rather pretend to be conservative, and peacefully co-exist with those who are destroying our country, than stop it. And when the leftist tide overwhelms us, they will simply switch parties to save their own sorry skins.

Nov 12, 2022

All we are asking for is CHEAT-PROOF elections. Who could possibly NOT want this? Don't answer. We know.

Incompetence creates confusion, which creates opportunities for mischief.

Once the miscreants realize this, they encourage this condition; even feign incompetence to maintain this condition.

Polls show a LOT of single women showed up to vote Dem, revved up by "my body, my choice."

Because we looked at polls that said only 6% were concern about abortion, we completely neglected the issue, instead of making clear that the matter simply moved to the states.

BUT, don't overlook this: You had Lindsay Graham out pushing a national abortion ban, when he KNEW most Americans don't support this, and he must have known it would bring out the vote for Dems. He is either stupid, or he did this ON PURPOSE to protect the club. (Probably the same way he was trying to protect the war machine and start WW3 by publically saying we should assassinate Putin.)

Nov 11, 2022

There is no Democratic party left, because there's nothing democratic about it anymore. It has been taken over by "any means necessary" leftists.

We now have a constitutional party and an unconstitutional party. They became the unconstitutional party a little bit at a time, mainly by saying, it was simply a difference in "interpretation," as they got further and further from the intended meaning of the agreement. Now they're 180 degrees, saying we should get rid of the useless, racist document altogether.

The chances of restoring the party are slim to none considering it is being further inhabited by a new generation of neurotics, many of them single females, who would destroy the human race to signal their liberal virtue.

Nov 10, 2022

Young Z women the strongest breaking group for Dems, and abortion is their main issue. I'd tell our side to get off of the abortion issue and let liberals abort themselves. But libs wouldn't care, because they want to control it for EVERYBODY, not just their body.

If you tell them anyone can go to another state to get an abortion, they scream about how expensive that would be, but don't seem to mind paying $5-6 a gallon of gas or 13% more for food. Truth is, the abortion would be free. The gas to get their is what would break the bank.

It is a religion. And I have no doubt that many liberal women have gotten pregnant on purpose just so they could have an abortion to virtue signal their liberal sacrifice for the cause... 'er, club.

Nov 9, 2022

Three years of unprecedented prosperity, economic growth, and peace...

Then, a year of lockdowns, and two years of runaway inflation, military blunders, open borders, out of control crime, political weaponization of institutions against citizens...

And people voted for MORE of this?!?!

People have either lost their minds or Chi-na is far more involved in our elections than we can possibly realize.

And now everyone (including suprised Dems) is out saying, "Oh, the polls were so wrong." But were the polls wrong? Unless the polls were done in China, they were probably a more accurate than the election results.

No one believes what is happening, on EITHER side. No one in their right mind would want more of the last two-three years to avoid mean tweets and to insure kids can chop off their genitals.

Beijing, we have a problem.

Will one of the duties of the 87,000 armed IRS agents be to tax/arrest election deniers?

If our new Congress tries to defund this Gestapo, the establishment apparatus will blame them for shutting down the government, go after them and their families, and completely eliminate any opposition next election cycle.

I wonder if the brave patriots we are electing realize they are headed for martyrdom? as are many of us.

Nov 8, 2022

I used to live in a heavily Democrat precinct. Let's put it this way: If Joe Biden was right when he said, "If you don't vote for me, then you ain't black," then everyone there, election workers and poll watchers, voted for Joe Biden. Should I suspect voter shenanigans in precincts like these? Especially when votes aren't counted for days!

A lot of Blacks and Hispanics are waking up and voting Republican. But in some ways, I hope they don't switch parties, because they'd be more useful as honest Dem poll watchers. Because you can bet the Dems are putting faux "Republicans" in as poll watchers.

I'm for CLEAN voter rolls and REDUNDANT counting systems (for the purpose of meaningful audits). Because if we go to paper ballots only, Dem will eventually learn how to game those also.

Some of you are probably too young to remember when Dems were the "election deniers." But, in 2005 a bipartisan commission on election integrity, co-chaired by former Democratic President Jimmy Carter and former Republican Secretary of State James Baker, made 87 recommendations. Among those recommendations were these:

1) Require Voter ID
2) Eliminate Mail-In and Absentee Ballot Risks
3) Avoiding Duplicate Registration Across State Lines
4) Require Election Observers for Integrity
5) Require Reliable Voting Machines
6) Stop Media from "Calling" Elections
7) Aggressively Prosecute Voter Fraud

Their report was supposed to serve as a roadmap to election integrity. Democrats use it as a roadmap to commit election fraud. WE HAVE TO FIX THIS SHIIII!

Nov 7, 2022


Nov 6, 2022


From the Red Tsunami, to the Blood Moon this Tuesday...

Dems are "projecting" we will be violent if we lose on Tuesday. But I'm more concerned about what they'll do when THEY lose? Suddenly "election denying" and "insurrection" will be in-style. And they won't be taking selfies in Speedos and Viking hats.

Considering the bad forecast for Dems on Tuesday, maybe Joe will do a wag-the-dog Nuclear War on Monday. Don't put it past him.

Let's hope that Blood Red moon isn't an ominous warning of the end.

But there is ONE chance for Democrats to have a landslide victory on Tuesday - if the Church of Jesus Christ is gathered together with the Lord before Tuesday. That would put a serious dent in Republican turn-out on Tuesday! ;-)

Nov 5, 2022


The D.C. club ALL has dirt on each other. That's how they function. Hillary broke the rules in 2008 when she "spilled" the picture of Obama in Muslim garb, and Obama's birth cert. They simply came back with, "Stand down, Hillary, or we'll tell the world about xyz."

Trump wasn't part of the club, but it is very interesting to me that NBC saved the "pu**y" tape on Trump, just in case they should ever need something on him. When releasing that didn't work, Hillary and the club had to make up Russia, Russia, Russia.

Hopefully we are sending more and more people to D.C. that don't and won't play the game. We must drain the swamp. Then our biggest challenge will be to stay awake, involved, and keeping it drained, or it will go right back to where it was. It's just the nature of the BEAST (literally).

Nov 4, 2022


Ultra-Lib Washington Post calling for Biden and Harris to drop out of the 2024 race, saying they have proven their incompetence!!!

Of course, we know why they are doing this:

1) They see the deep state tricks aren't working to take out Trump for 2024.

2) They know Biden/Harris cannot beat Trump.

3) They want the Dem party to have HOPE by grooming someone who they think CAN beat Trump, because if Dems don't get some hope, and get it SOON, they know the party is going to lose momentum, more and more people will move toward the America First movement, and the Dem party will go the way of the Whigs.

Nov 3, 2022


One party wants to work and build things, while the other party wants to TAKE those things. And the leader's of that band of thieves take the lion's share for themselves, then hand out crumbs in exchange for votes.

Guess the people who are getting stolen from are finally waking up.

Dems are so desperate about this coming Tuesday that they are just throwing anything they can grab. Kitchen sink, old tires, bags of Cheetos, you name it.

Joe and Hillary are going with the "threat to Democracy" narrative. Bill Clinton brought the "Republicans will get rid of Social Security" out of the 1990s attic; Nancy Pelosi, the 1990s "for the children" narrative. Don't be surprised if they bring out the "Republicans will cut school lunches." (Why are we taxpayers funding those again?)

This desperation is funny, pathetic, and revealing, all at the same time.

Nov 2, 2022


We have no choice right now but to out-vote their cheat on Tuesday. I think we will succeed, but Dems will have to go big (cheat big) or go home (regroup and fight another day). Because, if you shoot at the king (WE THE PEOPLE), you'd better not miss.

The fact that Dems will probably choose to cheat, and cheat BIG, rather than fight another day, leaves them more vulnerable than ever before to getting caught. And remember, China has an interest in this election too, so Dems are being helped in ways they don't even know about.

Any way you look at it, we are going to take back the house and Senate, but some races will be recounted/litigated for days/weeks, and some races that we lose, we may actually have won.

We have to drain this corrupt swamp.

Nov 1, 2022


“The more eyes that we have on this election, the more comfortable people will be,” Shuppe said.

You mean: The more comfortable HONEST people will be. Dems will be squirming in their pants.

Oct 31, 2022


Many in Europe now think they should get out of NATO, saying Russian sanctions backfired. But something really horrible is happening here, and I think only us older people recognize it.

