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We Are Always At A Crossroads.

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Oct 31, 2023

The left thinks they are very smart, but they want their enemies to think they are bumbling so they can carry out their agenda of creating chaos for the purpose of removing people's rights, and to implement government tyranny.

But the truth is, they really ARE very stupid and incompetent. Anyone can destroy. But they are incapable of solving problems, and growing and building things. They have zero creativity, except when it comes to destruction.

People who want to build, see that Trump is creatively constructive and solution oriented, and not ideological. People who really want solutions are becoming less ideological and more pragmatic as every O'Biden day goes by.

Oct 24, 2023

On April 19, 1775 the British government decided it would disarm the colonists, "just to be safe." When the garrison of British solders arrive to disarm the colonists in Concord, the colonist did not give up their guns, but instead, retreated into the woods with their weapons.

However, one stupid, or brave, patriot decided to stand his ground and fight, and fired the shot heard round the world. And what came after, was a long and bloody war, and the constitutional republic that those in Washington D.C. claim they want to protect, even though they want to do exactly what King George did to start the revolutionary war.

There has to be a line, and giving up our deterrent to tyranny must be the final one. No, we shouldn't be shy about saying it. And yes, above all things, they must be WEAPONS OF WAR that we refuse to give up.

Because we must be ready for war, against fluffy bunnies, home invaders, invaders of our homeland, or attempts by our own government, to take away our bill of God-given rights.

Your job, Washington, is to protect our rights. Not take them away. As long as you do that, you have nothing to fear from WE THE PEOPLE.

So suck on that, JOE.

There has always been a minority who believed blood was the only means to achieve what they considered justice. But there have only been 2 times in American history where the majority of Americans believed that -- the American Revolution and The Civil War.

Today, we have a whole political party who believes any means -- including violence -- is the way to achieve their political goals, while at the same time, trying to bait and paint the other party into the appearance of violence (i.e. taking selfies in the capital).

"Will" is the ultimate deterrent -- to do what is necessary to throw off the yoke. The peace loving do not want violence. But we must NEVER disarm. Without the means of deterrent, the will means VERY little. Tyrants know this.

Our "softness" and weakness is the real danger to the continued existence of freedom. We need peace loving people who are also willing to say and mean, "Don't tread on me."

Oct 23, 2023

Rush said he knew we were in trouble when the phrase Make America Great Again was controversial -- that we were no longer a people who simply had a different idea about how to accomplish that goal.

As far as I can tell, we have basically 3 (maybe 4) types of people in congress:

1) those who want to destroy America -- or "fundamentally transform" it by tearing it down and building it back "better."

2) those who think the D.C. institutions are a career path to enrich themselves and their families.

3) those who truly care about America and believe in the fairness of our constitution.

4) the "maybe 4" are those whose insecurities and egos are sustained by the lofty "position" of congressperson (think, from bartender to D.C. star).

The vote in the House is simply revealing who is who.

The thing you have to understand about Mitt, Hillary, and Joe, and all of these Washington insiders is that, this is "normal" for them (as Rush put it).

They don't see anything wrong with pay-to-play. They feel this is how the system works for them and for their families unto perpetuity.

Oct 22, 2023

This is not purely ideological. Someone is getting filthy rich out of destroying America.

Hey Hillary. Trump hasn't brainwashed us. We've brainwashed him -- into thinking that government belongs to WE THE PEOPLE, instead of the other way around.

One way is called freedom. The other way is called slavery. And it should be no surprise that the slave owners always get filthy rich.

I was watching Denzel Washington in EQUALIZER 3 last night, and it got me thinking. I wonder if some brave soul(s) at the FBI and CIA, instead of becoming whistleblowers, are doing what they do best -- covertly gathering and feeding information to people like Comer, The Gateway Pundit, Breitbart, Tucker Carlson, John Solomon, etc., to try and save our country.

As a Republican, I wouldn't care which political party the person(s) incriminated belonged to if that person were selling out our country. It's called justice.

Democrats only want info that incriminates their political enemies while covering their own crimes. It's called targeting/weaponization.

We need to create a swamp training program, to teach our candidates what to expect when they get to Washington, and how to handle the methods of force and coercion that they will be facing when they get there so they don't get seduced and/or undermined. They could just listen to 30 years worth of Rush Limbaugh programs, but we need a faster method to prepare them.

For example: I love Lauren Boebert, and I still support her, but she should have known she was being setup with the silly theater deal. Didn't she ever hear how GLAD setup Frank Gifford, just to get back at Kathie Lee for being a public supporter of Anita Bryant? Bryant, nailed the gay agenda 47 years ago when she said, "What these people really want, hidden behind obscure legal phrases, is the legal right to propose to our children that theirs is an acceptable alternate way of life. ... I will lead such a crusade to stop it as this country has not seen before."

The leftist agenda is entwine with the D.C. agenda. And we need troops that are already trained when they arrive in D.C.

Oct 21, 2023

They didn't want Jordan. They don't really want Byron. Not sure about Hern. This is just for window dressing. They really want McCarthy or Scalise, they'll settle for Emmer.

What they want is someone who will SUPPORT WAR FUNDING. That's what all this is about. APPROPRIATIONS -- where all the power and BIG money is. They want WARMONGERS. That's why they call the peacemakers (Gaetz+7) "trouble makers."

They won't vote for anyone who will help Trump implement his America First agenda. This is all about thwarting Trump. These PoS know Trump is coming back, so now they are just preparing to hinder him -- to "Paul Ryan" him -- once he is back, and they know they can't do that if Jordan or Byron is speaker.


They think we are just going to give up and go away, like we always do, and leave them to run their "club" they way they want.

But Trump has created a REAL problem for them. He is not giving up, in spite of their massive opposition. And he is setting an example for us not to give up no matter what. In fact, most of us would be damn-right ashamed of ourselves if we gave up, after all he has gone through.

They can't break him. They don't dare martyr him, else they create 80 million or more Trumps.

They are in an awful predicament.

Oct 20, 2023

I love the final scene, of the final episode, of season one of THE CHOSEN. Jesus' ministry had become public, which he/they knew was going to stir the hornets nets. In the scene, Jesus and the disciples walk hand in hand as the song, "Trouble" plays.

What did you expect guys? We don't have a government anymore. We have a mental institution, with 22 of the orderlies trying to "get along" with the inmates who have taken over every wing of the institution but the House.

It's not SAVE AMERICA that's the problem. It's the Dems, and those who want to "go along to get along."

If you want to save America, you'd better trust God, and you'd better get used to trouble. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Maybe get paid on the way out, like Judas did.

Oct 19, 2023

As Rush said, "The Republican party has always hated its conservative base."

Look at the bright side of what is happening in the House speaker situation: we've got the House down to 22 who are either conservative haters, or who are just so butt-hurt, petty, and childish, that they shouldn't be in the same room as conservative fighters. Either way, they don't have what it takes to SAVE AMERICA.

The agreement conservatives made with McCarty was multipronged. When he didn't live up to it (back room deals with Biden, etc -- typical tax and spend D.C.) Gaetz and the 8 called in the marker.

These 22 are all butt hurt because we actually DID WHAT WE SAID WE WOULD DO. This is about protecting the donor class, not representing their constituents.

Every single Dem voted for Jefferies. So you 22 pretend all you like. You 22 KNOW Jordan represents the majority of the new Republican party. You know he will get 'er done. That's what you DON'T' won't to happen.

I LOVE what is happening now. It is more of the swamp REVEAL that's been taking place since Donald John Trump stood up and said, HERE I AM - SEND ME.

Oct 18, 2023

Amazing. Every single Democrat voted for Jefferies. But we have 20 hold-outs on our side who won't vote for Jordan, either because they ARE Democrats, or because they are all butt-hurt about what happened to Kevin, even though Kevin isn't butt-hurt and is voting for Jim Jordan (unless he is telling others behind closed doors to do something else).

No wonder the Democrat destruction of our country continues unchecked. And they are laughing, and planning more and greater destructions.

And think about it. The whole world is in flames because of the BIG LIE. No, not just THAT big lie, that the 2020 elections was stolen, even though that is why the BIGGER lie continues.

The BIGGER lie? That the earth will end soon because of GLOBAL WARMING/CLIMATE CHANGE - a lie other countries like China will gladly propagate, but will not meaningfully participate in "stopping".

And so our county withers, while we feed the aggressions of China, Russia, Iran, and South American dictators.

Oct 17, 2023

Some pundits are saying that Reps. in tight districts voted for anyone but Jordan, but will vote for him on the second round. And this might be true of these 7 (who won by a min of .49%, max 4% -- 5 of these districts were flipped red): JOHN JAMES (Trump endorsed), Michael Lawler, Lori Chavez-DeRemer, Don Bacon, Jen Kiggans, Anthony D'Esposito, John Rutherford (Trump endorsed).

Bacon wasn't a flip, but he says he'll NEVER vote for Jordan. What a PoS.

These people were ALL endorsed by Trump: Mike Kelly, Victoria Spartz, Doug LaMalfa, Kay Granger, Mario Diaz-Balart, Carlos Gimenez (who has endorsed Trump for 2024), and they all won by big margins -- min 18%, max 42%. Jake Ellzey, was also endorsed by Trump in 2022. Funny thing is, the people they nominated for speaker all voted for Jordan! :-)

Tony Gonzales endorsed Trump for 2024, but wasn't endorsed by Trump in 2022. He won in 2022 by 17.

These people have NOT endorsed Trump, nor were they endorsed by Trump: Nicholas LaLota, Andrew Garbarino, Ken Buck, Mike Simpson, Steve Womack. They all won by 12 to 31 points. These are the one's I'm really worried about. They'd give it to the Dems out of spite.

Oct 14, 2023

Trump is not just a fighter, but he knows WHO he is fighting. He started off fighting to make America great again. But in that fight he encountered the "enemy of the people" -- those who have a vested interest in stopping us from making America great -- the Swamp.

So many Republicans still don't realize who the Swamp is; don't even recognize THEY are a part of that swamp and/or enablers of it, because they still can't identify who the real enemy is.

Democrats aren't just fellow Americans fighting for the same constitutional goals. They are sick and corrupt. They believe America and its constitution are corrupt. And many Republicans are enabling them, or are part of that corruption.

For better or for worse, the old wine skins are about to burst.

Yes, most of the hundreds of Republican emails I get every day in my Gmail account go to spam. But, no, Google didn't put them there. I did!

Where did they get my email address? Why are they sharing it? AND do they not yet realize (even the candidates I like) that I NEVER give through consultants anymore?

Do they not realize that Trump is the new head of the Republican party and that many of us only give directly to Save America or directly to candidates that Trump endorses? And this isn't about following Trump. This is about Trump following us, and a united effort to support candidates that do the same.

They probably DO realize it by now. And as the individual donor contributions dwindle from the RNC, this must make their greedy dependency on the big donors even more important, and make them even more swampy, making those candidates who depend on them more swampy.

The times they are a changing. This peaceful constitutional revolution either succeeds, or we will be crushed. WE THE PEOPLE are fighting that our form of government not perish from the earth.

The swamp believes it is fighting for its very existence as well, though, even if they prevail, they will eventually devour one another as well. And at such a cost to all.

Oct 13, 2023

I would love to see how individual House members voted BEFORE they get to the floor vote. We have some patriots, who love this country and are willing to die fighting for it. And we have some Mitts, full of fear, and beholden to donors.

We know why these people who aren't backing Jordan aren't backing him. They are the "Mitts" who say "we must work with Democrats on a bi-partisan basis to get things done for the American people."

Have you idiots been sleeping the last 7 years? We don't WANT you to work with Democrat to get things done. We want you to STOP things from happening -- bad things that Democrats are doing to destroy America. And not just the bad things Democrats are doing. But to reverse course on this tyrannical power the federal government and administrative state has endowed itself with.

We want you to put America and its constitution first, and that involves returning the power to the states and to the people.

Never-Trumpers are Never-America-First-ers.

Oct 6, 2023

Yes, Hillary. Government used to "work," as long as WE THE PEOPLE didn't interfere. You and your families were guaranteed jobs for life. Tony Blinken's daddy could sleep good a night knowing his son would have a career.

And what did it cost US? Just taxes and the blood of our sons. And what did we get for it? Gov telling us what to do, and a good, patriotic feeling that our sons died for your club.


Oct 5, 2023

Vivek Ramaswammy is not running for 2024. He is running for 2028. And I respect someone who is so smart to look that far ahead. However, was he looking this far ahead when he was a Democrat activist?

Everything he says is Perfect. Now we have till 2028 to see if "the collars and cuffs match."

But I guarantee you - Ronny Dee will NEVER be president in a MAGA nation. He screwed the pooch.

