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If they'd gotten 81 million votes in 2020, they'd be cool as cucumbers for 2024.

August 8, 2023

...And This Is 2020

In retrospect, it is pretty easy to see what has happened. The establishment and their media never thought there was a chance in hell that outside-the-beltway candidate, Donald Trump, would win the 2016 Republican Primary. When he won the primary, they still never thought he'd win the general election. But they were starting to get nervous. Not much, but just a little. So, just in case...

They had "an insurance policy." Fabricated by Hillary and Podesta, pushed by the intelligence community, and circularly leaked to the media -- RUSSIAN COLLUSION became the center of the media universe. Well, that and "grab 'em by the pu**y." And they thought it would work, too. But their jaws dropped on election eve, 2016.

Next? As Rush said: Cover the crime and cover for the criminals. Thus, the Mueller "investigation." Results? "We can't prove it, but we can't disprove it either." Since when is that the standard for justice? We should have been on full alert at that point.

Next? Donald Trump wanted to know why, when Joe Biden was VP, he was openly bragging (on video) about withholding $1 billion in Ukrainian aid unless prosecutor, Viktor Shokin -- who was investigating Burisma -- was fired. A "perfect" phone call. IMPEACHMENT ONE.

Next? During a roaring economy, a foreign government flooded our country with a pandemic. Dems took full advantage of it. Mail-in ballots, disregard for state and federal election laws; thus, a flawed 2020 election.

And then came Jan 6th. People armed with "cameras" and taking deadly selfies were taking over the government. No doubt, sitting in Nancy Pelosi's chair gives one complete control over the government. End of Democracy! IMPEACHMENT TWO (even though Trump was no longer in office).

And now? REHASH ALL OF THE ABOVE. Stop Trump from becoming president again at all cost. Because, let's face it: if they really did get 81 million votes in 2020, it would be no contest this time around, either. They'd be cool as cucumbers.

But, no. It's not about insurance policies this time around. They aren't even confident they can cheat their way in this time. No. Donald Trump must never become president. And not only that, but as Rush said, they must completely DESTROY HIM, POLITICALLY AND PERSONALLY; they must send a message to all -- don't anyone ever even think about doing this to us again.

As far as I am concerned, a good percentage of former "Americans" are in this country on tourist visas. And those visas have expired. They have overstayed. If Trump gets back in office, just watch how many of them actually DO keep their promise this time, and leave the country.


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