There was a time we could have had a working capitalistic relationship with Russia, thereby preventing the reconstitution of the USSR. This is what Trump wanted. But he didn't withdraw from NATO, but instead made them pay their dues, knowing this pressure/deterrent would be necessary to seal the deal. He did not want Russia to invade Ukraine, and told Putin so in no uncertain terms. (He pretty much did the same thing with North Korea, trying to get Kim to see what his country COULD be. Remember : Condos on the beach?)

Sanctions backfired, but what a weak Europe is doing will backfire too.

Trump had a plan. The globalists/Biden sabotaged it by destroying our energy independence.

Oct 30, 2022


It seems to me that there are 4 types of corporations:

1) Corporations that truly embrace "woke-ism." (They will go broke.)

2) Corporations that pretend they embrace "woke-isim." (To protect their asses/assets)

3) Corporations that are non-political (or at least are very quiet).

4) Corporations that are awake and are openly pushing back against the enemy at the gates.

I think most of us would have preferred #3. But we know that those days are gone. The #1s will never be happy unless the #3s kneel.

#1 and #2 oppose themselves. #1 will crater. #2 will crater if it doesn't wake up.

#3 and #4 are probably the only ones that will survive.

Oct 29, 2022


Oct 28, 2022 - November elections in 11 days.

One of the top psychologies Dems use to persuade is peer pressure. The week before the 2012 election, Obama put out an ad on TV entitled, “What Would Your Friends Think?” implying that you are a uncaring "racist" if you don't vote for him.

An example of this being employed in this midterm is publishing "influence" polls suggesting that Republicans are splitting tickets. An example of this is in Ohio: "People are voting for Republican Mike DeWine, but splitting the ticket down ballot to vote for Tim Ryan."

This just isn't true... UNLESS... you are a person that is easily influenced by the peer pressure and wants to "fit in" and then... viola.. magic -- Dems have harvested you.

Whenever I hear anybody speak or write about any subject, I always think of "poisons" and "filters." Filters affect the subjects one thinks they shouldn't say, even if they think them; Poisons influence attitudes, and therefore affect the angle with which they present subjects.

The most common "poison" today is TDS - Trump Derangement Syndrome. It is full blown on the left, but many on "our side" are carriers -- especially those at Fox, where they filter what they'd REALLY like to say about Trump. So even what they do get right is still poisoned/out of kilter.

One of the major things they get wrong is to classify Trump supporters as "populists." I think they are wrong. We don't really believe the America First Movement is about populism, but more of a recognition that our candidates have been chosen BY the DC club FROM the DC club, and not from or by WE THE PEOPLE. And the media (including Fox) is incestuously tied up in this DC club. They are married to politicians or strategists and so forth.

Oct 27, 2022 - November elections in 12 days.

These computers aren't capable of being connected to the internet.

These computers aren't connected to the internet.

What difference does it make if these computers are connected to the internet?

We must have computers, and these computers MUST be connected to the internet, or it is the end of democracy... and it is racist!

While claiming to be for "rights," liberals have found a way to turn selfishness and lawless behavior into a "right." There's not a doubt in my mind that many liberal young women have deliberately gotten pregnant, so that they could get an abortion, so they could virtue signal.

So, abortion isn't really about a woman's right to choose on the left, but about liberalizing society for other purposes. It's a part of a total agenda package; frivolous, capricious, willy-nilly behavior, packaged as freedom, for the purpose of promoting lawlessness. And that is about power, not about care from or for the individual.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? OR death, enslavement, and misery - on everyone.

Oct 26, 2022 - November elections in 13 days.

This election better be a landslide, or there is either mass insanity or mass cheating.

(Liberals shouted "cheating" and "insanity" when Trump was elected, but couldn't provide proof/examples of either; whereas, we can detail both on the part of the left.)

Oct 25, 2022 - November elections in 14 days.

And now a recent message from failed presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton:

“There’s something keeping me up at night… We’re all focused on the 2022 midterm elections. We also have to look ahead. Right wing extremists already have a plan to literally steal the next presidential election and they’re not making a secret of it,” Clinton warned.

Yes, Hillary. We were planning on hiring MULES to ballot traffic, but unfortunately, Dems have already hired them all.

Oh well, maybe we'll try again in 2028.

(Wouldn't it be just absolute poetic justice, for this woman to pass away with Donald Trump in The White House, Trump Republicans controlling both the House and the Senate, and Bill finally happy with a new wife? Oh, and the cherry on top? One or two more conservative Supreme Court Justices.)

(And don't say I'm being harsh. This is the same woman that announced her new podcast on the day of (or day after) Rush's death, on the same station Rush's show was on, DURING HIS SHOW.)

And now a recent message from failed human being, Liz Cheney:

“I think the party has to come back from where we are right now, which is a dangerous and toxic place, or the party will splinter, and there will be a new conservative party that rises if Donald Trump is the nominee of the Republican Party, the party will shatter, and there will be a conservative party that rises in its place.”

Conservative, Liz? Rush said, "The Republican Party has always hated its conservative base." YOU are that Republican party, Liz; you and Mitch, and Mitt, and Lisa, and Susan, and a bunch others just like you -- YOU are the ones Rush was talking about!

Because of that, the conservative base (that's US!) is supporting candidates that not only embrace the conservative base, but are from it.

Oct 24, 2022 - November elections in 15 days.

Liberals are setting the theme of your child's life from the time they are born. From tons of pseudoscience dinosaurs (some science, tons of conjecture), to pretend "action heroes" who never actually accomplish anything in the real world (incidentally, these pretend characters have replaced REAL heroes, like George Washington, etc.), to climate "science" to make sure they go into the scientific field with a head-full of POLITICAL science (i.e. a desire to "save the world") but with very little real scientific curiosity.

This all happened while we watched. But it happened so slowly and stealthily (like grass growing) that we didn't even notice. Now look where we are.

People like Mitch McConnell, Liz Cheney, Mike Pence, etc., know they no longer have the support of the constituents (WE THE PEOPLE), so they are appealing to the "all-knowing, all-wise" elites in power (as well as to Democrats) to save them from the evil WE THE PEOPLE.

Do you realize they still think they are right? Just like the Scribes and Pharisees of Biblical time used the scriptures to try and get rid of the scriptures and to keep power, so these elites use the constitution to try to obscure the constitution in order to keep power.

Oct 23, 2022 - November elections in 16 days.

Biden isn't buying votes. It's a loan that voters will have to pay back after the election.

Oct 22, 2022 - November elections in 17 days.

After Rush telling us for 30 years who the left is, WE'VE finally figured it out.

The left knows this November is not just the regular back and forth shellacking. They know we are playing for keeps now, like they have always been for years. And they will do ANYTHING this November to stop us. ANYTHING.

The true test of Tulsi's genuineness will be if she supports the Orange dude who has done more for America these past 7 years than anyone.

Until then, I'm keeping my eyes open for spies. We don't need another Mike Penis.

Oct 21, 2022 - November elections in 18 days.

A message to all you Republicans who will be taking office this November:

The Dems will spend the next 2 years trying to dig up or make up dirt on you, or to pull a "Frank Gifford" on you, to drop between now and October of 2024. So, you'd better get on offence and have someone on your team collecting dirt on all your potential opposition. The nice thing is, you won't need to make up dirt on them. They are walking dirt bags.

Those who need to go from Senate in 2024:
*Mitt Romney (will probably switch parties anyway)

Might need to go:
Mike Braun (was going to objected to cert, but caved)
Kevin Cramer (said he was glad Ashli Babbitt got shot/voted for Biden 1.5T)
Roger Wicker, Deb Fischer (voted for Biden 1.5T)
John Barrasso?

Also, 8 Dem seats could easily FLIP in 2024 = a filibuster proof Senate! No wonder Mitch and Pence are so scared.

Oct 20, 2022 - November elections in 19 days.

Everything good that has happened to America in the last 7 years has been because of Donald Trump, yet PoS like Mike Pence and Mitt Romney, etc., do every thing they can to fight him every step of the way. Unbelievable.

Oct 19, 2022 - November elections in 20 days.

Dems stole the American dream from their own constituents. Leftists are always just the opposite of who they say they are, until they think they have where they want you. Then they tell you plainly who they are. By then, you already know anyway.

Oct 18, 2022 - November elections in 21 days.

When we the people are not well informed and do not strictly oversee our government, the most evil of men populate government, expand it, and fill their bureaucracies with their ilk. And they do this on every level - local, state, and federal - which makes it extremely difficult to remedy.

Right now, these ensconced bureaucrats are torn between their arrogance and their fear. Their greatest enemy is WE THE PEOPLE, whose greatest representative is TRUMP.

Statements like those made by Paul Ryan show their arrogance and how they are used to controlling the people with pronouncements. But we see their increasing frustration displayed in people like Liz Cheney and in ploys like the Jan 6th infomercial.