Oct 4, 2023

The VERY first thing the new speaker should do:


This morning, poor Fox newsy, Liz Peek-a-boo, was crying about yesterday's "chaos;" crying that these 8 people who pushed this vote are big-time Trump supporters, and that "wherever Trump is, there is chaos." She went on to push the narrative that Americans are just tired of the chaos Trump brings, and therefore tired of Trump. I suspect Clay and Buck will push the same Fox narrative today. We'll see.

But no one seems upset enough about what Biden is doing to actually DO anything about it. Nor are they upset with the 10 Never-Trump "moderate" Republicans that are helping Joe accomplish his mission.

Seems like yesterday's speakership "chaos" may have flushed out a bunch of media people on our side that really are worried about losing their profitable "complaint pulpit."

I heard the left level that same accusation at Rush. But I never heard Rush happier than when Trump was president (and Rush was fighting cancer the last year of Trump's presidency and the last year of his own life), because Rush loved America.

The alternative to America is unthinkable. And that is exactly what the left is creating. And our so-called right wing media just doesn't really get how close we are to losing America. They think it is still biz as usual. But what happened yesterday may be the only thing that will save it. It might even require a flush or two more.

Oct 3, 2023

Lots of people out there tonight on "our side" freaking out. Give it a rest. This is a great opportunity to get a speaker that recognizes that government is not the solution, it's the problem.

McCarthy and many others don't seem to realize -- we are very near the end. All the "decorum" in the world won't mean a damn if our country is gone.

We are down to last chance(s). I hesitate to make it plural.

Oct 1, 2023

It's over. Even if this were a two-man race, and every non-Trump went to someone else, it would still be 63% to 37%.

But every non-Trump vote wouldn't go to someone else.

Most, if not ALL, of Viveck's votes (who claims to be a younger version of Trump) would go to Trump. That's 70%-30% in favor of Trump.

Most of Scott, and Burgy-man's votes go to Trump. 74%-26% in favor of Trump.

Kristy Kreme and St Pence the Pious's votes will go to anybody BUT Trump, but some of DeeSantus/Haley votes would go to Trump.



Sep 29, 2023

For years we had a moral culture that honored the constitution, even if the political class just pretended to honor it for money and power. But for whatever reason, now (maybe what they've wanted all along) the left is flooding our country with those who don't know anything about our constitution.

Much of America, along with the black community, has been tricked into no longer seeking civil rights (equality), but instead insisting on entitlements (equity).

Entitlements force-feed a weakened, comatose patient, and enable government tyranny. But RIGHTS must be CLAIMED and exercised, thereby strengthening the individual, and thus society, while at the same time shrinking government dependency and control.

'We've come a long way, baby..." to get to the trash heap we've arrived at. There's not much time left to save this country.

Sep 28, 2023

Anyone on that stage last night saying the leading presidential candidate who is being pursued relentlessly by the weaponized government is the threat, instead of the weaponized government being the threat, is either oblivious or part of that threat.

Remember the SNL skit, "il Cantore Restaurant" (Kevin Nealon, Kirstie Alley, Carvey, Myers, Sandler, Schneider) where the guy takes his wife to an Italian restaurant and the waiters are way too friendly, and end up making out with the wife on the table, while insisting it's all just innocent friendliness?

At what point do Dems and their media finally say smoking gun with the Biden crime family?

The Republicans are doing a good job at measuring out the Biden crime family evidence a drop at a time, a technique the Dems have used for years. Of course, in Dem's recent desperation, they are trying to use their entire arsenal all at once against Trump. And this is pretty serious unlawful, unconstitutional stuff they are doing right now to try and take him down.

If the Keebler elves in last night's debates REALLY gave a shii about our country and the gravity of what is going on they would drop out in defense of president Trump and demand this persecution STOP. And they would have done it LIVE during the debates.

Not a single one of them is presidential material. Definitely NOT "for a time such as this."

Sep 27, 2023

My car's cruise control is awesome, and even slows down as I get closer to a car in front of me to maintain proper distance. And as I was driving this morning, it got me thinking:

The media is already talking about how 2024 voter turn-out will be "dismal" -- that no one wants Biden OR Trump and will just stay home.

Hum. So, my guess is: The cheat this time will be subtractive rather than the typical additive -- less about giving Biden MORE votes, and more about undercounting Trump votes.

Machines can do it either way and both.

Sep 25, 2023

Anyone remember the Gilligan's Island theme? ♫ Gilligan, the Skipper too; the millionaire and his wife; the movie star; the Professor and Mary Ann ♫

But during the first season, the theme was, ♫ Gilligan, the Skipper too; the millionaire and his wife; the movie star; and the rest ♫

Ha! Reminds me of the upcoming primaries, "Trump, and the rest..." The Keebler elves are more like bit-parts.

DeeSanctus has shown his true colors by hobnobbing with the Rove machine.

Nikki is FAKE, FAKE, FAKE.

Tim needs to get back to the Senate and pretend to be MAGA if he wants to keep his seat.

Ramaswami has a VERY questionable background as a Dem activist. Has he changed, or just been implanted?

St. Pence the Pious represents the uniparty warmongers; a Pharisee wolf wearing Christian sheep's clothing.

And Kris Krispy Kreme (KKK) is a TDS stalker who just wants to pee in the cookie batter.


Sep 23, 2023

Jimmy Carter hurt America, but he didn't hate America.

Even Bill Clinton didn't hate America. He just loved pu**y and money.

But at some point, the Democrat party morphed into a party that literally hates America. Much of this happened under Obama.

So, just what do Democrats love? People? (ha! ha! ha!) Money? Power?

We know Joe Biden has gotten rich selling his influence. But I'm not so sure Joe is as doodling as we think.

Why would a president give Iran pallets of cash knowing the American people wouldn't approve of it? Or keep our border open knowing it hurts Americans?

Joe is old and knows he will die soon. So, how can it be for money? Obama was sly, but Joe? What evil is this? His policies are literally anti-American and anti-Christ.

Whatever the Dem party may have been at one point, its chief function now is to steal, to kill, and to destroy. And those Republicans that join with them are no better.

Sep 15, 2023

Joe has a D by his name. Joe is controllable, but old and could drop any second.

Kamala has a D by her name. Kamala is controllable, but stupid, and no one likes her. (Remember, she got less than 1% of the vote and finally dropped out of the 2020 presidential primary.)

If 2020 was "the most safe and secure election in history" then certainly a Democrat win can be repeated in 2024 by anyone with a D by their name, right?

So, why are Dems starting to express such concern about Joe's age? About Kamala?

Without the cover of covid, and now that many of the "election fraud" tools have been discover and are being thwarted, are they going to have to rely on actual state by state popularity to win an election?

Are Dems going to have to count on voters who won't vote for them just because they have a D beside their name?

They seem nervous.

Sep 14, 2023

If the FBI showed up at your door 30 years ago, you'd ask, "How did you find me?"

If the FBI showed up at your door 20 years ago, you'd ask, "What did I do?"

If the FBI showed up at your door 10 years ago, you'd ask, "What did I say?"

If the FBI shows up at your door now, you ask, "What did I think?"

Sep 13, 2023

Ukrainian politicians have always sold out their people to the highest bidder, the main bidders being Russia and the USA. (This is why Ukrainian politicians gave up the 3rd largest nuke arsenal in the world -- with the help of Tony Blinkin's daddy).

The Ukrainian population has been dwindling, with more young people leaving the country over the last 20 years, and the death rate exceeding the birth rate. So the price per head that the politicians sold their citizens for was at least a good return.

The price per head Joe Biden (and both Dems and Republicans) sold Americans out for is about $35 per head (per Glenn Beck). We're K-Mart.

Sep 11, 2023

Of all the lessons we learned from the 9/11 attacks, how can we still fail to understand what the Democrats mean when they say, "[We] don't need to know how to land."

Sep 10, 2023

Wars are won when one side is no longer willing to accept any more loses.

People fighting to defend their own home from an invader have a distinct advantage -- motivation, ensconcement, and knowledge of the terrain.

The attrition rate of an ensconced enemy is somewhere between 6 and 10 to 1. So, no matter how much of Ukraine Russia destroys, the losses they are taking and the ones they will take are mild in comparison to overseeing an occupied Ukraine while trying to rebuild it (which Russia can't afford).

If Zelenskyy is smart and just uses his ammo to hold the line until Trump is back in office, Ukraine will win -- or at least not take a total loss. If Trump doesn't win, the fate of Europe lies in Poland.

Sep 9, 2023

Dems/Rinos who are trying to get Trump off their state ballots better think twice:

BECAUSE: The few blue states which even have a shot at this will probably go to Biden anyway. And these states almost always have third/fourth party candidates (Green or Libertarian) on their ballots. In fact, Dems usually finance these candidates to take votes away from Republicans.

Now some have suggested to write-in Trump. BUT, if in these states, Republicans unitedly vote for the leading third party candidate, Biden could lose the electors for that state, and that would allow Trump to win with far less electoral votes, and without the usual swings states. In fact, we could do this in ALL the states we don't have a chance in.

More than one way to skin a cat. Be careful what you wish for, Demonrats. God will flip your script.

P.S. Dems won't let RFK Jr. on the Dem ballot, so he is thinking about running 3rd party. Is this why Biden won't give him Secret Service protection (even in light of his uncle JFK's and dad's RFK's assassinations)?

One thing that is very important to remember about Dems and the psychology of their whole perv ilk...

♪♫ Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused ♫ ♪

Some people like to cheat just because it's cheating. The thrill of the taboo and the "power" it makes them feel. If it wasn't cheating, they wouldn't do it. That's how sick these pervs are. If there's no victim (themselves or others) it isn't fun for them.

Sep 8, 2023

I look at these pretend-to-be-patriots, like Cheney and Kinzinger, screaming, "end of Democracy," defending a sick, tyrannical government, while walking free, sacrificing nothing for WE THE PEOPLE, and watching their defense stock portfolios grow;

Then I see people like Trump, Navarro, Bannon, Gen. Flynn, and others, being bankrupted by that same tyrannical government, risking everything, willing to go to jail, so that the voice of WE THE PEOPLE might be heard...

The contrast between the self-centered traitors and self-sacrificing REAL patriots is astonishing... sickening and enlightening at the same time.

Our forefathers risked everything so that their posterity (us) might have freedom.

Sep 7, 2023

What exactly does Russia have to offer Ukraine? They promised jobs and pensions to the people when they went into South Ossetia. Now those people have neither, and their mayors drive limos. The same promises have been made to Donbas, and will have the same results.

Russia promised to protect Ukraine's territorial integrity if they gave up their nukes. Now Ukraine has neither.

Russia doesn't have the intentions or resources to fulfill its promises, especially not to rebuild what they have destroyed. So just what do the Ukrainian people get out of all this?

Ukraine has always had politicians who sold to the highest bidder. The West and Russian have always been the high bidders. If Ukraine is lost, they'll won't even have one bidder. Just a master.

Sep 6, 2023

These Marxist PoS have already stated, "We don't want America as founded." So, when are we going to take them at their word and recognize that "America as founded" includes the Constitution as well!

AND THUS -- just who are the insurrectionists? and who are the patriots.

Those who love the country AS FOUNDED (and that includes the Constitution) are the only ones who can stop them and save AMERICA.

All hands on deck. And that means EVERYONE -- DeSantis, Haley, the lot of you. ELSE, you are with the enemy.

Sep 5, 2023

Hope everyone has realized by now that the reason they are shouting insurrection is to cover up their INSURRECTION!

What the long game is here? The USA is in a proxy war with Russia, but it is at the behest of China. Meanwhile, Russia in being supported financially and with arms/ammo by China. And now, Putin is entering into an agreement with China's wild child, Kim Jung Un for ammo and arms, no doubt trading nukes for them.

Putin has to be smart enough to know what is happening, so what is his angle? Are both Biden AND Putin in league with China, or does Putin think he is playing China because he has the largest nuke arsenal? (But China has more hypersonics and better delivery systems.)

Seems the Western globalists are being supplanted by the Maoist/Marxist globalists.

Sep 4, 2023

Wherever they won't let you look, is where the bodies are buried. Of course, the left could throw a head-fake. But they aren't that smart, and they are far too nervous.


Aug 30, 2023

If our elections are unsecure and fraudulent (like a majority of Americans feel they are), then an "insurrection" has already taken place.

And NO -- "That's been debunked" or "Our experts say" doesn't cut it.




4) EVERYONE gets to hear all sides.

5) Election integrity measures recommended by Jimmy Carter/James Baker 2005 Election Integrity Council MUST BE IMPLEMENTED!

What are you afraid of Dems and media?

Truth contains its own guardian hierarchy. But when the greatest truths are lost, the failure is cascading. And the first truth to be lost is generally the last to be recovered, if ever.

This is why I believe that the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax, and the 2020 hoax of our elections being "the most safe and secure ever" are just the tip of the deception iceberg.

