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Why did the chicken cross the road?

October 4, 2023

Operation Chaos

As a 27-year student of the Limbaugh Institute of Advanced Conservative Studies, I was utterly disappointed by the narrative on "our" side today.

1) "Gaetz caused chaos by voting with Dems."

Ever heard of Rush's "Operation Chaos?" click here

2) "Now congress isn't going to get anything done."

Again, I defer to Rush. The framers of our constitution meant for the Federal government to work that way. Government "getting things done" is what is feeding the beast. Example: Funding border security? Biden wanted the $ to process people in faster, not to control the border.

3) A'la Fox's Liz Peek. "These 8 people are big-time Trump supporters, and wherever Trump is, there is chaos. Americans are just tired of the chaos Trump brings, and tired of Trump."

Thank you for making my case for MAGA, Liz. Now go back under your bitter rock.

4) Playing clips of an angry Chip Roy because he was called a rino, but not playing anything Gaetz said in context.

WTF? I like you, Chip, but REALLY... a DeSantis fund raiser last week?

5) "Kevin is a good guy. He was doing his best."

This isn't Kevin's first rodeo. He knew exactly what he was doing, and what he was NOT doing, and who he was doing/not doing it for. Can we spell PAC Money, boys and girls?

As Steven Bannon pointed out, everything we got from Kevin was because we held a knife to his back.

6) "Gaetz has hurt the party."

Not half as much as you folks did on the radio. Gaetz may have saved America. It would have been nice if you would have let this play out. And it WILL play out for the best. But by making calls to "destroy the traitor" our media has divided the party more than Gaetz ever could have. But then again, maybe they just outed themselves.

7) And from the bottom of the barrel: "This was 'personal' for Gaetz."

From the shadows, and openly, they've come after Trump. They've come after Flynn. They've come after Bannon. They've come after Navarro. They've come after Rudy. They've come after Gaetz. They're coming after the "Trump-loving" "hard-line 8." They are coming after God-fearing Americans.

But don't worry, Kevin. They won't be coming after you, or the 10 Trump-hating, "moderate" Republicans. You folks are safe. Protected.

Now that Kevin and his threats of retaliation are sidelined, there will be leaders who will come forward. God will raise them up.

As Jim Jordon said, "We are at a crossroads."

So, let's cross it.

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

A: He didn't. He's chicken.


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