They toss around words like democracy, republic, and constitution. But it is pretty obviously they care nothing about these things. They remind me of another group of people:

Matt: 15:3: This people draw close to me with their mouth, and honor me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.

While people with common sense recognize the biggest issues confronting us right now are the economy, crime, and out of control immigration, the deeply ideological are manipulated by the power-hungry with issues like January 6th, abortion, and climate change.

(Note: If you still find Orange man's "mean tweets" more detrimental than the worst economy in 40 years and the threat of WW3, you are either unsaveably ideological or power hungry.)

The "establishment" is in the fight of their life. WE THE PEOPLE are in the fight of ours.

Oct 17, 2022 - November elections in 22 days.

Californians have said for years that living close to power lines causes cancer. Studies claim that having a cellphone close to your ear can cause brain cancer; that having a cellphone in your pocket can cause testicle cancer. Ah, but riding around on top of a 700 pound battery all day is safe, cause it will "save the world?"

Paul Ryan says Trump won't be the Republican party's candidate because of Trump supporters' "herd mentality."

Donald Trump 55%
Ron DeSantis 17%
Mike Pence 7%
Marco Rubio 3%
Ted Cruz 3%
Nikki Haley 2%
Mike Pompeo 2%
Tim Scott 1%
Someone else 3%
Don't know / Unsure 7%

Where are you and/or your pick in this poll, Paul? Let me guess. Somewhere between 0-7%, right?

Oct 16, 2022 - November elections in 23 days.

In the span of 20 years or less, we allowed the left to redefine the definition of marriage, even though it has meant one thing for thousands of years. We don't even fight it anymore, but basically have conceded. But consider how the left did it.

No matter how you feel about homosexuality, it is, for the most part, a historical fact. Most people, including myself, are in favor of civil unions (from a political viewpoint), but not at the expense of redefining words or traditions. So how did the left "sway" public opinion? By the argument that, "Marriage has $ advantages over civil unions because of government benefits/deductions."

See how they did it? If GOVERNMENT wasn't picking who gets break$ and who doesn't, they never would have succeeded.

The "love of money" is still the root of all evil. And our government has gone from one that protects individual rights, and that protects the citizens from government; to one who picks winners and losers -- a one-stop-shop for power and money.

Oct 15, 2022 - November elections in 24 days.

"Ah, come on, man. He was a druggy. Ya'll got druggies in the family."

Not interested in the hookers, the drugs, or the gun, Joe. But nice deflection. I want to know about the millions you and Hunter have made peddling influence to China and Russia.

Oct 14, 2022 - November elections in 25 days.

The Jan 6 unselect committee is just an infomercial, hail-Mary for Dems for the upcoming midterms. They rescheduled it for the day the inflation numbers were to be released, and subpoenaed Trump as the cherry on top.

They'll never let him testify. Their subpoena was never serious to begin with, because the whole legal process will take till after the midterms, and they know it. They are just doing this to try and influence midterms. And look who is going along with it 100% -- Loser Liz and Crying Adam.

Now Mitch is putting huge money into trying to keep Trump candidates from getting elected, because he knows if they do, he is gone, and along with him goes Schumer's power.

What a despicable bunch of deceivers. They COMPLETELY govern against the will of the people.

Oct 13, 2022 - November elections in 26 days.

We have one political party in America that is becoming healthier, and one party that is getting sicker.

Healthy people in the Democrat party are leaving the party, while sick people in the Republican party are leaving the Republican party.

Tonight's Jan 6th shii-show is an infomercial for the sick who want to make others sick as well.

Oct 12, 2022 - November elections in 27 days.

"It's the economy, stupid." -- James "Space-Aliens" Carville.

So if you are still voting Democrap in November, you are either stupid and/or deeply ideological. If you are deeply ideological, it's one of these 3 "color-sensitive" issues:

1) GREEN: You been raise in dystopian fear that the world is ending in 5, 10, 12, etc., years, and gas, oil, and farts are causing this "existential problem."

2) BLACK: You are convinced black people are victims of society, and that Republicans/Christians are responsible for it.

3) RAINBOW: You are convinced alphabet people are victims of society, and that Republicans/Christians are responsible for it.

I would have included abortion, but it is only an issue for 3% of voters in the coming election. And they're so WHITE and ugly, they don't even have to worry about getting an abortion.

Oct 11, 2022 - November elections in 28 days.

Without election integrity, there is no representative government. When there is, it's not about who is right or wrong, but how many think a certain way, and how many of those vote. And so it is ultimately about persuasion.

Andrew Breitbart said politics is downstream from culture, but I'd say CULTURES. There exist many cultureS within our country, and Newsmax/Fox is just another example of how localized culture, and therefore politics, is.

Fox has a lot of never-Trumpers there, and thus, the culture there. It filters into what they do and don't cover, and how they cover it. (Can't imagine what will happened when Murdoch's ultra-liberal son inherits it.)

Tucker is either really right or really wrong. But Newsmax going after Tucker just to get ratings is asinine.

Ukraine (the 3rd largest nuke power in the world) gave up their nukes as part of the Budapest Agreement with Russia, the USA, and Great Britain, in exchange that the signatories would protect their territorial integrity.

For the last 10 years I've been asking, why did Ukraine give up their nukes? But now that one of the signatories is actually the one who violated Ukraine's territorial integrity, I'm starting to ask myself the question, why did the USA, Great Britain, and Russia WANT Ukraine to give up their nukes?

Supposedly it was part of an effort to reduce nukes. But why didn't Russia give up theirs? Sure, they said they destroyed some (I doubt it), but why wasn't Ukraine required to give up just SOME, like Russia/USA/GB?

Something long-term going on?

Oct 10, 2022 - November elections in 29 days.

The Bushes, the Cheneys, and the Clintons, used to be able to get what they wanted or take out an enemy with a single phone call. Now I don’t even know if they can order a pizza.

What happened? Trump.

I think much of what we are seeing going on with these people (i.e., Cheney campaigning for Democrats in AZ) is nothing more than tantrum. “How come we don’t get what we want any more with just a phone call?!”

But I ponder the 1980 election of Ronald Reagan, who won every state but Mondale’s home state of MN. Huge numbers of Democrats voted for Reagan. What was it they saw in him? And how do Dems explain that when they disparage Reagan? Bush basically tore down everything Reagan built and gave the country to Clinton.

Trump won. He had to have.

Oct 9, 2022 - November elections in 30 days.

I hope to hell that our side has finally learned that whatever "surprise" the Dems dig-up or make-up in October, that we should support our candidate EVEN MORE. Let's get Dems used to their faux outrage backfiring on them.

OH, and let's start digging up dirt on THEM and have it ready to drop the very day they drop their "bombs." We don't even have to "make up" dirt up on them, because Dems are walking dirt bags.

Oct 8, 2022 - November elections in 31 days.

When the conflict started in 2014, 95% of the people who left Donbass fled to other parts of Ukraine, while only 5% fled to Russia. Does that sound like a “Russia friendly,” “got to get away from Ukrainian Nazi’s,” area to you? Well, it might be now, once Russia has chased all the Ukrainian loyalists out. Clever.

Now the U.N is suggesting a monitored referendum? Maybe we should have a monitored referendum in our country to see if parts California want to join Mexico, since they’ve chased all the Gringos out anyway?

And along those lines, I heard someone say yesterday, “Well most of the people in Donbas speak Russian anyway.” Duh. 63% of Ukrainians speak Russia (as does my wife). But all Ukrainians speak Ukrainian because it is the state language -- a language Russians tried to destroy along with all Ukrainian books, art, etc., in the 1930s. So, since most people in parts of CA speak Spanish…? See the “logic?”

Ukraine, Russia, the USA, and GB signed an agreement in 1994 that Ukraine’s territorial integrity would be respected if they gave up their Nukes – the 3nd largest arsenal in the world. Now many are just saying, “Ahhh, just give the territory to Putin, to save lives. He’s gonna take it anyway.”

Really? Just give the dude your wallet? Just let the cartels have the USA? Just let the home invader have your daughter? Really? Don't expect the Ukrainian people to give up their home so easily. They gave up their nukes on agreement with Putin, and where did it get them?


Lessons learned? Don’t make deals with Putin (without collateral). Don’t give up your nukes. Don’t vote for Democrats. Do vote TRUMP 2024.

Oct 7, 2022 - November elections in 32 days.

Our founders forged our Constitution while under government tranny, yet while still having something to lose (not gain) from that tyranny. Our current congress does not even understand the intent of our Constitution, let alone have the ability to forge a document like it.