Only God is the fountainhead of truth. So no matter who you listen to or what the source, all fall victim to propaganda and the systematizing of error, and can unknowingly be carriers.

Always ask: Who benefits from this narrative? Who wants what from whom and why? Is an agreement being broken? Is the agreement one-sided? Is this an "incoming" or a smokescreen?

Aug 29, 2023

Pence isn't running for president. I'm not sure what he is doing. I thought he was just running to diss Trump on stage, but I think there is something else going on.

Is he running for Secret Service protection? Is he so fearful? He seemed scared shiiless during and after Jan 6th. Does he know things about himself (or the deep state's plans) that would cause him to have this fear?

St. Pence the Pious is almost behaving paranoid. He was not only like Judas on Jan 6th, but he is now behaving like Judas did afterwards.

Aug 28, 2023

(Recent AMAC poll) Which candidate do you believe won last Wednesday's Republican primary debate?

Asa Hutchinson - <1%
Doug Burgum - <1%
Mike Pence - 1%
Chris Christie - 1%
Tim Scott - 1%
Nikki Haley - 10%
Ron DeSantis - 21%
Vivek Ramaswamy - 22%
None of the candidates on the debate stage won - 43%

Aug 26, 2023

It used to be okay for both Democrats AND Republicans to talk about election fraud -- as long as it was conjecture, and we didn't know how they did it, or couldn't prove it. But now that we know how and have proof, it is taboo.

You can talk about any other subject in the universe. But telling people you can't talk about election fraud, even threatening legal action if they do, doesn't instill confidence in people that our elections are fair. Quite the contrary.

One tool for cheating is AI/Machine control voting. It uses a similar process to a car's cruise control. The set-speed is your baseline. As votes come in, if you need to cut back, you just reduce (simple); if you need more votes, the machine says more gas. But it has to HAVE gas (available votes/voters) to inject to bring it up to speed. Where does it get more? Easy Peasy, Mac n' Cheesy -- The Ghost in the machine. (See chart.)

And just in case you were wondering about the photo-finishes where it really matters (i.e. Georgia 2020, or Lake within .1% of an automatic recount)? It's just to turn elections into a sporting event and promote a "polarized" America. America is likely 60/40; maybe even 70/30.

Aug 25, 2023


When the devil loses, his fake news tells everyone he won.

When God wins, the world is never going to run with the headlines, "Breaking: God Wins!" Never gonna happen.

God's description of Hezekiah's deliverance from Sennacherib was, "I will put my hook in your nose and my bit in your mouth, and I will make you return by the way you came." Sennacherib heard a rumor of war in his land, and was killed there by his own sons.

But Sennacherib's historians wrote, "Hezekiah is shut up in Jerusalem like a caged bird." If you want to keep your head, your king gets a good review - no matter what! It's called FAKE NEWS.

Aug 24, 2023

Over 80 million voters... viewers -- Trump and Tucker, that is.

Did anyone watch the VP debates?

Tim & Vivek, a big maybe.

Ron? Gone. Over-rehearsed. Trying to act tough. Really bad acting.

Nikki. Playing cards. Race card, sex card, and a crap hand at that.

Asa-hole, Kristy Kreme, and Pence claiming they care about the constitution is like the Scribes & Pharisees claiming to care about the commandments of God over their traditions.

Was anyone else there? Liz Cheney?

Aug 23, 2023

The new narrative today for Trump not attending the debates is, "Good. Because he would dominate the room. Now we'll get to hear what the other candidates have to say."

I'm sure all the Keebler Elves will want to share their favorite cookie recipe. But the one ingredient they all share is ELECTION FRAUD DENYING. (Except for Larry Elder, who is not being allowed in the debates!)

HARD CORE Election Fraud Deniers are those who all say (word for word), "2020 was the most safe and secure election in history." Yet many of these people will also say that the 2016 election was "hacked."

SOFT CORE Election Fraud Deniers are those (like Fox News' Liz Peek) who say "Most people believe there was fraud in the 2020 elections, but I'm just sick of hearing Trump talk about it. We need to move on and win." Very typical of the Fox news narrative, "♫ We don't talk about Bruno. ♫"

This is as ludicrous as saying, "A bank had a YUGE multi-billion$ heist in 2020. We don't know HOW they did it. But let's just "move on" and make another YUGE multi-billion$ deposit IN THAT SAME BANK in 2024." What could possibly go wrong?

We know they did it. Now, many of us know HOW they did it. But the cheaters don't care because the media covers for them. Now they are "in our face" about it, like in AZ.

Get ready for the CNN/Fox narrative and "influence polls" the day after the debates:

"The Debates Move The Needle Away From Trump."

As the days go by, we will see just the opposite in real polls. But by then the media will be focused on the Trump indictments.

Aug 22, 2023

Most of the Keebler elves will get up and tell everyone what they are GOING to do, but it is all stuff none of them have done -- just promises.

Christie won't even talk about the stuff he's done, because he is ashamed of it, and rightly so.

DeeSanctus will try to run off his FL record, which might make him chief Keebler elf. (But still, Murdoch wants Youngkin, who isn't even running.)

But still, they are all elves and ankle bitters, and I wish they stick to baking their fantasy cookies, and leave the real dough for OUR MAN to fight election interference and to win the general.

Why are they embarrassing themselves like this? For money? Hate? Personal ambitions?

Aug 21, 2023

For years the media spoke and we swallowed. They love that power.

But they have lied to us so many times and have gotten caught at it, that they have lost that power over many of us.

Don't be fooled. We know who they are. Even when they tell the truth occasionally, it is part of their agenda. They are anathema.

Aug 20, 2023

Just saw there is an APPLE BUTTER festival coming up in Groveport Ohio in October. On their vendor application it says, "NO FAITH-BASED ITEMS." Excuse me, but WTF?

Will the people attending the festival know this was a stipulation? Are the organizers trying to stop the stampede of Islamic, Hindu, Buddhists, etc., items from being sold? Nah. They should have just been honest and put -- NO JESUS SHII ALLOWED!

So sick of these liars. Maybe we should boycott? But then, what happens to the cupcake baker who took all the John 3:16 labels off her cupcakes so she could still sell great cupcakes. (She was hoping to share her craft AND maybe share eternal life with someone, too.)

This is EXACTLY why we have a first amendment.

Aug 19, 2023

I hate it when people brag -- except for Trump. Because I know it is, "No brag, just fact," like Walter Brennan used to repeat in "The Guns of Will Sonnett."

Warren Buffet said, "Give your children enough to do what they want, but not enough to do nothing."

Trump came from a wealthy family. But they were a hard working, principled family. And all this was probably generational. And not just inheriting substance either, but also being endowed with principle from each generation. Trump took what he was given, and BUILT something with it. We all get that.

It seems to me that generational failure comes from not making something of yourself, and then not teaching anything, or not giving anything, to your children - not even your love, time, or presence.

Aug 18, 2023

Our elections are a sham. If your bank teller always gives you back the wrong change, they are stupid. If they always short-change you, they are crooked. If they sometimes over-change, sometimes short-change, but still have just a little to their advantage, they are crooked and smart.

Our election system is far more important than money, because it is our freedom, and eventually our livelihood as well.

I'll fight just as hard for a Democrat who has been cheated, not because I share their beliefs, but because I believe in a fair system, else there is no balance of power.

Those who approve of cheating either ARE cheating, or think they are benefitting from the cheating. Those who want to cheat want power. Those who want to corrupt fair and honest systems want ultimate power.

Aug 14, 2023

MAGA is the only group of people that actually wants to HELP the homeless and FIX the problem, instead of just propagating it to get power and money. Same with drug addiction, gender dysphoria.. the list goes on and on.

Dems and their media don't want to fix these problems, and couldn't, even if they wanted to.

Don't let the Dems and their media put the focus on Trump. WE are MAGA. WE WANT TO FIX AND BUILD THINGS. We want to save our country. Trump is one of us and on our side.

And if you Keebler Elves want to join us/Trump and help us fix/build shii, great. But we can do without those who want to pump up their own careers.

We know who the candidates are now:

Trump the Terrifying - to the Swamp

Ron De Sanctimonious (you just can't come up with a better name)

Vivek "VP?" Ramaswami (Ommmmmm)

St. Pence the Pious (or as Gen. Kellogg might refer to him, St. Pence the Useless)

AAH! (Affirmative Action Halley)

Tim the Taken Advantage Of (by his consultants)

KKK - Krispy Kreme Kristy ("Don't call him a fat slob, sir!")

Elder, Hutchison, etc - the Oblivious

Burgum FMFA (Use that $ to Fix Michigan First, Again)

Aug 13, 2023

Trump loves people. Biden doesn't. It's why he hides, except to sniff hair and tell Peter Doocy to, "Stay off my lawn!"

Trump is already building the future of the party by apprenticing young patriots. (DeeSanctus thinks he is too good for that. You know, "executive" material.)

Meanwhile, Biden is hiding in his basement, letting Dem's cheat and law-fair wins, while counting on illegal immigrant and woke trans people to be the future of the Dem party. But they are neglecting and leaking Black, Latino, and even Muslim voters like a sieve.

Who do YOU think wins this war? People who care about their country & children's future, or people who only care about their own d*cks (or cutting them off)?

It's a no d*cker.

Aug 12, 2023

It's not just about them trying to keep us from investigating Biden. It's not just about protecting Biden. We are starting to learn by ALL of this, that it comes back to why they didn't want, and still don't want Trump. They are afraid they will ALL get found out. They are protecting themselves.

They are breaking every rule. Violating every protocol. They are sweating.

The objective of their blitzkrieg on Trump is to convince us that none of this will ever be solved until there is blood. And they are trying to provoke this while they still have control of the military and before Trump gets back in office, so they can declare martial law.

We are in a civil war -- a lawless post-constitutional state. On our side, we are just trying to keep everyone calm, and give them hope that Trump can drain the swamp and fix this shit, so that lead doesn't start flying.

If we revolt, China, maybe even Russia, comes in to "assist" Gen. "Rainbow Underwear" Milley in suppressing the rebellion, and the new world order is cemented.

These are dark and devilish times. Keep your head cool. A sense of urgency, yes. But pace and patience. Pray. Believe. Act.

Aug 11, 2023

"A jury of one's peers today in the United States refers to the right to a trial by an impartial jury chosen from a cross-section of the [your] community. The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees this right." from The Constitutional Rights Foundation

Washington D.C. Presidential Elections:

1980 Carter 75% (Reagan won)
1984 Mondale 85% (Reagan won)
1988 Dukakis 83% (Bush won)
1992 Clinton 85% (Clinton won)
1996 Clinton 85% (Clinton won)
2000 Gore 85% (Bush won)
2004 Kerry 90% (Bush won)
2008 Obama 94% (Obama won)
2012 Obama 96% (Obama won)
2016 Hillary 96% (Trump won)
2020 Biden 94% (Biden won)


Aug 10, 2023

Trump and WE THE PEOPLE should be charged as co-conspirators with conspiracy to take back our country. Guilty as charged. We don't even need a trial. We plead guilty.

Something just keeps coming back and bugging me...

It's the story about UN-ELECTED Gen. Milley telling China he would contact them if Trump were to take military action. Think about that for a moment:

Donald Trump was duly elected by WE THE PEOPLE (even though Democrats are STILL saying he was elected by "Russian Collusion." Apparently, Dems can be election deniers, but we can't).

Un-elected Milley serves at the pleasure of the president.

Think of the ramifications of this story. If true, the enemy isn't AT the gates. It is IN the gates. And no amount of politics can save us. Only GOD can turn this around. Only God can put a hook in the nose of the enemy.


Aug 9, 2023

Rush Limbaugh was a man who loved this country and believed conservatism was the cure for what ails it. He used to say that, "Republicans have always hated their conservative base."

He was right. At best, D.C. Republicans are Libertarians. That's at BEST. But at worst they were no better than Ukrainian politicians -- sold to the highest bidder.

I believe the reason we lost our culture and elections is because WE became more libertarian than conservative, and to some degree we are still in that state.

It is time to fight back and define exactly what we believe freedom was given to us FOR. I believe it is to BUILD, and not just to "do whatever you want."

To me, ISSUE 1 in Ohio was a commonsense issue: If you have a polarized society, a 60% majority vote keeps the constitution from being amended back and forth by whim or outside influence, and makes sure that the overwhelming majority support amendment. But the issue went down HARD, ironically, with a 60% majority. So we can't blame this on cheating.

What happened? The left was able to frame this as an ABORTION RIGHTS issue. And we helped them, because WE framed it this way also.

Ohio is a Red state. But by the vote, it is obvious that plenty of Republicans and Independents see this as a "keep the government out of our lives" issue. And we'd better remember this in 2024. Because if we don't WIN, we lose everything.

