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August 9, 2023

After This Civil War

After the American Civil War, the North sought reconciliation with the South. The Southern leaders were not tried for treason, partly for the sake of reconciliation, but partly because lawyers for the North believed the Southern leaders might be able to prove in court that they had a constitutional right to secede.

We are once again in an American Civil War. If Trump get's back in office, I'm not so sure the country will settle for reconciliation. The pre-Civil War South simply disputed Federal power over them. But over the last 8 years, the deep state and Dems have tried to subvert and take over our entire nation. They have risked the very future of our nation, our lives, and even the future of the world. AND FOR WHAT?

A fistful of dollars? Power over us? Over our children, our very lives, even over our thoughts?

I do not take this lightly. Personally, I want accountability. Our constitution, our law, our very order demands it. And those who violated these things, violated both the spirit and the letter of these things, and did so with FULL KNOWLEDGE!

I think the deep state, in their arrogance, doesn't believe they will ever be uprooted. BUT WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF FREEDOM. WE WERE NOT RAISED AS SLAVES NOR DO WE HAVE A SLAVE MENTALITY. WITH OUR VERY LIVES, WE REFUSE IT.

If we, by the grace, and with the help of Almighty God, succeed in restoring our nation, we should not be surprised if a large swath of liberal journos and politicians flee the country. No doubt, the CCP will gladly offer them refuge and refuse extradition back to the United States for trial and judgment.

Once that happens, the real work begins. Because they will join our adversaries to try and finish the job they started -- fundamentally transforming destroying the United States of America.


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