Our founders wanted to forge a document that would protect them and their descendants – WE THE PEOPLE -- from what they had experienced. They succeeded. I pray we can keep it.

There has always been climate change, and civilization has always adapted to it. I’m skeptical of man-made climate change, but even if it were factual, it would be negligible, and people would adapt to it just the way they did to natural, gradual or severe climate change in the past.

Of course, no one on the left ever talks about the positives of climate change which have brought us to our current world state, and would actually create more inhabitable areas as a result. They only talk prognostications of doom and gloom. (I wonder what the natural climate effects of CA falling into the ocean will be.)

Whatever the reality of situation, solutions will never be found when the prime intent is political. The Democrat "well" has been poisoned because its constituents think that their political solutions are actually science. And the immediate problems that are a result of the current administration and the GLM Movement (Green Lives Matter) are far more devastating than any real climate change.

Oct 6, 2022 - November elections in 33 days.

“Kellyanne Conway says biased pollsters are undercounting Trump voters, GOP headed for ‘tsunami’ win.”

Of course they are. They are called "influence" polls. As Rush said, as we get closer to the election, they will get closer to the real numbers, else no one will believe them in the future. But just as in 2016, there are silent Republican voters that will even say they voted Dem to their friends.

Political correctness/speech has had more of an effect on culture than most realize, especially once Dems started using the clinical term "phobic" along with their favorite causes (homophobic, xenophobic, transphobic). It is an amazing tactic and stigma to classify you with a clinical disease if you disagree with them.

That's why I refuse to use these terms, because they are not medically accurate. How many cases of true "homophobia" do you really think exist?

However, TDS is real.

"NOT A CITIZEN? NO PROBLEM! D.C. Advances Bill to Let Non-Citizens Vote in Local Elections."

Biden won 95% of the vote in D.C., so I’m not sure how this will make any difference. In fact, the way the vote is swinging with Hispanics, D.C. Hispanics will probably vote Republican. Democrats might have got them into the country, but Republicans are the only ones that will protect their jobs and families once they get here.

Dems are running out of options. The only ones they have left are CHEATING and VIOLENCE. And they’ve never hesitated to use either.

The reason they want to label us as domestic terrorists; the reason they might actually think we are a “violent threat” to them, is because of projection. They can’t win honestly, and they know that if we put them in a position where they can’t win with misinformation and cheating, that THEY WILL BE VIOLENT TO GET WHAT THEY WANT. They have already proven this, not by taking selfies, but with dozens of deaths and billions in destruction during the “summer of love.”

Therefore, by projection, they think that if they can force us out by cheating this November, we’ll have no other choice but to be violent. They KNOW we are a majority, and that scares them.

They are scared. You know they are when even MS-DNC decides to tell their viewers the truth instead of poll-gaslight them.

Oct 5, 2022 - November elections in 34 days.

When defending Herschel Walker yesterday, President Trump made reference to Raphael Warlock’s dirt, but said, “we don’t talk about those things.”

I disagree, Mr. President. It’s time to PLAY OFFENCE. Sure, we can play nice. But we need to have our dirt bombs ready to launch so when the Dems release their October dirt (that they either dig up or make up), we can launch ours the VERY SAME DAY!

NO MORE MR. NICE GUY. And we don’t even have to “dig up” dirt on Dems. They are walking dirt bags.

The thing I Ioved about another one of my heroes was his “Way of the Intercepting Fist,” or “attack while defending,” martial arts philosophy. Every defensive move was an offensive one.

Republicans HAVE to learn to fight “Little Dragon” style.

Communists always destroy the culture, then annex the culture to promote their control and power.

The Bolsheviks destroyed the Czar, the Orthodox Church, and Russia, then annex the “glory” of it to perpetuated the party power. (Putin is doing the same today.)

The CCP destroyed Chinese culture (martial arts, philosophy, history) then annexed it to perpetuated the party power.

The Dems/Leftists are destroying “democracy,” but using talk of it to perpetuated the party power.

Oct 4, 2022 - November elections in 35 days.

From Owner, to Renter, to Share-cropper, to Indentured Servant, to Slave.

Any doubt as to the direction Joe O’Biden is moving us?

He gonna put us all back in chains.

Oct 3, 2022 - November elections in 36 days.

Republicans in state and D.C. need to get off their asses and see what a big deal getting local money to follow the child is. Many parents are going into debt to keep their kids out of the public school.

Public schools are an utter disaster, and not just because of wokeness, but because they don't teach the BASICS anymore. ALSO, thanks to G.W. Bush's "No Child Gets Ahead" program, disrupters who don't want to learn can't be thrown out of school, and f it up for kids who DO want to learn.

If you want "No kid left behind" teach the disrupters in a "probationary" prison environment (where they will probably end up anyway). You can bet the parents of these kids are already there (or should be).

Oct 2, 2022 - November elections in 37 days.

E.D. or P.D?
Putin can't start. He can't finish. And when asked why he can't finish, he says he hasn't started yet (or pulls out his atomic dildo). Putin may have P.D. (Projectile Disfunction)

But Putin probably isn't nuke-bluffing. But only because NO ONE ELSE is even pushing back. TRUMP TOLD PUTIN EXACTLY WHAT HE WOULD DO IF HE INVADED UKRAINE. Putin didn't think he was bluffing.

Russia only has one, maybe two world-class assets: Moscow and maybe St. Pete's. So, until someone is WILLING to give Putin a taste of his own medicine, he isn't going to stop invading/destroying/stealing other people's stuff. (He never has.)

Putin knew (or suspected) Trump was willing, and he never called Trump's bluff. Until we have SMART and WILLING back in office, Putin will continue his bullying and his conquest to put the old USSR band back together - Puttie and the Blow-em-up Fish.

Oct 1, 2022 - November elections in 38 days.

The main stream media has it wrong on purpose, by agenda, but our side has got it wrong by immersing itself in politics, and ignoring human nature – THE OBSESSIONS OF THE POWER HUNGRY – and their use of a fearful, deranged constituency to keep them in power/$.

We were already transitioning to “green” when Biden slammed the brakes on energy production. Biden, Kerry, Gore, and the usual suspects all know the world isn’t going to end because of “climate change.” So, O’Biden’s refusal to pump when he knows that is what gave Russia power and what is destroying our economy, our country, Europe, and the rest of the world, while empowering China, Russia, and Iran, shows the lengths they will go to use the fears of their deranged constituency.

Sep 30, 2022 - November elections in 39 days.

Ukraine? Obama sent them blankets. Trump sent them Javelins. Biden is sending cash.

I've never heard Trump even once condemn or blame Ukraine for Putin's invasion of Ukraine. All he has said (at every rally) is the war has killed hundreds of thousands of innocents, and that it wouldn't have happened under him.

So people praising Putin for "punishing the NWO?" Killing innocent men, women, and children isn't punishing the NWO -- IT'S PART OF THE NWO.

If you want to know how the main stream media is covering this: "Trump's base splinters over Ukraine - NBC News."

So, they got us just where they want us. They LOVE this shiii. See what's happening here?

Next, it will be to get us to splinter/bloodbath (as Dick Morris puts it) over Trump and DeSantis. Don't fall for it. We must tsunami them, and tsunami them again.


Sep 29, 2022 - November elections in 40 days.

Wow. "Climate change" was worse during WW2. Must have been all those tanks and bombs.

Just think how bad it will be when Biden gets us into WW3. Maybe the left is right. End of world in, 10...9...8...7...

Sep 28, 2022 - November elections in 41 days.

♫ ♪♫ SISTERS ♫ ♪♫
Sisters, sisters
There were never such corrupted sisters
Never had to earn a vote or even cheat
Our daddies help us buy our seat

Caring, sharing
The fake party title that we’re wearing
We are both infected now with TDS
We’re Democrats in Repub’s dress

All kinds of weather, we vote together
The same in the Senate and House
Two different faces, but in tight races
We both yell that Trump’s the louse! uh-huh

Those who've seen us
Cannot find a thing different between us
People shouting at us ‘go away’ don’t understand

Lord help the mister
Who comes between me and my sister
But lord help the sister who comes between me and my CASH!

Sep 27, 2022 - November elections in 42 days.

Lisa Murkowski is now campaigning in Alaska on an anti-Trump message hoping to get the Dem votes.

Lisa Cheney and Liz Murkowski have a lot in common (besides being walking cadavers).

From TGP: "DEMONIC DEMS TAKE IT TOO FAR! Muslims, Christians and Jews UNITE To Demand Removal of Explicit Books From Dearborn, MI Public School Libraries"

More unintended consequence of Dem’s insanity. Now people like Raw-Shitty Too-Lib could lose in safe blue districts.