Aug 8, 2023

With each new hoax, impeachment, and indictment, it becomes obvious that Trump isn't beating them simply because he is Teflon, but because THEY are slimy, by-any-means-necessary, leftists.

Everyone gets exactly what is going on. They left and their media has absolutely destroyed any credibility they may at one time had. It must be absolutely infuriating to them to realize everyone can see them in their ugly nakedness.

And so, on they go, fighting for their pathetic existence.

Whited sepulchres!

Headline: Vivek Ramaswamy Can’t Say If He Would Have Certified Election On Jan. 6th Like Pence

I wouldn't vote for ANYONE who didn't look at the 2020 election evidence. I have. And I continue to look at more of it as it comes out. It is myriad.

But what is the left trying to do? SHUT IT DOWN.

My biggest problem with all of our elected officials, including Pence, is they didn't even look at it. At best, they might have had an aide or their cronies "look" at it for them, and tell them, "Nothing to see here, boss." But at worst, they KNEW there was evidence.

So guys, put up or shut up. Because I would never vote for anyone who thinks we are gonna just let 2020 ride off into the sunset.

There were crimes committed. Criminals to convict. A country to save. You'd do it for Randolph Scott.

Aug 7, 2023

For years we've watch the kleptocratic Federal system grow and grow itself, and create addictive welfare systems to enslave supporters, while centralizing its wealth and power. Blue states are just as guilty because they keep this system in power so they can suck on the teats of Federal subsidies.

In 2016 they got a surprise -- a threat to their system. And we now see just what they will do to stay in power.

They'd prefer an Obama in office. But they will settle for a Biden. If not, they'll settle for a Chris Christie or a Mike Pence. If not, they'll settle for a DeeSantis or a Youngkin. But NEVER Trump.

I was at a Ohio Republican event yesterday featuring Jim Jordan, Bernie Moreno, and Kari Lake. It was lots of fun. Very family oriented, with lots of stuff for the kids -- bouncy house, face painting, hay ride, ice cream. See the things we "domestic terrorists" do together.

Then I was thinking about the things Dems do at their events -- looting, burning, injuring; and for the kids -- drag shows, public nudity, profanity and the likes.

But the truth is, no matter how much Soros finances "grass roots" leftist drama, most Americans don't want violence or lawlessness. That's why the left and their media are trying to paint us as violent. It's also the major reason they aren't releasing the Nashville shooter manifesto. We all know what's in it and what it calls for. And it may be worse than what we've imagined.

Aug 6, 2023

China will force the rest of the world into green energy with their "end of the world" propaganda. In the meantime, they will be increasing their own use of gas, oil, and coal. They will force the rest of the world into bankruptcy, and eventually take control over those counties. And then, GUESS WHAT? We will all be forced into using gas, oil, and coal again.

And Joe Biden and the left will have made it all possible.

Notice it's always the people who suffer, never the leaders.

And consider this: America is borrowing money from China to send arms to Ukraine. The American people, their children and grandchildren, will have to pay this money back.

Meanwhile, that very same CHI-NA (#2 economy in the world, soon to be #1) is sending arms to Russia (#47 economy in the world) to fight in Ukraine.

Aug 5, 2023

Trump has already secured the nomination, according to Joe Rogan, because "DeeSantis will never get Trump voters" in the primary. The only states Ronny could even get close in are states that allow Dems to cross over. And that is dangerous to Biden if another Dem runs against Joe.

So why are Ron's kids wasting our resources when they know Trump will be the nominee? Are they planning on voting for Biden or Newsome in the general? Of course not.



July 25, 2023

The media is covering for the fact that the Dem party is unproductive, incompetent, and corrupt. And what is the media, but a bunch of rich elites crying about Dem constituents being "not-haves." And they actually get rich doing it!!!

If Dems have any ability at all, it would be competence in destruction -- their ability at messy demolitions. They say they are doing it to build back better, but they don't know how to build, only how to steal.

My guess is, most Dem politicians are just auditioning for a MS-NBC job.

The deep state is going to shift, or has shifted, to getting rid of Biden AND Trump, because they don't know of any other way to get rid of Trump. They are at their wits end.

They know Biden has committed impeachable and criminal acts. They know Trump hasn't. But by going after Biden, they can pretend they are being "non-partisan" in going after Trump, and say they are simply cleaning up Washington.

We aren't falling for it. Biden is a criminal and an imposter. Trump is a patriot.

If you want to restore faith in our election system, implement the recommendations of the 2005 bipartisan commission on election integrity, co-chaired by former Democratic President Jimmy Carter and former Republican Secretary of State James Baker. They made 87 recommendations. Among those recommendations were these:

1) Require Voter ID
2) Eliminate Mail-In and Absentee Ballot Risks
3) Avoiding Duplicate Registration Across State Lines
4) Require Election Observers for Integrity
5) Require Reliable Voting Machines
6) Stop Media from "Calling" Elections
7) Aggressively Prosecute Voter Fraud

July 22, 2023

America is quickly becoming paraplegic. If this continues, soon there won't be anyone left to care for anyone, no matter how much we may want to.

America must be HEALED. And the only one that can do that is GOD through His Son, Jesus Christ.

We've been given chance after chance to look to Him, to seek his face, and to be healed. Let's not blow this one.

Alpha and Omega. The first and last messenger means the ONLY messenger.

God has made life so simple. "This is the way, walk ye in it." Those who refuse to listen walk down the path of destruction. And then blame God for their calamity: "YOU did this to me, God!"

Love warns and teaches. Pride rejects, and continues down the dead-end.

July 21, 2023

The left isn't afraid of those who TAKE lives. Who they are really afraid of is those willing to GIVE their lives for freedom.

This is the greatest country the world has ever known, and we are not willing to give up our country. We want to give it to our children and to our grandchildren.

July 20, 2023

The thing that sent shivers up my spine today while watching the hearings was: What if Dems controlled all 3 branches of government right now? Freedom of speech would be gone -- for EVERYONE! The right would be muzzled, and these zealots who tried to shut down today's hearing would be on to shutting down those within their own party who didn't toe the line.

We are hanging on by a thread.

I grew up in the 50's and 60s in a Midwest town. We had no school funding problems. We prayed in school. No one in our town was afraid to let their children walk to school by themselves. My best friend was black. We had NO homelessness. (We had one guy who we called homeless, but even he lived in a "van (trailer) down by the river," and he collected pop bottles and washed windows for a living.)

My hero was JFK. My family were Dems (until Reagan). I opposed Vietnam.

WTF happened to our country?

More and more Dems are coming forward and saying, "This isn't my party. This doesn't even resemble my party."

RFK Jr.'s opening comments today were inspiring. The progressives in that room, masquerading as Democrats, were demolished, and they knew it, and it showed on their faces. I don't see any way they can win without a complete takeover and silencing of Americans' speech.

July 12, 2023

Many young people start off in life searching. But the Liberal goal is to end the search for truth. They start by saying, there are many ways to the truth. Then they move on to saying there is no "truth," just "your truth."

If the goal was to go to Chicago, they say, "There are many roads to get there." Then they move on to, "Just let Ft. Wayne be your "Chicago."

Relativism and relabeling are their tools. And they work on young people.

The Liberal Messiah: There is no way. You are the truth. Wasted life.

July 6, 2023

Determining who is “American” and who is “un-American” is pretty damned easy.

Americans are people who want to build. When they see something broken, they want to fix it.

That's why people like Lindell (broken election system) and Trump (broken economy, border, and military) and others stepped up. And what happened? The un-American are trying to destroy them.

Maybe this would be a simpler easier test – “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”

July 4, 2023

The 2020 election is a house of cards, just waiting for someone to blow it over.


Once the cards fall, we take back our country.

Once the cards fall, watch for China and Milley to make their move.

July 3, 2023

The new generation is 50/50, conservative/liberal. This is a swing back from the liberal last generation. We are winning. That's why they are no longer picking lint off our pants, but showing their true colors and going full out on trans, gay, and other social issues. This is why they are no longer picking our pockets, but going open robbery with tyranny and communism.

They are desperate. This is their hail Mary to use the insanity of the last generation to push their agenda. This is why they are openly pushing this agenda in the military. And they DO want war.

We have had enough. We are FINALLY pushing back. Too late? Pray to God we are not.

July 2, 2023

Name ONE issue the left has moved toward the right on? Zero. In fact, they keep moving further and further left, year after year, and they have no plans of moderating.

But the right? The right hasn’t moved right in years. In fact, they have moved to the left year after year. But when we finally realize what is going on and put on the brakes, the left says, “Hey. You are extreme!”

That’s the ploy in the “branding” of everyday Americans who love their country as “far right.”

June 29, 2023

Don’t debate them, Mr. President. To me this primary/debates is less of a primary, and more like in the Bible when Elijah made fun of the 400 prophets of Baal.

I Kings 18:27 “Now it happened at noon, that Elijah mocked them and said, “Call out with a loud voice, for he is a god; either he is occupied or going to the toilet, or is on a journey, or perhaps he is asleep and needs to be awakened.”

We could have a lot of fun with a "watch party" and our event would have bigger numbers than the actual debates.

I can hear Kris “Krispy Kreme” Kristie now, “Donald Trump didn’t even have the guts to show up here tonight.” No Kris. Trump had the guts to represent WE THE PEOPLE by NOT going. We are sick of an RNC that even when they pretend to be on our side, is looking for ways to undermine us.

♫♪♫ Let’s give ‘em somethin' to talk about ♫♪♫

June 16, 2023

Just look at how many things the Dems, rinos, and “intelligence” agencies have destroyed trying to destroy Donald Trump.

Their attacks have been like a military mission to destroy a 5’ x 5’ target, and they ended up destroying the entire country, but not the target.

You tell me who has shown themselves most destructive to our “democracy?”

June 12, 2023

Unlike some, this isn't a career choice for Trump. This is life or death for him (and for our country) whether he likes it or not; and as he said, “in a sick way” he sort of likes it.

We get it, because the cause is righteous and just, and those against him are the filth of the earth. Much in the way the Scribes and Pharisees used the scriptures for the exact opposite purpose as intended, so these people are using the law and their offices in the same way.

Whatever the outcome, William Wallace would be proud. And we really do love shaking our freedom loving asses in their corrupt faces.

June 10, 2023

I think we have all figured out by now that Washington D.C. is one giant, criminal, pay-to-play scheme. And I think we are also starting to see as a result of Jeffrey Epstein and some other things taking place around our nation, that the “play” involves things that most of us, even myself, just couldn’t believe were true.

Now we see this cabal desperately fighting for its own existence, openly using our government as a weapon to protect itself from extinction. Their attack on president Trump is defense and offensive, but right now it is a huge smoke screen designed to take attention away from Joe Biden’s participation in the scheme.

Please make a YUGE contribution to SAVE AMERICA. Stop supporting other Rep. candidates. And in the words of Star War’s Gold Five, “Stay on target.” Let's focus on nuking the DEATH STAR.

June 9, 2023

For years we’ve had a government, excuse me – an ELITE D.C. CLUB – who kept each other in check with the dirt they had on each other. They knew where all the bodies were buried, who slept with who, and where the deals/the money was coming from.

Every few years they let WE THE PEOPLE feel like we were in charge by letting us chose from their pre-selected palate of candidates. Anyone elected was immediately told the rules if they didn’t already know them. And everything “worked” just fine… for the club members.

Then something happened – DONALD J. TRUMP. The hive was disturbed, and the inhabitants were out-of-their-minds angry.

What we are seeing is the HIVE v. THE EXTERMINATOR.

Whose side are you on???

June 8, 2023

2 Thess. 2:11 “And for this cause God shall send [allow] them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:”

This strong delusion is most likely a package/system of delusions (Eph 4:14 the systematism of error), and that current package is most likely liberalism; although that could change should the devil need to shift in order to manipulate people. In the first century church of the Galatians, their delusion was “righteousness by the law; salvation by works.”

In today’s liberal delusion package, made-mad climate change is a staple. Even if it exists, the idea of arguing it is negated by two factors

1) It is being used as a political tool with political intent, and reason is irrelevant to its proponents.

2) The positive factors of climate change, man-made or natural, are being ignored for political expediency.

The priorities involved in any consideration in life should be safety first, then comfort, and lastly aesthetics.

Safety of life is primary, then of property, then of the environment (because it supports life and property). Whether or not climate change is man-made or naturally occurring is irrelevant if more lives are saved as a result of it. Property considerations are important, but secondary. If the net result is more farmland, and more livable land, that is a net positive as well. Cultures have had to migrate many times throughout history as a result of natural climate change.

The comfort and aesthetic factors are an obvious net positive.

June 6, 2023

Trump did a million things right. His only mistake was not knowing who to trust and who not to trust. He has fixed that problem. His only goal now is to DRAIN THE SWAMP and to SAVE AMERICA.

