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The last thing on earth Trump supporters wanted was for the Senate deliberations to be shut-down.

August 7, 2023

Ashli Babbitt: The Jan 6th Sacrificial Lamb?

I cannot say these things with certainty, but within the pattern of the whole Jan 6th narrative, I would offer the following for your consideration: That Ashli Babbitt was the sacrificial lamb for the whole Jan 6th setup.

Watch the video. Michael Byrd shot her without provocation. Was the shooting planned, with the target to be determined as the opportunity presented itself?

Notice the picture of Byrd earlier when he was still in the chamber, with "itchy" FINGER ON THE TRIGGER (a real no-no). He was nervous, as though anticipating the shot and looking for the right moment and the right target.

Also watch the two officers outside the door beside Ashli. They leave suddenly - RIGHT BEFORE she was shot.

Byrd said in his TV interview that he opened fire "as a last resort." But from the video, this doesn't seem even remotely true. Maybe as a first resort, a shot could have been fired into the air? But I guess Mr. Byrd didn't want to chip any of that lovely Marble in the "sacred" seat of "democracy."

I believe the pre-planned narrative "they" wanted to establish was this: The peaceful protest (selfie tour) had escalated to such a violent degree that police HAD to use deadly force INSIDE the capital. This would provide the OUTRAGE that would justify the shut-down of the election deliberations in the Senate. And it worked, too. Because as soon as the Senate reconvened, the Senate election deliberations were shut-down, and Joe Biden was anointed.

The last thing on earth Trump or his supporters wanted was for the Senate election deliberations to be shut-down. But this is EXACTLY what Nancy Pelosi and those pulling the strings, waving protestors into the Capital, and inciting violence, DID want.

Byrd was rewarded. This info is out there if you want to read about his perks. And those are just the ones that we know about. What other goodies did he get for "his service?" From some of the bullshit testimony I heard from Capital Police (who wore BLM t-shirts while off-duty) they all probably would have done it for free. I mean, if Dems do things for free. Do they?

A final note: Ashli Babbitt should still be alive. THOSE who took her life did so without regard for her life and her service to her country and love for her country. They took her life for their by-any-means-necessary agenda, and they did so with less regard than tossing a chewing gum wrapper. THEY should pay for their crime.


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