Red wave curling? Even a recent ABC poll finds Republicans hold a 21-point lead in battleground districts.

Most people aren’t “fans” of innocent men, women, and children being slaughtered in a useless war. Neither are the Russian people.

Except for Moscow, the infrastructure of Russia is a shambles. The Russian people are asking, why are we going to another country that did nothing to us to kill or be killed. Why are we killing woman and children in another country when our women and children aren’t being killed. Why are we spending money on an offensive war, when our roads and country is in ruin?

Guess the “De-Nazification” narrative isn’t motivating anyone anymore.

As for our southern borders? IT'S AN INVASION. I'm not a big fan of invasions of a sovereign nation -- OURS OR UKRAINE'S.

But if nothing else, this war has helped to purge the Ukrainian government of corrupt officials. Most of them took the cash and ran to other countries when the bombs started dropping. Now, if the same thing could only be accomplished in Russia and in the USA.

Sep 26, 2022 - November elections in 43 days.

Hey Hillary. My parents were Democrat (until Reagan), unlike yours who were Republican. I remember when the Dem party was considered the party of the godly, the religious, and the working man, and Republicans were considered money-grubbing, war-mongering, capitalists.

You and your husband are largely responsible for the demise of the Democrat party and it becoming the immoral, money-grubbing, capitalists, party of the rich.

Sep 25, 2022 - November elections in 44 days.

Like Liz Cheney, Lisa Murkowski has vowed to further Democrat policies and has voted against conservative positions on abortion. Murkowski’s record includes:

Opposing pro-life Supreme Court justices such as Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination

Opposing legislation prohibiting elective 20-week abortions

Promising to codify Roe v. Wade into law

Opposing the Supreme Court’s ruling that made abortion a state issue

Kelly Tshibaka, who is tied in the polls with Murkowski, has just been endorsed by the Susan B. Anthony Org, and her position is clear, “Voters will never wonder where I stand, as I will protect life and oppose taxpayer funding of abortion, while supporting access to birth control without a prescription.”

One of the remaining 4 candidates in Alaska’s ranked choice voting, Republican Buzz Kelly, has just dropped out to thrown his full support behind Kelly.

"My fellow Alaskans, August 16, 2022, Peltola's victory over Palin and Begich is a wake-up call for Republicans and conservatives. Has divide and conquer ever been more simply demonstrated? Republicans might want to start working together a little better. In the effort to deny another Murkowski term we must avoid another divide and conquer. Having said that I am announcing I am suspending my campaign for the United States Senate and asking all those who supported me or my ideas to now please throw your support behind Kelly Tshibaka. In my opinion, this is the smartest thing all Republicans and conservatives can do right now. If we all work together Kelly Tshibaka will prevail. 'Go, Kelly!' Thank you my friends."

So now it's just Murk, Kelly, and a Dem. Some Dems will throw behind Murk. The race is tightening.

Now it’s time for Never-Trumper Begich to drop out and throw his support behind Palin. But he’d rather see a Dem win.

Sep 24, 2022 - November elections in 45 days.

The other day I asked myself the question, “Why do I take my time to read social media,” and my honest answer to myself was, “To see if we are winning.”

The problem is, no one is winning. America is losing now, and the world – to a great extent – is losing because of it. If the left is able to take America down the drain, no one wins, not even them. If we are able to save America, and make it great again, everyone wins, even those trying to destroy it. Well, maybe not those soaking America like Joe & Hunter, Pelosi and Hillary. But it will definitely help those who are being soaked, and those being soaked the most are Dem constituents.

Sep 23, 2022 - November elections in 46 days.

Trump stored his "classified" docs at Mar-A-Lago, surrounded by SS. Where did previous presidents store their presidential docs?

G.H.W. Bush – closed strip mall that housed a bowling alley and Chinese restaurant

Clinton – abandon car dealership

G.W. Bush – warehouse in Texas

Obama – defunct furniture store

All had "classified" doc there. But the problem is, according to a ruling by an Obama appointed judge in 2012 regarding Bill Clinton, by him simply moving classified “records” to his sock draw, they became DECLASSIFIED!

You have to ask yourself - each time the left pulls something like this, Trump's support numbers go up. So, is the left trying to make sure he is the Republican candidate because they think he will be easier to beat in the general? If they do, they are wrong.

Sep 22, 2022 - November elections in 47 days.

We need to stop referring to the media as “main stream.” They aren’t. They are alternate-media, because they live in a bubble -- an alternate universe.

TDS guides everything the alt-left say and do, everything they cover, and everything they ignore. And this has become obvious to anyone who is even slightly observant.

The Democrat’s midterm strategy is definitely to hide and let the media do the work, while hoping for a little help from Dominion and Mules as well.

Sep 21, 2022 - November elections in 48 days.

Considering the fact that we now know that Bill Barr lied about investigating the 2020 election fraud, we also know it will be close to impossible to prove election fraud under current circumstances. So:

1) We must take back the House and Senate “referendum/mandate” style.

2) We must roadblock the madness. Republicans - your job is not to "get things done," it is to STOP evil things from getting done. Defund everything!!!

3) Impeach the current administration. Not just Biden!

4) Take back the Whitehouse in 2024, or sooner by-way-of the Speaker of the House. Did I mention replacing McCarthy?

5) Preserve the records Dems will be trying to destroy, especially election records, and Jan 6th records.

6) Prove what happened in the 2020 election by full-forensic audits. (No, we don’t just “move on.”)

7) We must make sure it never happens again by using the roadmap to election integrity -- the one Dems used as a roadmap to cheat.

It has to happen in that order. And don’t forget restoring sanity to the FBI, DOD, DOJ, etc.

Sep 20, 2022 - November elections in 49 days.

Sep 19, 2022 - November elections in 50 days.

Just The News - 82 Democrats who called GOP election wins questionable, illegitimate or stolen!

Deniers List (PDF)

"Without voter suppression, Stacey Abrams would be the governor of Georgia; Andrew Gillum is the governor of Florida," then-Sen. Kamala Harris said.

Sep 18, 2022 - November elections in 51 days.

At its highest level, conservatism is the byproduct of fearless people who have the spirit of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

At a political level, it has to do with moral people who are governable by a constution that enshrines and protects creator endowed rights.

Sep 17, 2022 - November elections in 52 days.

Time is running out and the Dems/deep state are desperate. Only 52 days left to provoke some violence or to make it up. (Of course, they still might try it between November and January during certifications, etc.) If that doesn’t work, no choice left but to cheat BIG TIME and hope they can hide/litigate their way out of it.

Don’t put anything past them now. Republicans seem to be growing a spine, especially in light of the political persecutions. The intimidation ploys are just waking our side up. Republicans will be shutting down the witch hunts, and then doing some honest investigating and impeaching.

I think we can count on both sides to do their worst.

“Life is a storm, my young friend. You will bask in the sunlight one moment, be shattered on the rocks the next. What makes you a man is what you do when that storm comes. You must look into that storm and shout as you did in Rome. Do your worst, for I will do mine! Then the fates will know you as we know you” - Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo.

Democrats are raising a ton of money for midterms, but they are having to spend the lion’s share on DEFENDING seats. Every dollar they have to pay on defense is one less dollar they have to pay for offense.

It’s nice to be on offence for a change. Yeah. I’m still thinking Red Wave.

P.S. Consider this also: The money never-Trumpers have to put into Rino candidates is that much less money they have to spend on ginning up anti-Trump sentiment.

President Trump has brought attention to 2 ballot issues in Ohio this November:

"Don’t let lawlessness win in Ohio this November. Vote YES on Issue 1 — “require courts to consider factors like public safety when setting the amount of bail.”

Protecting our Citizens and Communities, not Aiding and Abetting Criminals, should be our highest priority.

Issue 1 has my Complete and Total Endorsement!"
- Donald J. Trump

"The Radical Left desperately needs non-Citizens to vote, because they can’t win on the issues with the American people.

This November, the Great State of Ohio has the unique opportunity to stop this destructive campaign. Issue 2, the Citizenship Voting Requirement Amendment, will ensure 'ONLY a citizen of the United States...is entitled to vote at all elections.'

Stop Foreign Election Interference, vote YES on Issue 2 — it has my Complete and Total Endorsement!
- Donald J. Trump

Sep 16, 2022 - November elections in 53 days.

Bearing false witness against someone in order to achieve a political end is bottom-of-the-barrel and definitive of the Democrat party. And shame on the national media for refusing to bring attention to, and even covering for, Joe Biden's breaking of immigration laws.