DeFacto has not only shown he doesn’t know who to trust, but that he doesn’t care. It’s about personal ambition and winning. He is a gullible child, and the swamp will take/is taking full advantage of that.

June 2, 2023

I get a million text a day from Ron DeFacto. How did they get my phone/email? (Probably WinRed or the RNC) Got this one a few days ago:

“We need President Ron DeSantis. It’s time to elect a proven leader who will fight back against the Wokeness.”

Don’t get tricked by this Wokeus-focus, hocus-pocus. I don’t want someone going to D.C. to use the power of the federal government to usurp the power of the PEOPLE and our state and local governments.

What I do want is someone to fight back against DC and their usurpation of our power, or eventually we won't have rights or power left to fight back.

“I’m the government swamp, and I am here to see that you don’t drain me.”

June 1, 2023

When the only way to get along with someone is to participate in their lies, maybe it’s time not to get along anymore. The truth makes you free. Lies are the enemy of freedom, and only lead to imprisonment.

The constant complaint of the left is that capitalism doesn’t work. That’s like owning a camera, refusing to turn it on, then claiming it doesn’t work. Capitalism has to be practiced to work.

And the amazing thing is, many leftists make a lot of money practicing capitalism. Their product? They sell socialism. The sellers are mostly rich polititians and “journalists” who make millions claiming, “Capitalism doesn’t work for people of color.” Why not? It worked for you? Maybe you should take the time to teach people how to turn on their phones, instead of getting rich telling them it won’t do any good to turn it on.

And capitalism does a lot more than produce individual and community wealth. It can also end international wars. But again, we have a group of people who make money off of blood too.

May 29, 2023

By using capitalism to try and destroy capitalism, the new hybrid communists are admitting that communism doesn’t work.

But remember – the king, the tyrants, the leader(s) always have food, even when the people are starving. And they will STILL be flying private jets.

I’ve developed a deep respect for Dick Morris. Rush said that during the Clinton admin (when Dick was a consultant for Clinton) the Clinton’s were acting like Rush wasn’t bothering them at all. But Dick saw Rush (I believe it was at a party or restaurant) and told Rush with a wink, “Oh, it bothers them a lot.” In essence saying, you are living rent-free in their heads. It was after Rush told this story that I began to look at Dick as a good guy.

Dick's July 2022 book THE RETURN has it nailed so far. He predicted the Dems would use phony lawsuits and charges to try and destroy Trump; that they would try to destroy the Republican party by starting a bloodbath between Trump and DeSantis. That Trump would win the primary, and would go on to beat HILLARY (yes, her) in the general.

So far, he’s been right. Regarding the primary:

The DeFacto strategy will be to win the IA caucus (by running far-right in far-right IA. i.e., 6-week abortion ban), and create the narrative that he is on a roll -- an unstoppable train. But there are a number of problems with that:

1) In 2008 Rick Santorum won IA. In 2012 Mike Huckabee won IA. In 2016 Ted Cruz won IA. They all lost the overall primary.

2) DeChameleon will have to shift to a more moderate position in other states, revealing his pandering.

3) Trump is way up in IA because Iowans are willing to embrace a more moderate stance for the sake of saving the nation.

In my opinion, I think we'll see a DeChameleon train derailment worse than East Palestine.

According to a recent Harvard/Harris poll it’s 58 to 16, Trump leading Ron DeFacto by 42 points. But if Trump dropped out, DeSantis only gains 25 points. The other candidates pick up a few points, but their rank stays the same, with these exceptions:

1) Mike Penis gains 10 points and jumps rank on Vivek by 6!

2) The “I don’t know” votes jump by 7!

This seems to indicate the following:

1) I don’t know who I’d vote for if not Trump.

2) Some of DeSantis’ votes are really Pence/Not-Trump votes.

3) DeSantis is not as popular as the shills are putting out there.

4) Most importantly, THIS IS A ONE-MAN RACE. TRUMP.

If these wimps actually exist, I ask you this:

For 8 years, Trump has been our "whipping boy," taking the lashes FOR US from a hellbent corrupt system. And YOU are tired? Tired of what?

Wimps! And he isn’t even tired of fighting for us. (How much do you think DeFacto could take of this?)

I don’t think they’ll be able to wear Trump down. But I do wonder if disloyal ingrates could. And who’s going to fight for you then?

May 28, 2023


Ok. I think I’ve finally figured out why Ron DeSantis is running NOW. And I am reminded of Jim Carrey’s line from Dumb & Dumber: "So you're telling me there's a chance." The consultants/backers told him though he probably has far less than a 30% chance of winning this primary, by running now he is accomplishing 2 things:

1) If anything were to happen to Trump over the next year, he’s the assumed candidate.

2) By doing his kick-off now, he’s the shoe-in for 2024.

My guess is he might have been a shoe-in for 2028 anyway if he'd backed MAGA. But I think he is threatened by America's first woman president, Kari Lake. This may explain why she is out there in fight, fight, fight mode, rather than going the simple route of Arizona’s FOR ANY REASON/FREE recall laws. This may also explain why Ron won’t touch election integrity and the 2020 cheat – so he can paint Kari as a nut should he have to go against her.

May 27, 2023

It really doesn't matter if Ron would pardon Trump or not. This is just a ploy to try and win MAGA voters. The D.C. club will just find a way to get Trump on state charges. They want him locked up. As Rush said, they aren't going to let this go. They have to send the message "Don't ever do this again," that we don't get to pick our candidates. They do.

Trump is HIGHLY motivate to drain the swamp. He has started a journey that has no road back. Ron isn't going to D.C. to drain the swap. He's has no incentive. He is on a career path. And no matter how good he may be for Florida, I don't want to Make America Florida Again. I want the swamp drained, and the Federal government OUT of state sovereignty.

Federalism is the only way to stop government overreach and tyranny. This isn't just the hill to die on. There is no place to retreat to.

May 26, 2023

Fox shills are trying to put out that Trump voters have TFS - Trump Fatigue Syndrome. If these wimps actually exist, I ask you this:

Seriously? For 8 years, Trump has been our "whipping boy," taking the lashes FOR US from a hellbent corrupt system. And YOU are tired? Tired of what? Getting lashes. Oh, wait…

Wimps! And he isn’t even tired of fighting for us. (How much do you think DeFacto could take of this?)

I don’t think they’ll be able to wear Trump down. But I do wonder if disloyal ingrates could.

Who’s going to fight for you then?

Russia bringing out the threat of nukes might save Russia some money on conventional weapons. But Russia has an economy the size of Italy's, and is rated 49th in the world. They can't keep spending themselves into oblivion against the worlds 1st largest economy...

Oh, wait... China (world's 2nd largest economy, soon to be 1st, thanks to China Joe) is propping Russia up. But Xi is going to want something in return, sooner or later.

So who is this war really between? Russia v Ukraine? USA v China? And if Joe is owned by China, then what?

Does Putin think he has it all under control because he has the more nukes than China? But China has more, and more sophisticated, Hypersonic delivery system.

Nobody, not even Putin, should take their eyes off of Chi-na.

May 25, 2023

Elon Musk… ‘er Ronny D rolled it out last night, making the roll-out of Healthcare.gov look good. But their message was clear. “Trump and Biden are old. We are young. We are smart. We are the future.” The irony is, Ron had a future. It was IN the future. Now probably not.

Ron’s strategy is unfolding: He and lady De Sanctimonious will bring back Camelot. He’s quoting scripture, so he’s going for the Bible thumpers (relax, I’M a Bible thumper), offering a 6-week abortion ban (I’m pro-life too), which will have the same effect as Lindsey Graham’s (and now Nikki Haley's) National Abortion ban – lost elections.

He has a nice smile, he and Lady Tammy Faye go to church, and he doesn’t have a “Stormy” past. But his least favorite message of mine is, “I’m the government, and I’m here to help.”

Trump's two ads released after the roll-out revealed in a gentle way who DeSantis really is. I don't think Trump will need to go nuclear on Ron. Ron did a great job of that himself.

So far, Dick Morris’ THE RETURN (July 2022) has been right about everything. The only thing left is for Hillary to enter the race. And she is weaving that web as we speak.

Our federal government is already GONE. The answer to “THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” is in the states, and in state and local government. It is called FEDERALISIM.

Ron DeSleepUs is not going to DC to drain it. He, Dems and rinos, want to go there to use the CENTRALIZED power of the fed government to “fix” national problems, as in, “I am the government, and I’m here to help.”

But we are sending Trump to DC to put the SWAMP people there in jail; the same people who are trying to put HIM in jail to stop him/WE THE PEOPLE. Those same people who are using OUR government SOLEY to get and keep power/$ and to destroy their political enemies. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS.

We sent Trump to D.C. in 2016. We sent him there again in 2020,(I promise you; Joe didn't get 81 million votes) and that term is still unfinished. This is why Ron needs to stand down. Because the ball is still in play. There will never be a Great America until this shii is cleaned up. THAT'S what 2024 is about.

Not sure which makes me sadder. Watching Ron self-destruct, or this:

May 24, 2023

As Rush used to say, “The media didn’t make Trump. They can’t destroy him.” And this bothers the Murdochs to no end.

Remember in 2016 when Jeb! spent $130 million for 4 primary elector votes, then dropped out after 3 primaries when he got zero in S.C. and Trump had already amassed 68 votes?

Let's put this away early, patriots. We need the money for the general and election integrity. We have a nation to save. Saving Private Ron's personal political ambitions benefits no one but Dems (and Faux News). Private Ron didn't "Earn it." He needs to keep his promise to FL.

Far and wide, Trump voters are the majority of the voters in next year’s Republican primaries. And the idea that Gov. DeSantis is going to sway them to his side is unlikely. So, I only see one way DeSantis wins the primary -- Dem crossover voters.

And why not? They did it for Kemp in GA. And there’s no need to vote for Biden in the Dem primaries, since he is the assumed candidate anyway. BUT the problem with this is, they won’t be able to vote for down-ballot Dem candidates for the House, Senate, and other races, not even for local leaders, which is crucial for Dems.

Would they be willing to do this to get rid of Trump? Don’t underestimate Trump Derangement Syndrome. But this is a damned-if-they-do, damned-if-they-don’t situation for them. And I like it when Dems paint themselves into a corner.

May 23, 2023

A recall can be filed against any public officer on any grounds. The recall may not be filed until after the elected official has been in office in his or her first term for at least six months. This six-month limit does not apply to state legislators. In the case of state legislators, a recall petition may commence five days after the start of their first legislative session after their election. In the case of other elected officials, there is no six-month limit for subsequent terms in office.

A recall petition must be filed at the office in which the officer being recalled files for nomination. The petition must contain a general statement explaining the recall, not exceeding 200 words. This petition must be signed by the sponsors who swear an oath that all signatures collected will be valid signatures The number of signatures required to qualify for a recall attempt for the ballot is 25% of the number of votes cast in the last election for that office. Recall supporters have 120 days to collect signatures.

If enough signatures are gathered, a recall election will be held. All qualified candidates can run against the incumbent. Whoever gets the most votes wins the office. If the incumbent wins he/she remains in office and no other recall can occur during that term unless the proponents pay the cost of the prior recall election.

Hobbs 1,287,890
Lake 1,270,774
TOTAL 2,558,664

Signatures needed for recall (25%) 639,666

Piece of cake. Katie Snobbs is in deep shii.

May 22, 2023

Ever notice how Chuck Todd and these media elites don’t even talk about WE THE PEOPLE? or if they do, they talk about us like we aren’t even in the room. (Which we probably aren’t.)

When they pretend to care about people, they care only about those who continue to make a total wreck out of their lives, while ignoring or blaming those of us who are busting our asses to try and make something of our lives and our country.

Yeah. The CIA probably DID assassinate JFK. And all because of, “Ask not what your county can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”

May 20, 2023

No one is more motivated to drain the swamp than Trump, especially now. That's why they must stop him.

Even if Ron DeFacto could beat Biden, he will never drain the swamp, nor could he if he wanted to... and then we'd be right back to where we started, only worse.

There are still a lot of talk show people, even on our side, that are de facto swamp. "They don't really want to know how far it's gone."

This is the (very) last election... if 2020 wasn't already the last one.

"Oh, that's hyperbole." Nah. Not really.

May 19, 2023

Youth is a fountain of energy, not wisdom. One of the things Rush used to talk about frequently was how much he enjoyed getting older. When you are young, desire and personal ambition get in your way of seeing things clearly.

Whatever happened to the generations who learned from their elders? Oh, that’s right. They're gone. And so is our society.

I’ve met people like Trump -- drive, energy, and experience, and could outwork people half their age. I’ve met people like Biden too: Deceitful, dishonest, foolish, and physically shot. He is gone.

I hear the unwise saying, “It’s time for a younger generation.” I appreciate all that Ron DeLeon is doing in FL. But to all you who are “Ready for Ron?” RON IS NOT READY. Maybe to help a state. But not to save a nation.