What Republicans are doing is not breaking the law, but instead it is bringing National attention to Biden's breaking of the immigration laws -- LAWS THAT WERE MADE BY DEMOCRATS during their 31-year control of the House and Senate.

You people in Martha’s Vineyard crying about a few dozen immigrants saying “they can’t stay here” -- think about the border towns that deal with thousands a day!

Your “anywhere but here” mentality is not compassionate. If you don’t want them in your town, stop voting Dem!

Sep 15, 2022 - November elections in 54 days.

Donald Trump. The left loved him, until…

he decided to represent WE THE PEOPLE.

Since, he’s been the target of constant hoaxes, investigations, and impeachments.

Now his associates and supporters have become targets.

Mike Lindell was targeted by the FBI at a Hardees yesterday, and his cellphone was taken. During the incident Mike casually remarked, “Why didn’t you bust down my door, like you did with [such and such]?”

The FBI agent immediately shot back, “Because you didn’t take 45 seconds to open your door like [such and such].”

The FBI is a big organization. There were 3-4 agents there. How did this agent handily know this info?

Small group involved. Trusted lefties.

Evil’s weakness is arrogance – it really wants to show its hand. (Think Peter Strzok, James Comey.)

Trump not only forced them to show their hand, but to show the cards up their sleeves as well.

The Deep state is really conflicted right now. They are being forced into open warfare, which is not to their advantage, but they kind of like it. It feeds their ego.

Sep 14, 2022 - November elections in 55 days.

I don’t know if the Democrat party has a constructive purpose anymore. But if there is anything non-destructive left, Dems should send a message to their party – LET MY PARTY GO!

Of course, the destructive people that have taken over the party are trying to take attention away from the utter failure of the party by projecting – “Oh, the Republican party is being taken over by ultra MAGAs!”

That may work on some Democrats, but I think many completely understand that their party has been hijacked, and that they are being gaslighted. They may not vote for Republicans this November, but they just might not vote at all. And that is deadly in a midterm.


Sep 13, 2022 - November elections in 56 days.

What we’ve seen so far (the Mar-A-Lago raid, Biden’s evil-MAGA speech, raiding Trump associates) is nothing compared to what we will see before November.

Dems/establishment know if Republicans take back the House and Senate, and if those Republicans aren’t just plants, then the rest of the Biden administration is lame-duck.

Of course, there will continue to be a flurry of executive orders, but they will go unfunded and challenged in court. Republicans will shut down the Jan 6th witch-hunt (if they have any balls), and the investigations will begin in earnest into what the DOJ, Biden, and others, have been doing.

As I write, the Biden admin is creating a federal proxy take-over of elections by executive order. They know this is their last stand, and they will be vicious to try and survive.

Sep 11, 2022 - November elections in 58 days.

We seem to be a nation completely accepting of divorce when people can’t get along, and yet, we force conflicting cultures together hoping for what?

We restrict where humans can go so they don’t infringe on bears and wolfs and wildflowers, but herd humans together with completely different lifestyles.

Seems to me like someone is hoping for conflict. Without government control or subsidy, these “problems” seem to take care of themselves.

What do you believe to be the greatest threat to the United States of America right now?

59.97% - The Biden Administration and abuse of power (FBI, IRS, etc.)
30.32% - The Radical Left Priorities: CRT, BLM, Grooming, Wokeness, Election Tampering
4.87% - The Media
4.66% - China
0.19% - Russia

Sep 10, 2022 - November elections in 59 days.

The FBI is an extension of the executive branch, and derives its powers from the president. This is why the FBI has always kept a stash of trash on the president, so he can’t stop them from doing the things they want to do. Of course, they are probably happy with Biden, but they DO have the laptop, and Epstein’s book, and many other things tucked away in a “safe” place in case they need them.

Sep 9, 2022 - November elections in 60 days.

Joe Biden is out calling MAGA, terrorists, insurrectionists, and the greatest danger to our Democracy in history. Yet during the “summer of love” people were actually killed and billions in property was actually destroyed.

But, I have a problem with ALL OF THE ABOVE. The so-called insurrection was selfie-takers being waved (lured) into the capital by the police and others. And from the other side, ANTIFA and BLM are not grass-roots movements, but instead, well organized, well financed militias.

What is really going on here? MAGA Republicans are not violent. PERIOD. ANTIFA/BLM (and a few other orgs) are FINANCED violence.

So, do we really hate each other so much, or is it to someone’s advantage to foment this? Who is benefitting the most from it?

Can’t we all just get along? Apparently it is to someone’s advantage that we don’t. And yes, it probably is Democrats, but it extends beyond them to the uniparty, and competing foreign interests as well. (CCP, WTO, etc.).

Sep 8, 2022 - November elections in 61 days.

Mary Peltola: 40.2%, 75,799 votes, 0 votes transferred
Sarah Palin: 31.3%, 58,973 votes, 0 votes transferred
Nicholas Begich: 28.5%, 53,810 votes, 0 votes transferred

Mary Peltola: 51.5%, 91,266 votes, 15,4676 votes transferred
Sarah Palin: 48.5%, 86,026 votes, 27,053 votes transferred
Nicholas Begich: 0.0%, 0 votes, (53,810) votes transferred

Begich has been beaten both times, but refused to drop out of the General. Most likely a fat check from Club for Growth or the Dem party.

Please Alaska. Wake up!!! You already put a Dem in the seat for 4 months. DON'T MAKE IT 4 MORE YEARS!

The scary part of liberal insanity and stupidity is the hatred they have for the idea of "normal" and people that are normal.

Liberals suffer from norma-phobia, and it comes from a deep, inner self-hatred and insecurity (i.e., they know they are wrong and not only don't want to be told they are wrong, but don't want any examples of normal around to remind them of how f'd' up they are; that if they can just eliminate any mention or example of wholeness, that that will make THEM whole).

I remember a bunch of kings in the Old Testament that thought if they could just kill the prophet, that that would make the truth disappear.

"Oh, God, pride of man, broken in the dust again."

Sep 7, 2022 - November elections in 62 days.

The more that comes out on what the DOJ, the FBI, and others have been doing, the more open the warfare will be. “Ya G.D. right we lied. We had to. Trump supporters are a threat to Democracy!”

See how that works? These Vampires aren’t disappearing when it’s daylight. They’ll become even MORE vicious.

Sep 6, 2022 - November elections in 63 days.

My local radio station is Glen Beck in the morning, Rush Limbaugh (now Clay and Buck) in the afternoon, and Sean Hannity and Mark Levin in the evening. The afternoon show is hosted by locals who are also well aware of our current politics.

The top of the hour news used to be Fox, up until a few months before the 2016 election, when the station switched to ABC News. But I actually am glad they did. There is nothing I enjoy more than watching completely naked people who think they have clothes on.

An actor’s exercise I’ve heard of is actors doing scenes that have nothing to do with nudity, completely nude, in order to gain mental discipline and overcome the distraction of audience or camera and crew. I think ABC news must have studied at this school.

Sep 5, 2022 - November elections in 64 days.

I think Mar-A-Lago was the plan b in case the Roe V Wade leak didn’t blow up the November elections. Because I’m not hearing anyone talk about R v W anymore.

But on that issue, libbys will risk everything to defend an animal, or even a plant, against being destroyed, but babies, be they lives or future lives…? Na. They are just tumors.

Sep 4, 2022 - November elections in 65 days.

No matter how much cheating there is in our elections, there is one election you can’t cheat in—the battle going on over your head between God and the Devil. God is voting for you. The Devil is voting against you. Your vote is the determining vote.

This battle is playing out in the arena of free will. God is longsuffering, not willing that ANY should perish. But this offering of the period of grace is a time-limited offer. TODAY is the day of salvation. TODAY is election day. You must vote in person, and the vote must be made in the ballot of the heart.

If Nicolas Begich would step aside, Sarah Palin would easily beat Mary Peltola in the General. But Begich is a “Club for Growth” fellow that would prefer to see a Democrat win. He has no America First endorsement (just uni-party) and his “Meet Nick” page says absolutely NOTHING on issues. Not even fluff. And Trump is not mentioned, positively or negatively by him. He’s playing the middle.

The Lisa Murkowski v Kelly Tshibaka Senate race will take a miracle to win. Dems will coalesce around Murkowski. Even if every other candidate’s voters gets behind Kelly, she’d still be lacking, if the primaries are an indicator. However, the general can many times be very different than the primaries. Some people just sit the primaries out and vote in the general. We will see what happens.

Sep 3, 2022 - November elections in 66 days.