From TGP: “The Only Person Closest to Roger Is Donald Trump” – Elizabeth Ailes, Widow of Roger Ailes, Holds First Interview – Slams the Murdochs for Destroying FOX News.

This is interesting, because Katherine Limbaugh talked about how much alike Rush and Trump were, and Rush spoke VERY highly of Ailes.

May 16, 2023

The yapping Chihuahua of CNN, MS-DNC, etc. is basically an annoyance, only “appreciated” by other Chihuahuas. It’s the skilled uniparty liars of Fox News that concern me the most. Both sides have their “constituents” but only one goal – get rid of the man and party (MAGA) that can actually FIX the problem.

Liz Peek's newest anti-Trump champaign is the rise of the 3rd party – something that was anathema for Trump to do, but completely acceptable if it will help get rid of Trump. The ploy, supported by phony selective polls goes something like this – “More and more people want neither Biden or Trump.”

The phoniest sleight of hand by Peek is “the two-party system is picking our candidates for us,” which was true, except WE PICKED TRUMP. The uniparty picked Biden, and is picking DeSanctus.

She says most Americans want to return to the “can’t we all just get along” and “get something done in D.C.” days, instead of stopping the destruction of our country. I’M NOT BUYING IT.

Roger Ailes “mistake” was that he supported Trump. Can have that. Answer: “Sexual harassment.”

Kavanaugh’s. Picked by Trump. Can’t have that. Answer: “Sexual harassment.”

Trump. Wants to drain the swamp: Answer: “Sexual harassment.”

Giuliani. Election Fraud. Hunter’s laptop. Can’t have that: Answer: “Sexual harassment.”

Tucker will be next.

Speaking of Russia. Russia. Russia.Everybody knew it was a hoax. This is criminal. This is treason. This is punishable by…

I don't think they will… but if they DO manage to defeat Trump -- just look at what they had to do in order to accomplish it. It was treason. The American people will not forget that what they did to Trump and what they did to us.

They think they'll just sweep it under the rug and that DeSanctus will be part of the arrangement among the uniparty in order to appease everyone and put us back to sleep. But I don't think we're going back to sleep.

If given the choice between a personally ambitious person like Ron, or a genuinely caring, warrior like Kari Lake, I’ll take REAL every time. Especially if it is someone Rove, Ryan, & Jeb! DON’T want.

May 15, 2023

My advice for "Rob" DeSanctus:

1) Ignore any personal ambitions and any advice from the consulting firm of Rove, Ryan, & Jeb!, and that sweet little wife of yours.


3) Speak out on behalf of the Jan 6th political prisoners.

4) Address the 2020 steal. You can do it. I know friends (as in Fox & Friends), and Rove, Ryan, & Jeb! don't think it's wise. But the recent Rasmussen Poll shows even 45% of Dems believe cheating affected the outcome of 2020. So you are safe. Go for it.

A recent report that Russian soliders are running from the battlefield doesn't surprise me. If Putin is going to act lawlessly, why shouldn't they? Russians and Ukrainians have many relatives in each other's countries. The Russian people don't want this war any more than the Ukrainians. Killing each other for what? More land?

I'm starting to think Zelensky is an idiot. Many Ukrainians think so too. But Putin is a smart man; a former KGB guy who knows every tactic. He also knows history. He knows how to use every pretense in the book. Hitler invaded Poland under the same pretense: to protect "ethic Germans" from abuse from Poles. No matter what you think of Ukraine and its corrupt gov (I know firsthand - lived there two years), this invasion is b.s.

I respect national borders, not ethnic borders. Ever notice how when "ethnicity" and ethnic pride get involved, suddenly national sovereignty and law go out the window? BLM. RLM. GLM. "No justice, no peace." Blah, blah, blah.

We are all tired of wars. But somehow, our "leaders" NEVER tire of it. $=Power=Land=$.

May 14, 2023

During an event on Saturday night, President Trump called General Flynn while he was speaking on stage. President Trump told General Flynn, “Well, General, you just have to stay healthy because we’re bringing you back.”

The wheels of God grind slowly, but they grind FINELY!

Oh, and this should tell you how finely sanctimonious Mike Pence is going to be ground.

Trump will demolish Ron, Rove, Ryan, and John Ellis Bush! in the primary. He will demolish Biden in the general. We just have to get on top of the cheat and lawfair AHEAD OF THE GAME.

And when we win, get ready for the worst battle this nation has ever known. Because the deep state/establishment/Dem/lib apparatus is going to go violently nuts. Don't doubt this. Be ready.

May 13, 2023

Why does the media always cry "the big lie" about 2020 election fraud, when 45% of Democrats believe there was fraud in 2020 too?

May 12, 2023

Kevin McCarthy! We don't need immigration reform. The laws are already on the books. We need enforcement! And the head of the enforcement branch, Joe Biden, is a monster. We had net zero immigration from 1926 to 1965 (Ted Kennedy). The president has full constitutional authority to SHUT DOWN immigration. He could end this today. He doesn't want to. Today is just the beginning of the heartbreak coming for this country.

The asylum narrative is garbage. The laws are very clear on what constitutes political asylum, and that it must be sought in the first country entered. Very few of these people are from Mexico, and even less qualify for asylum.

People like McCarthy and McConnell think "brinkmanship" will still work in moving forward. But it's just too late for that. Much too late. Joe has committed impeachable offences, unlike Trump. Why should Republicans worry if Dems/media say you are using the process for political ends, when they OPENLY did against Trump.

Save a horse, ride a cowboy. Impeach a pResident, save a country.

Because of personal ambitions and the impatience of youth, Ron was easily influenced by Rove, Ryan, Jeb! and others who were saying, "This is your chance, Ron. It's now or never."

Never were more deceiving words spoken. Not that they cared about Ron, but because they hate Trump. And the child listened, destroying his own ambitions and career.

Ron. It may be too late to fix this. But if there is a chance, PROVE YOU ARE NOT "RON FIRST," BUT AMERICA FIRST. Recognize the ploy. Denounce these dirtbag. Endorse Trump/MAGA wholeheartedly. Because we who love this country we will not be the backdrop for the unfolding story of your personal ambitions. We have a country to save. This is not a game.

May 11, 2023

WIFE: Honey, can we increase our credit limit on our credit cards?

HUSBAND: Honey, we need to cut our spending. We are spending more than we are making.

WIFE: That’s ok. If we increase our credit limit, we’ll have more money to spend.

HUSBAND: No honey. If we do that we will just get further in debt. We need to cut spending.

WIFE: But I don’t want to stop spending. I just want more money to spend.

When Russia first went into Donbas, some residents stayed, but many fled the conflict. Of those who fled, 95% went to other parts of Ukraine, while 5% went into Russia. So, this completely destroys the narrative than the majority of Ukrainians in this region saw Russia as rescuers from Nazis.

Even though many of these people returned to the area after 2014, Russia has a military and political foothold on the area, and I don't see it changing any time soon, because no one, not even our own pResident, respects borders and national sovereignty.

At some point this is going to have to be worked out. But it won't be fixed by our incompetent vegetable-in-chef. Nor do I want it to be. I've seen how he "fixes" things.

TRUMP/LAKE (or Byron Donalds) 2024

May 10, 2023

Many people are leaving blue states. This is going to KILL them in the next census and they will lose representatives and electors.


1776 AGAIN?
Online comments like “we need another armed, American Revolution” are usually made by FBI or foreign governments.

BUT, no doubt, if it wasn't for the largest standing army in the world -- the armed citizenry of the USA -- Biden, the Dems, and Milley would have already marched into the capital and arrested and/or executed all Republicans (except for maybe Romney, Mitch, Susan, Lisa, and a few others).

May 9, 2023

In his first week in office, President Trump should make an international broadcast telling all expatriates in non-allied countries to come home to America, and advise them to consider selling any foreign interests that they have. Give no explanation. If the press asks, he should say that will be revealed at a later date. (Think of what would be going on in in the heads of Putin or Xi, and even flakey allies?)

THEN he should demand that all American properties owned by China and others should be sold back to America or be forfeited.

May 5, 2023

Washington D.C. keeps dirt on each other to play as cards, to keep each other in check. Obama had dirt on Hillary. Hillary had dirt on Obama. Obama and the FBI has had the Form 1023 on Joe Biden for a long time. Is Obama playing this card by way of the “whistle blower?” Or is this a real whistle blower who found something that everyone thought was forgotten?

Is this to get rid of Joe, or is this Joe falling on the sword (since he already has one foot in the grave) so Michelle Obama can come to the rescue?

So many questions. So little time… to save our country.

May 4, 2023

I dare you, men. Tell your wife, “Honey, we need to borrow more money to pay the payments on the money we have already borrowed. Oh, and also so we can pay our neighbors' and other strangers’ student loans for them.”

Try it, and see how long you live.

May 3, 2023

The Nashville shooter was more than insane. She was ideologically insane.

1) She wanted to kill children -- Christian children -- who were precious to Christian adults, because she was obsessed (like most trans youth) with the idea that Christians are killing “trans” children [they don’t exist] by not letting them get hormones and operations, and she wanted to teach them a "lesson."

2) She had highly trained herself for this express, hateful, political purpose.

3) She chose this school because it was the most vulnerable security-wise of all the Christian schools.

This is what is going to come out, IF the “unredacted” manifesto is ever manifested.

Why is everything about racism? And if blacks built everything, what are they building now? If my great grand pappy worked, does that mean I don't have to?

It is not about systemic racism, but about systemic racial failure. And it really isn't even racial. It is cultural.

We need to start calling racism for what it is: prejudice

Dems tossed Blacks under the bus for Hispanics. Dems tossed families under the bus for feminists. Dems are tossing feminists under the bus for Trans. What Democrat voting block will be thrown under the bus next?

May 2, 2023

Here’s my prediction for 2023-2024.

Joe Biden will be impeached or forced to resign. Shortly after, Kamala Harris will also be forced to resign. Kevin McCarty will be president until the 2024 election.

After Biden has left office, there will a be a full out prosecution of Biden for crimes. Main reason? So, they can go after Trump.

Kari Lake will run in the primary as Trump's backup plan. Trump or Lake will run against Michelle Obama in the general election and be victorious.

E. Jean Carroll? The woman is crazy. Even Anderson Cooper knew it.

She said “most people think rape is sexy. A fantasy.”

She got the rape “in a dressing room at Bergdorf’s” verbatim from a Law and Order episode. She confessed to being a big fan of the series. In the episode, it was a “fantasy” of the person on the stand. It was probably HER fantasy, to be raped by the richest man in NYC (at the time).

How many years ago did this “happen.” 30 years? (And Trump isn’t the only rich guy she has accused of the same. Moonves and her dentist.)

She is being finance by a major Never-Trump donor. Now the origins of the plan with the Lincoln Project and George Conway are coming to light.

Anything to get Trump.

May 1, 2023

Rush didn't believe in engaging the "scientific" community on climate change, because he believed to address it was to acknowledge the false premise, rather than attacking the real motive behind it -- political science. But the ecological fallacies behind “green” energy are legion.

"Green" energy ultimately comes from one major source -- FOSSIL FUEL.

The real problem with this is: EV charging comes from a CENTRALIZED source (rather than decentralized gas powered or hybrid cars). This is extremely dangerous, as that makes it a target for tyrants who want to control us, and enemies who want to shut us down.

This is not even to mention the environmental dangers of lithium battery disposal, or the defense/economic problem of giving China (who is the major producer of these batteries/elements) more and more control over our economy.

Dems forsook black voters for Hispanics. But most Hispanics are hard workers, family-oriented, and many of them devout Catholics. They may have temporarily taken advantage of the welfare system, but eventually become self sustaining.

Blacks raised in generational welfare are still consistent Dem voters, but not because of alphabet people rights (which blacks despise), but because of dependency on the system.

But since Trump, even many Blacks have moved off of the system. So, now that the "new" Dem party is embracing "all things insane/trans," they are hemorrhaging their usual voters.

Dems continue to "invest" in the alphabet future. If we continue to push back, especially in our schools and media, Dems/Marxists don't have a future.

April 30, 2023

How many people really want to be president? I don't. Do you? And for those who do want to be president, what are the possible motives?

1) personal ambition
2) money
3) love for the country
4) hatred for the country
5) combination of the above

Considering what Donald Trump gave up, and has gone through, and will continue to go through -- what do you think his motive(s) is (are)?

Considering Ron DeSantis, what he has to gain or lose -- what do you think his motive(s) is (are)?

So, the question is not do you support DeSantis, but does DeSantis support you?

April 29, 2023

Eight House Republicans Join Biden/Democrats to Protect China from U.S. Tariffs

Rep. John Curtis (R-UT)
Rep. Anthony D’Esposito (R-NY)
Rep. Andrew Garbarino (R-NY)
Rep. Nicholas LaLota (R-NY)
Rep. Mike Lawler (R-NY)
Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY)
Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-IA)
Rep. Marcus Molinaro (R-NY)

None of them has endorsed Trump.

One of them, Thomas Massie (the only one who Trump endorsed in 2022) endorsed DeSantis Claus.

Five if them are from NY.

Ann Coulter just did interview with Massie. Further proof she has become a TDS PoS.

April 28, 2023

Monday Emerson College poll shows:

Trump 62%
DeSantis 16%

Emerson has consistently been one of the most reliable through the years. I hope Ron is paying attention. We don't need to be wasting our resources on a primary. We need to focus COMPLETELY on the general and stopping the commies, especially now that Fox is going full-in with the commies.

April 27, 2023

The late 60s and the 70s ushered in the age of drugs and promiscuity. Slightly before it, but alongside it, came the “I’m queer and I’m here” movement.

In the late 70s and 80s came the hedonist movement. Along with it came the gay mantra of “It’s a lifestyle choice.” No doubt, a recruitment ad for cute heterosexual boys.

After the aids epidemic, people started asking, “If it’s a lifestyle choice, then why would you choose it?” Thus, the birth of “I was born this way.”

Since, we’ve gone onto former Christian singer, Katy (Hudson) Perry’s 2008, “I Kissed a Girl,” to her first Ménage à trois “Last Friday Night” in 2010. Now it’s teens and preteens having orgies.

Gay marriage has become the law. Now it’s onto “trans right.” Once that is settled, we’ll be on to “minor attracted persons” rights, “pet/person marriage” rights, and so on, and so down.

Libs and anti-Christs take error, they systematize it, then they make money and gain power from the system(s) they create.

April 26, 2023

It is interesting to me how many people are backing off of DeSantis Claus, now that they see we are not backing off of Trump.

We need someone who can go into the presidency on day one and knows who to trust and who not to trust. Trump is the only one that's been through that fire. He also knows and has a positive, commanding relationship with world leaders as well.

All of Ron's trips around the world (at the urging to Rove and Ryan) aren't going to give him Trump's experience. And the fact that Ron is following Rove/Ryan's strategy is a very clear indicator of what we will get if he were to win the primary and presidency.

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth... and a third term president... and maybe the governor of Florida to STAY in Florida and do his job there... and this chair... and I don't need anything else, except this lamp, and this...

Liberals are not good at self assessment. They can't even tell you if they are male or female, let alone what they're good at or not good at. They just want power. They don't even care if they can use it responsibly or not.

When democrats don't have power, they claim to be victims. When they do have power, they USE that power, while still claiming to be victims.

On the other hand, when Republicans have power, they don't utilize that power. For the sake of the existence of our country, let's hope that this is changing.

April 25, 2023

So, if a bank robber goes in to rob a bank, and there are already other bank robbers there, does this mean he's no longer a bank robber?

I'm not opposed to the crooks in Russia killing off the crooks in Ukraine, as long as the crooks in Ukraine kill off the crooks in Russia too, and as long as Russia remains in the control of the Russian people, and Ukraine remains in the control of the Ukrainian people (neither of which has happened historically, despite the efforts of the people).

Will bank robbers take care of bank robber Biden too?

April 24, 2023

If not for Joe Biden, Putin wouldn't even be taking about using nukes. No one would. Because it isn't nuclear war, it is the end of the world -- for Russia, China, and the USA. None of the citizens of these countries would support any of their leaders understanding this.

There is no doubt in my mind that Xi believes, has strategized, and has told Putin, that Biden will run up the white and rainbow flag should it come to a standoff. And so the "bluff" continues.

When gun-free zones are created, killers know just where to strike. When the right of self-protection is denied, criminals have no deterrent. When the threat of MAD - Mutually Assured Destruction - becomes one sided, Tyrants threaten -- even follow through on their threats. They do it on the streets of Chicago. The do it from the Kremlin. They do it from the FBI and DOJ.

Can you imagine how libs will melt down if their choices for president are between RFK Jr. or Trump?

April 23, 2023

There were tons of whistle-blowers on the 2020 election. What the hell happened to them and their testimonies? They were forgotten, their testimonies have been buried, and the establishment went after Rudy Giuliani to destroy his life.

I spend hours and hours listening to ALL of them speak and their presentations and the presentations of bank forensic experts and others experts. The whole world need to see them. But I doubt it will ever happen. I hope and pray I am wrong.

April 22, 2023

The "E" word has become the new "N" word. Fox News set a very dangerous precedent for our country in settling with Dominion. Was it knowingly?

Fox news isn't CNN or MS-DNC. But keep in mind, most Fox News Republicans aren't RUSH LIMBAUGH conservatives. As Rush said, "The Republican party has always hated its conservative base." And Fox News is right in there with them.

If you are living in "the house that Rush built," but have one foot in Fox and one foot in MAGA, you will "squish like grape."

Rush built a "following" but he didn't have followers, per se. He was articulating the things we were thinking, and no one else was saying. He gave conservatives a voice.

It's the same reason Trump voters are so loyal. Because Trump cares about the things we care about and has given us/them a voice. He had a great life. He didn't need this shii. This isn't about personal ambition for him. But unfortunately, I'm afraid it IS for Ron, and his horrible timing proves it.

I hope for his own future, he comes out full MAGA and endorses Trump. Because this isn't about supporting Ron. This is about Ron supporting us and MAGA.

April 21, 2023

It seems to me that most people who TALK for a living want former attorney DeSantis as the candidate (or at least want him to have a battle of words with Trump on the debate stage), while those people who DO for a living want Trump as the candidate, and want to save the words and the $ for the general election.

Speaking of AM radio, car manufacturers want to get rid of AM radio on their new cars. (Ford is already in the process).

Now this is interesting to me, because AM radio is the main voice for conservative speech, and because liberals have never been able to make AM radio work for them.

Remember the Tom Daschle Show? Nah? Not many do. See what I mean.

April 20, 2023

From Rasmussen Reports:

40% say it's important to prevent election cheating
50% say Mail-in voting makes it easier to cheat
48% say cheating affected some 2022 races
50% say state & election officials are ignoring widespread evidence of election fraud

Now these responses are pretty much what one would expect... EXCEPT... ALL of these responses are from Democrats.

Love grows when you take care of someone or something besides yourself. But we live in a loveless, selfish generation. We have a whole generation prone to fad, feelings, and fetish.

I was thinking about the history of tattoos. Historically, you would tattoo the name of someone or something dear to you on your body, to show your love for them and to remind yourself constantly of them. Now people tattoo their whole bodies, not to show love for others, but to get attention. It's all about "Me, me, me!"

April 19, 2023

Some of the most effective evidence/witnesses on election fraud in the 2020 election was brought forth by Rudy Guliani. And look how fast the establishment kill machine went after him.

I get endless emails from "Republican groups" raising money. They use any gimmick they can to get you to click on their text and emails. And I wonder just how many of them don't give a shii about winning, except that it will help them fill their pockets in the next cycle. Personally, I will never give another cent to Ronna and the RNC. It will all go directly to Save America.

I don't think any of us realize just how dangerous the political consultant class (those who make their living as election consultants) have become to our country. Don't let them fool you. It's money for nothing, and clicks for fee.

April 18, 2023

Dems/rinos are genuinely afraid they won't be able to stop Trump in 2024 and they want to break it so bad that even Trump/we can't fix it. Then the government/establishment moves in to "fix" it and take power. But they are risking having nothing left to take over.

April 17, 2023

Dems pretend to provide a neutral space for all colors and creeds to meet. But it is anything but neutral.

The PBS Dems are always promoting that you should love yourself. But the problem is, trans people DON'T love themselves. That's why they want to be someone and something else than what they are.

But, a caricature is a caricature.

There are forces that are deliberately putting the insanity in sane people's faces hoping to create a ruthlessness in people. Meanwhile, they stand back playing with people like chess pieces, profiting from the whole ordeal.

They are inventors of evil things. No one could think of this shii up on their own. They take good and just twist; take good and do just the opposite.

April 16, 2023

When I was a kid, I had a paper route. The newspapers were a big deal back then. They were THE news source. And they had a lot of power.

It wasn't so much that they were bias, as much as it was what the newspaper owners actually believed. Today, Media/Dems don't really believe what they push. It's just pretense.

When finally bored with CNN, MS-DNC, NYT, WaPo, Fox News, and all the rest, read God's Word! It is fair and balanced, the most trusted name in good news, all the good news that's fit to print, and you won't die in darkness.

April 8, 2023

Trumps only crime was to run for the highest office in the land without being picked by the political class to do so. By doing so he put a target on his back -- for us and our country.

IF you want to pretend you are a girl, fine. Just stay out of my face and I'll stay out of yours. But no, you expect me to pander to you and participate in your fantasy or you are gonna hurt yourself or others. No. You need help. And the sick people saying you are normal are enablers. They are complicit.

April 7, 2023

California is a pretty great place, except for the urine colored areas.

Speaking of sewers...

April 6, 2023

The more time goes on, the more Trump's moniker for DeSantis - De Sanctimonious - makes sense.

Today's endorsement of DeSantis by KY Representative Thomas Massie, was either because he was offered donations for his next campaign, or he's as De-sanctimonious as the a** that he endorsed.

In the same way Hillary tried to use the "let you grab em" tape, The NY Bragg trial and the "Stormy" stuff is all about Dems trying to fuel the sanctimonious in the Republican party. Fair-weather Republicans can't even handle stormy weather, let alone weather Stormy. BECAUSE some Republicans are as just as Di-sanctimonious, as Democrats are Disingenuous.

Remember when believers were ashamed of the Apostle Paul and distanced themselves from Paul because he was thrown in prison? As if Paul had done something wrong? How will you react if Trump is thrown in jail? Don't put it passed the D.C. machine.

If Trump hadn't have run for president, he'd still have a good life with Hollywood sucking up to him, and we'd still be watching TV and not voting, just like we did with Mitt. The idea that if we just pick the right sanctimonious personality, that Dem will let us win, is b.s. And the idea that they want Trump to be the candidate is like saying Dems wanted Kari Lake to be the AZ candidate. We KNOW the lengths they had to go to in order to turn that election.

Fox ignoring Trump's speech takes away from Fox's credibility. Not Trump's.

April 5, 2023

1) Net zero immigration (like it was from 1926-1965 when Ted Kennedy "happened.") These are not political "asylum" seekers. We must have only legal immigrants

2) Use all funds allotted for high speed trains and other insane lib green projects to pay off the deficit.

3) Make infrastructure plans and money actually go to infrastructure, not to pet/pork projects.

4) Stop calling them "cuts in spending," when they are "reductions in the rate of the increase." It is totally dishonest.

5) End all social experiments in the military and our other vital interests.

6) End the weaponization of government against its citizens.

7) Secure our elections. Then, if citizens actually WANT to take their own country down the drain, at least it's honest

8) Refuse to bow to the global warming crowd. Buy gas cars and let the market determine the fate of electric vehicles.

9) Go full war on politically motivated climate change.

We had peace and safety under Trump. The only ones upset were those who thought Trump wouldn't forced the majority to participate in a tiny portion of the population's sick fantasies.

Now we have the destruction, of not only our own country, but of the entire world. Tyrants across the world see this insane self-destruction and are making their moves, unchecked.

Do you insane libs not understand that China, Russian, and Iran will NOT participate in your sick fantasies, or even allow you to do what you want, but will put your asses to death?

"Woke" my ass. You are locked in a dream that will eventually turn into your/our worst nightmare.

April 4, 2023

For years we have sent people like McConnell to D.C. We think they aren't doing anything. They say, "You just don't understand how Washington works."

But now we DO know how it works. And we understand that people like McConnell ARE getting things done. And they aren't the things WE THE PEOPLE want done.

Now we are starting to send people who CAN get the things done that WE want done, and people like the turtle want none of it. And they will try to stop it by any means necessary. It's "their" club.

Congress always wants to make laws.

Criminals always ignore the laws.

Politicians never enforce the laws.

Round and round and round she goes, where she stops, nobody knows.

April 3, 2023

Not hard to see after Russia-Gate, 2 impeachments, the Mar-A-Lago raid, and multiple other "investigations," that the indictment of Trump is a witch hunt. In fact, 30% of Democrats think so too. Probably way more than 30% think it, but don't care.

But 80% of Dems want election integrity (photo ID, signature verification). Does this mean that 80% of Democrats actually believe they won; maybe even thought that Republicans were cheating, and that it was 20% of Democrats (along with who know what percent of rinos/swamp) who are pulling off the cheats? Probably so.

April 2, 2023

I don't know of a single Trump supporter that wouldn't have supported Ron for 2028. Now I don't know of one who would. WTF happened? He screwed the pooch. He listened to Rove and Ryan and Jeb!