I'm not sure if Barr realized it before, but I think at some point he came to realize that his entire life and livelihood, and the livelihood of his family, is based on a corrupt political system. He realized he had a choice to either do the right thing, or to defend the corrupt system that provided him and his family with their livelihood. He choose the system.


The corrupt, political prosecutorial class (The Andrew Weissmanns) will indict Trump, because that’s what they do – use the unlimited resources of government to go after their political enemies – like they did with Ted Stevens. But with Trump, it’s a roll of the dice in Trump’s favor. They will probably get a win in a D.C. court, but it will be overturned by the Supreme Court.

So, they are just drawing this out, trying to damage Trump, or slow him down, and they probably have a whole scheduled lists of ploys coming in the future to try and accomplish this.

I think in the long run they will fail. But remember, these people have everything to lose, because they know that WE THE PEOPLE are not going to stop until these vermin are exterminated.

Sep 2, 2022 - November elections in 67 days.

The more I think about this, the more I think Biden (Obama) is just trying to provoke trouble, hoping we will react violently, because no one is buying that the Jan 6th selfie-takers who got waved into the capital are insurrectionists, nor are they buying the Mar-A-Largo Code-Orange raid.

THEY GOT NOTHING! Das Silly Philly Fuhrer (even the Nazi lighting was done on purpose) is just trying to create a distraction from the worst, most failed presidency in our nation's history. So, in spite of their weirdness and provocation, don't give them what they want. We ARE the party of law and order, no matter what Anderson Cooper says. (Listen to Kari Lake's rebuttal from last night. She NAILED it.)

With Biden’s dismal performance, Democrats should be playing defense. Instead, they are playing offense. Smart. Even when Republicans should be playing offense, they play defense. Stupid.

THE REASON for the Mar-A-Largo raid; THE REASON for Biden going on and on abut the MAGA insurrectionist; THE REASON why Fetterman in PA and Dem candidates in AZ refuse to debate Trump candidates IS -- THEY MUST MAKE IT ABOUT ORANGE MAN. Democrats HAVE to put Trump on the ballot in November, and take Biden off, because they cannot defend their own disasters.

Midterms should be about incumbents and the incumbent president. But Dems want to make it about the person who will be president 2 years from now. DON’T LET THEM.

The only way to stop the bleeding is to take back the House AND Senate.

According to Dick Morris, the Dems’ goal after the mid-terms will be to try and start a bloodbath within the Republican party – i.e., the DeSantis wing v the Trump wing. DON’T LET THEM. Be on the lookout for trolls in Trump supporter clothing. Some of them will even have LONG comment histories.

25 or 6 to 4
“In 2010 the Democratic House majority was swamped by a 63-seat Republican tsunami. The GOP also picked up six seats in the Senate.

This year, the Republicans don’t need a wave to win a majority in either house of Congress. All they require is a five-seat gain in the House of Representatives and a one-seat gain in the Senate.”


Sep 1, 2022 - November elections in 68 days.

About 2 months ago, a district in TX that had been Blue for 100 years turned Red because of VOTES.

Yesterday, a seat that had been Red for 50 years turned Blue because of a VOTING SYSTEM (Ranked).

Moderate "Dems" like Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney, and Susan Collins (the people who always “vote their conscience” while voting with people who have no conscience) are probably giddy today.

It’s the wave of the future. The wave of the future. The wave of the future.

Time to get behind our party. And this b.s. about the Red Wave fizzling is exactly that – bull shiii! Biden coming out of the basement to campaign against MAGA “insurrectionists” is for one thing only – cover! They are going to cheat again in spite of the risks. They have no choice.

Fetterman is refusing to debate Dr. Oz in PA. Dems are refusing to debate MAGA candidates in AZ! This is a big deal, folks.

By my projections, Republicans could pick up as many as 69 seats, and, in spite of the Senate “toss-up” narrative, the Senate could pick up 6. (Dems, CNN, and Fox must know this from their internal polling, no matter what their publicly released “influence” polls may say.)


Aug 31, 2022

There isn’t a doubt in my mind that Russia has Hillary’s emails. And I can only think of 2 reasons they wouldn’t release them:

1) There is still actionable intelligence contained in them that they don't want us to know they have.

2) They want “purchasable” kleptocrats to be leading our country. (Trump cannot be bought!)

All the B.S. about Putin’s motives for invading Ukraine are just that – B.S. Putin is a kleptocrat, just like Biden, Clinton, and many in the Ukrainian government. If he has any ideology at all, it is soviet. But only to the end that it doesn’t get in the way of his $ and power.

The last great Russian, and the last of the great trifecta (Reagan, Thatcher, Gorbachev) died yesterday.

Aug 30, 2022

The American people are tired of having a shadow government that keeps elected leaders in fear of them (even Schumer) in order to make sure we don't have a government of, by, and for WE THE PEOPLE.

We support our law enforcement (as long as they don't abuse their power and adhere to the 4th amendment), and we don't support the 3 letter agencies -- who HAVE abused their power.

We ARE the party of law and order. No officers were killed on Jan 6th. American citizens are still being held in deplorable conditions and BEING DENIED THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS for almost 2 years now FOR MISDEMEANORS!!!! -- and hardly any elected Dem or Republican is OUTRAGED! -- and all so you can push your phony narratives to keep power.

F Anderson Copper. F Joe Biden. F your F15s.

Aug 29, 2022

Andrew Breitbart (one of his last public speeches, CPAC Feb 2012):

"You want a unity speech, I’ll give you a unity speech. I don’t care who our candidate is and I haven’t since the beginning of this. I haven’t. Ask not what a candidate can do for you, ask what you can do for the candidate. And that’s what the Tea Party is. We are there to confront them on behalf of our candidate. I will march behind whoever our candidate is because if we don’t we lose. There are two paths. There are two paths. One is America and the other one is occupy… And when I walk through CPAC or when I travel the United States to meet people in the Tea Party who care, black, white, gay and straight. Anyone who is willing to stand next to me to fight the progressive left, I will be in that bunker. And if you’re not in that bunker because you’re not satisfied with this candidate – more than ‘Shame on you’ You’re on the other side."

Aug 28, 2022

I’m not sure if the Dem party has a future. MAGA has become the working person’s party, and the new home of Hispanics and working-class Blacks. The only Union that is still a Dem stronghold is in the woke world of education, and that is being decimated by awakened parents.

The never-Trumpers may try to maintain their “wing” of the Republican party, but will eventually be relegated to the dumpster of unless intellectuals, or be recognized for what they really are – Uniparty Democrats.

The left wing of the Dem party (AOC, etc.) will become the ankle biters of the political world. It may or may not include the “everybody is racist and homophobic” wing of the party.

I think the only part of the Dem party that will still exist when the dust clears is the “welfare” wing, and it will probably have a different party name. Maybe Whigs.

Aug 22, 2022

As Soros and other libs spend billions on social “equity,” will they participate in the equalized income level once their utopian dream is achieved? Will they share in the same misery? or will they still be filthy rich, in power, and above it all?

Don't answer. We already know.

Aug 20, 2022

Mitch McConnell is out saying that Republicans aren’t going to retake the Senate because of “poor candidates” – translated: candidates that will replace him as speaker. He means Trump candidates, and that includes Dr. Oz.

So, for all you PA people out there complaining about Dr. Oz, consider the alternative. Fetterman wants to let 1/3 of the prison population out of prison! Fetterman agrees with Bernie Sanders votes 100%. That is flat out scary.

Time for complaining about candidates is before the primary, not now! I’d be willing to bet good money that Oz will surprise us all. That he will be more loyal to Trump than some of us, and that he will vote for someone else for Senate Majority Leader. One thing I am totally convinced of: He won’t be a Romney, Collins, or Murkowski.

P.S. President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, will hold a rally in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on Saturday, September 3, 2022, at 7:00PM EDT. Trump delivers remarks in support of Doug Mastriano for Governor, Dr. Mehmet Oz for U.S. Senate, and the entire Pennsylvania Trump Ticket.

The left is always asking us to un-see things we’ve seen, while trying to convince us that there are things that none of us have seen, but must be there, because of the things they hate… hate the people who try to point out to them they are being self-destructive; hate the people who try to help them instead of enabling them; hate Donald Trump, hate etc.

The frustrating thing for reasonable people is that hate has no rationale. But its root is love – the love of money. They love the tool instead of using the tool for what it was designed for. And they use the tool to destroy its very design. Hate is such convoluted motivation.

Aug 19, 2022

At LEAST 80% of Republicans get it.

Aug 18, 2022

President Trump has led the movement to purge the THE NEROS (who fiddle while America burns) and the (do-nothing) ZEROS from the Republican party, while standing shoulder to shoulder with THE HEROES -- the kickass America First fighters.

Yesterday, President Trump endorsed two Democrats in Dem safe races. Are they both more moderate Dems who HATE what Biden is doing to the country, or is Trump just joking? Maybe the purge on the other side of the aisle has begun? After all, he told us he was going to bring America together. 3-D chess, anyone?

There are really only two basic motivating factors that bring people together -- hate and love.

Part of America is united in hatred of Donald Trump. The other part of America is united in love for America.

Which one do you think will win?

Aug 17, 2022

The Alaska voting system is INSANE, designed by the swamp to keep the swamp in power. And the ranked vote system that will be used in the general election is even MORE insane and swampy.

According to the constitution, election laws/methods are determined SOLELY by the state legislatures. So where is Alaska’s state legislature? Insane and in the swamp, no doubt.

Republican voters will likely fix the problem themselves in the governor’s race, by just not voting for the candidate they voted for in the primary. But unless Republican candidates - Begich and Sweeny - drop out and get behind Palin, the general is just going to mirror last night’s primary, and the Dem will win this republican held, easily winnable, legislative seat.

Kelly Tshibaka can only win the senate seat if republicans recognize Murkowski is a Democrat. The Dems do, and they will vote for her.

Where are the 10 “L” Republicans that voted for Trump’s impeachment?

4 retired (Katko, Upton, Kinzinger, Gonzalez). They knew better than to run.

4 lost their primaries (Rice, Meijer, Beutler, Cheney).

1 (Valado) is in a VERY tight general race.

1 (Newhouse) will only win the general if we hold our nose and vote for him. (We will; we need the seat for a house majority.)

Aug 16, 2022

Don’t forget to vote today for Miss “Establishment” Piggy in WY, and The Establishment Walking Cadaver in AK.

Ha! Just kidding. But really. The Trump raid HAD to happen before today’s WY wipeout. It would be an even greater wipeout if Dems weren’t crossing over to vote for Liz.

The Jan 6th unselect committee needed wood for their fire before Liz is totally humiliated today. They are trying to take attention away from that. If that doesn’t work (it won’t) then they’ll be on to World War 3. Ha. I’m not kidding.

Aug 15, 2022

If you watch Law and Order SVU, you’d think all those “especially heinous crimes” were the result of Republican policies, instead of Democrat constituencies.

The more power the Dems get, the more heinous the crimes will become. They must be removed from office before they can actually be prevented from crimes, and prosecuted when they do commit them.

Aug 14, 2022

DemoSoft has just released Hoax 7.0 -- with even more bugs than the first 6 versions!

Get a free version of Inflation 8.5* (whether you buy Hoax or not)!

(*Afghanistan Extractor 13 no longer available from DemoSoft.)

Yesterday were the Hawaii primaries, or as I like to call them the “Welfare on the Beach” primaries.

Tuesday, we have the “Goodbye Liz” primary and the “Goodbye Murkowski” primary (unless Lisa’s little “ranked-voting system” trick works.)

Next Tuesday (8/23) we have the “Superbowl III” primaries. Can’t wait.

And finally, a handful of primaries in Sept (MA, NH, RI) and Nov (LA).

Dems tried to create their October surprise early, on Monday, August 8, 2022. We will present our October surprise a little late this year, on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

Aug 13, 2022

Presidents who were "separated" from the nuke codes:

Gerald Ford: Left on board Air Force One in Paris economic summit. (Somewhat safe)

Jimmy Carter: Left in suit sent to dry cleaners. (Really stupid)

Ronald Reagan: Separated from him when he got shot in 1981 (the man was shot, for God's sake!)

Bill Clinton: Left behind at NATO summit. (Stupid again).

Donald Trump: Can't find anything about Trump EVER having them unsecure.

P.S. Once a president leaves the white house, all codes are changed.

Have no idea how I got on his list. Got this text today:

“A message from Mike Pence: Elections are always about the future. Republicans can not become consumed by yesterday's grievances…”

So, Mike, if someone steals my Ferrari (no, I don’t have one), do they get to keep the Ferrari? Should I just let them enjoy “their” new Ferrari? Will I ever get it back? Will YOU buy me a new one? Will they steal that one too?

If someone uses my credit card to buy stuff in my name, should I freeze my card until the problem is fixed, or just add the crook as a new authorized card user?

You can’t stop the leak until you fix the leak!

But you go ahead, Mike. Keep putting your money in a bank without a security system. But not me. Nor would I vote for anyone who would.

Aug 12, 2022

Let’s pretend Joe Biden got 81 million votes. Even the left concedes that Donald Trump got 74 million votes.

Now think of who how people that 74 million from the party of family and prolife actually represent; how many more they will represent in the future.

Now think of how many those 81 million from party of abortion, single lifestyles, violence and death actually represent; how many less they will represent in the future.

The goal of the Left is to publicly “perp-walk” Trump out in leg-irons and handcuffs, like they have Stone and Navarro, and others. How many Dems have they/we done this to?

Do you think we will teach our children that Trump is a criminal, or a patriot and a hero?


This should have been done way back when Russia started their "satellite” invasion under Bush and Obama. BUT pay your damned dues!

1) You may not control/invade them.
2) Don't like them; afraid that what they do might affect you? Build a fence/WALL/alliance with other neighbors
3) They have guns? Buy bigger ones. (Don't give up your guns/NUKES!)
4) Still don't trust them? BUILD AN IRON DOME.
5) Your neighbor can be friends with who they want. IT'S NONE OF YOUR DAMNED BUSINESS.

Now, go away. I’ve already played this chess game all the way through to checkmate 1000 times with the “But Putin was worried about…” crowd. And when I checkmate them, they just throw the board across the room and want to start over again. If you really want an answer, read what I wrote over and over until you get it.

Aug 11, 2022

Democrats always overplay their hand. Republicans always fold too soon.

Democrats are in search of a crime they can prosecute. Republicans already have crimes in plain sight to prosecute.

The good news? After the RAID on Mar-A-Largo, Republicans just might grow a pair and go after those crimes once they get back in control.

The bad news? Dems actually DO destroy documents, phones, and servers.

Aug 10, 2022

7 years looking for crime on the butt of a flea that they could pin on Trump, while standing next to Biden’s Wooly Mammoth crimes. Nothing to see here. And certainly, no bias.

In the dictionary next to the word “oblivious” is a picture of these politicians who just spent $5 trillion of OUR dollars to hire 87,000 IRS agents to come and take MORE of our money.

Do you think they see the irony? Do you think they even care?

Aug 9, 2022

I remember being told that dates are very important to terrorists. Joe Biden decided to celebrate the 48th anniversary of Richard Nixon’s resignation (8/8/1974) with a little surprise for Donald Trump.

However, Nixon is back, he’s pissed, and he's in the mood to kick a little ass.

Smooth move, Exlax. You just gave Orange Man the 2024 Presidency.

China Joe’s plan is becoming quite clear:

1) Label MAGA the most “dangerous group of people in American history;” label them "white supremacists" and "domestic terrorists."

2) Raise our taxes during a time of run-away inflation; force us to buy $65k electric cars.

3) Assume we aren’t paying our taxes, or paying “our fair share.” (We are some of the few who actually DO pay taxes, and now we are paying it on everything, double/triple.)

4) Send an army of armed (5 million rounds of ammo) Gestapo agents (87,000 new ones) to “collect.” Are they expecting resistance? Oh, and by the way, “What is this money you donated to X political organization?”

Aug 8, 2022

Rush said many times, “The Republican party has always hated their conservative base.” But they knew they could always count on the conservative base for votes. But have no doubts -- these establishment people would rather have Dems win than to have members of their conservative base actually IN office.

Mike Pence has said many times, he is “a Christian first, a conservative second, and a Republican third.” His Christianity is between him and God. But, if he really is a conservative, then why would he endorse some who hate their conservative base? Why not consider who conservatives support (CPAC), and then support those candidates? (Especially since he polls below 1% for a presidential run at CPAC).

If he were to occasionally support a candidate that Trump doesn’t support, it’s no big deal. Other conservatives have done the same. But if every time Trump gets behind someone, he gets behind their opponent, then isn’t he really just a divider? It makes me doubt he was ever a conservative. Maybe he was, but just crossed over to the dark side.

Mike, you are not fighting Trump. You are fighting US! Let's see who the real MIKE is.

(Wouldn’t it just be the shiiitz if Trump and Pence were working together to skewer the swamp??? Wouldn’t that be just POETIC! And wouldn’t that make Pence a true silent hero? Wouldn’t that just be Biblically EPIC!)

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