Is there a way back? Probably not. He would have to endorse Trump right away, and it would take a long time for him to regain our trust and to prove to us that our country and our movement to save it is more important than his personal ambitions.

I think the best he can do now is just be a good governor. But I think he is in too deep now, and his pride will take over and he'll probably run; maybe even go full never-Trump.

I've always thought his endorsement of Kari Lake was an interesting move. Was it sincere, or was he just trying to show himself powerful? trying to appeal to the MAGA crowd?

I'm less concerned with people who "won" their elections, like Youngkin, Kemp, and DeSantis, and FAR more concerned with people who had their elections stolen, like Donald Trump and Kari Lake (and a few others).

As Jovan Pulitzer said, "they let us win in VA." Broward County in FL has the worst record on fraud than anywhere in the country. Their were huge numbers of crossover voters in GA. And if DeSanctimonious enters the race, watch the numbers of crossover voters in the primary.

Anybody with eyes, and a knowledge of how the left operates, can see what is REALLY going on.

We keep talking about election integrity, and it is a huge issue. But here is another big issue that I don't know how we are going to tackle.

If Republicans had the black vote, Democrats would never win another election - even with their cheating. But what Republicans refuse to acknowledge is, that many black voters laugh at wokeness, even laugh at the Democrat politicians they vote for, yet keep voting Democrat because Democrats give them free stuff.

This problem is only growing as more and more financial "asylum" seekers enter our country.

I don't know how we overcome this, outside of the system busting. Did you turn down the covid cash that the government sent you? Neither did I.

April 1, 2023

The fact that Ron DeSantis is even thinking about his personal ambitions at a time like this in our country is absolutely frightening.

Every single person in the Republican party should endorse Trump NOW! We should not even be having a primary. A waste of money and resources that we need to KEEP OUR COUNTRY.

They want us to know THEY ARE IN CHARGE!

We can't vote our way out, because they sit in their basements and control the elections.

Many of "our" candidate who win, do so because they let us win.

If we protest election fraud, they call it an insurrection.

If we were to have a REAL insurrection, Eric Swalwell has already told us our little guns would be no match for their nukes.

They seem to WANT violence, but if there ever was a civil war, there is no question whose side China would be on.

We are at the point of no return.

McCarthy shut down the government! No debt ceiling talks until there's a return to sanity.

Ron, quit consulting with Karl Rove and endorse Trump.

Every single Republican, Governor, Senator, come together to protest WITH US, and endorse Donald Trump with one voice.

This has got to end today.

All of us have participated in 2 hours of fantasy at a movie or play. The actors on the screen or stage put themselves in the character and in the moment to create this fantasy. And we willingly participate by suspending disbelieve. It's called ENTERTAINMENT.

But having known quite a few actors, many of them are not able to turn it off when not on stage or in front of a camera. One actor told me that the only time she is happy is when she is in character. That is not healthy.

These are children, who live in a world of make-believe; who think they understand the subtleties of life through their character exploration. They pretend for a living, they pretend for a life.

Maybe this is why so many actors are so radical in their support of the transgender fantasy. Personally, I don't care what adults do for entertainment. But I do care about what children are exposed to. And I will not be forced by anyone to participant in anyone's fantasy, especially with mentally ill people who can't turn it off.

March 31, 2023

A Grand Jury is just a simple process to decide if a crime MAY have been committed and only requires a simple majority (51%) to indict.

Everyone on both sides know this misdemeanor case will fall apart somewhere between the first hearing and the eventual final appeal to the SCOTUS. So why are they doing it?

1) To do more fishing into Trump's life hoping to find a fish (while ignoring Biden's dead fish floating on the water).

2) To leak lies and half-truths to the media to try and drive Trump's numbers down.

3) (and some are saying) To make sure Trump IS the candidate.

But I don't buy number 3, because Trump won in 2016 & 2020. If he can't beat the cheat in 2024, how could anyone else (DeSantis) beat it, unless they let DeSantis win? If so, we don't want him.

No. They don't want TRUMP!

The deep state has no choice but to do this, else they show themselves impotent, and more and more patriots will run for office, and fight back against them. They can't have that.

There is no case. But the purpose will be to rummage through Trumps life, and to leak stuff - true or made up - that they think will damage Trump for 2024. They are counting on weak-minded people who are being seduced by the never-Trump ploy of, "We want Trump without the baggage."

Saving America doesn't come in a pretty package. We are way passed that point. If we want to save this country and destroy the deep state, we have to take "warts and all" and we can never stop fighting.

March 30, 2023

There will come a day when people think the phrase "trumped up charges" was a reference to Donald Trump.

The CCP gained ascendency in the USA by participating in a process that is antithetical to their purposes - Capitalism. And the CCP is totally in sync with American Marxist Democrats - BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

I never knew who Miles Guo was (except for the song/lead-in to War Room), but this political persecution will make EVERYONE aware of who he is. Nice work, CHI-NA!

We've gone from tolerating people who live in a fantasy, to accepting people who live in a fantasy, to accepting people grooming children to living in their fantasy -- and now, they're willing to kill to defend that so-called right.

But the DOJ is too busy investigating parents as "domestic terrorists" instead of investigating these REAL domestic terrorists.

March 29, 2023

The reason we are losing is because we think a single big touchdown will give us the game.

The Dems play the long game. If we'd kept pushing when Reagan was president, instead of just sitting back and going, "Ha. Ha. We won. Reagan is president," we wouldn't be where we are today.

But all it took was CIA Chief George H.W. Bush to tear down everything Reagan had built, including trust in the party, and Bill Clinton to ride in in victory to continue the destruction of our country.

How interesting that the DHS was instituted under son G.W., and then the real "transformation" of our country began under Obama, and now total destruction under O'Biden.

Trump was and is our last shot. NOT Hillary and G.W.'s love child - Ron De Sanctimonious. We need a FULL COURT PRESS!

The insanity of the leftist Alphabet people has become dangerous.

(In their own words) They don't want to be tolerated. They don't even want to be accepted. They want to be celebrated. And they are not only willing to die for this "cause" (again, in their own words), they are willing to KILL for it.

This is not acceptable to a civilized society. They have become a danger to everyone, including themselves.

March 28, 2023

We could fix this shii so easy it's ridiculous, but instead Democrats want 87,000 armed IRS agents to come and get and spend your money, instead of armed school guards.

They don't want to stop school shootings. They keep hoping a Trump supporter will be the shooter. Now they have 4 Alphabet people shooters in the last year, and they don't know how to address it, other than blaming Republicans and Christians for being so mean to trans/non-binary people for saying they are mentally ill.

Take politics, or even God, or even science, out of the equation, and men are still men, and women are still women. But instead -- just more lies and b.s. from the producers of "Women Are Men. Men Are Women" and the sequel, "Give Us Your Guns. We'll Give You Peace And Safety."

March 27, 2023

It seems to me that we have 4 kinds of voters right now:

1) Some people want power, and vote to rule everyone's universe.

2) Some people vote out of fear of what others will think, and what kind of pressure they will have to endure if they vote a certain way.

3) Some people believe in God, America, and the future of this country, and vote a accordingly.

4) Some people vote simply because they are dependent on the government for free stuff.

Dems want to avoid the appearance of losing, because they know that weak-minded people, who vote out of fear of peer and political pressure, will be embolden to vote America First if they perceive the Right is winning.

This is why the Bragg DA thing is a big deal for Dems and their media.

But Dems still have a whole swath of voters who are not the least bit ideological. In fact, they laugh at wokeness, but still vote for Dems because of FREE STUFF. And these same voters laugh all the way to the bank at the Dems that they vote for.

But when you do stuff for people that they can do for themselves, you create incredibly weak people, and thus, an incredibly weak culture and country that will eventually collapse.

March 26, 2023

Trump/We are slowly taking away the power from the Republican establishment. If this weren't true, they would just be ignoring us, and taking us for granted, like they always used to.

I didn't realize Ted Cruz was holding back his endorsement of Trump. Come on Ted. The ball is already in motion. We are heading down the field. We love you. We were there for you. Now, please, be there for us!

And as for you, Ron DiSingenuous. You screwed the pouch, Gus Grissom style. You popped the hatch, way too soon. I'm not sure how I feel about you at all anymore. Maybe you and Mrs. De Sanctimonious can save your careers. Maybe not. But at least help us save the county, and shut down the rinos supporting you.

Trump left the private sector to fight for our country, realizing that without our country, there would be no private sector for anyone. Ron, if you care more about your own (ca)rear than our country, perhaps you should consider going back to the private sector, where you can do more good.

March 25, 2023

I've heard some say that they love Trump, that he has done some really great things, and that he will almost surely be primary winner. But that they don't think he can win the general; that we need someone that is "Trump-like" without the baggage that the deep state/media has thrown at Trump.

I almost want to laugh when I hear that, because Trump had everything thrown at him in 2016, including the "let you grab 'em by the pu**y" tape, but still won. He won in 2020 as well, but had the election stolen, and someone else was installed.

So what are they saying? If we just compromise a little, just put someone in who is a little nicer, that the Dems/establishment will let them be installed?

If they screwed Trump in an election, they can just as easily screw DeSantis. And if they don't want to screw DeSantis, that means they want him, which means, WE DON'T.

I remember Rush saying that they (Dems and never-Trumpers) keep looking and looking for dirt on Trump and not finding anything, and that Trump may be the cleanest politician in history.

Sure, Trump was a billionaire "playboy." But, he's a guy who doesn't drink; who taught his kids how to work hard and succeed, and to never do drugs, drink, or smoke.

I've heard stories about Trump doing really generous things for people, like paying off someone's mortgage who helped him when he was broken down at the side of the road. Rush did a lot of wonderful things for people too. But we never heard about them until he died, and people eulogized him.

Rush's wife said Rush and Trump were a lot alike. And in many ways, I feel like Rush and his "talent on loan from God'D," prepared the country for Trump.

March 24, 2023

Kari Lake just won a major court victory in Arizona. The media is, of course, playing it down, acting like this is no victory for Lake, and is in fact a loss. But consider this:

Hobbs "won" by just 17,116 votes - .66%. If it would have been within .5%, it would have been an automatic recount.

There was a last-minute batch of 35,563 votes introduced and counted at a third party location. Three whistle-blowers have come forward saying this batch was pushed through the signature verification process by supervisors, even though the signatures were mere scribbles.

Furthermore, the amount of time that was spent on the signature verification (dividing the number of ballots by the people working on them and the total time allotted) averaged less than 8 seconds per ballot. (Would it even be possible to lookup and match an identical signature, let alone one that was a scribble?)

I suspect that most of these votes (all of them if Dems were really careless) were for Hobbs. So even if half are found to be invalid, it will trigger a recount, which is NOT good news for Hobbs, because exit polls, and polls taken since the election, show that Lake won by a big margin. But if all of them are found to be invalid, KARI LAKE WINS without a recount.

And keep in mind: Attorney General candidate, Abraham Hamadeh, is only behind 300 votes. If Lake wins, he wins. If they win, the whole Dem fraud structure in Arizona goes down. If it goes down if AZ, it is going down in other states. So this is a YUGE deal.

The Dems/media are sweating. Don't let them kid you.

Ron DeSantis has suddenly shifted his view from Russia’s war on Ukraine as being a "territorial dispute," to "Putin is a war criminal." As Steve Bannon put it, "Oligarch Donors Bring DeSantis to Heel, to Toe the NeoCon Line on Ukraine War."

Ron probably thought that the money came without strings attached. It doesn't. Neither do puppets.

The sad thing is, I don't know a single Trump supporter that wouldn't have voted for DeSantis in 2028/2032 IF he would have stepped up and endorsed Trump and supported WE THE PEOPLE in our movement to take back our country. Now I don't know a single Trump supporter that would vote for him, in 2024 OR in 2028. He has become (or always was) a f'ing, self-seeking, idiot politician.

But what if Ron pulls out on them? Wakes up. Endorses Trump. Probably won't happen, but if it did...?

It could destroy their whole world.

What if he and Trump cooked this whole thing up to begin with, just to flush them out and finish them? My respect for Ron would go up 100% and I would vote for him in 2028 and 2032. It's probably not the case, and this is all about Ron's (Mrs. Ron's) personal ambition. But hey. I can dream, can't I?

When are we going to work together as a team to destroy the left's plan to destroy America, and to destroy the establishment who thinks OUR government is their personal piggy bank?

March 23, 2023

I liked Ron as gov and I thought for sure he would be Trump's biggest supporter. I was a little disappointed when he didn't come out in support of Trump right away, and even more disappointed when talk of running started. You can even look back through my comments -- I thought this was something Don and Ron cooked up together to stage a phony fight to distract Dems and get free publicity, and then would come out as running mates. I don't think that anymore, especially when Ron didn't scream to high heaven about the Manhattan D.A. deal.

To me this is just more of, "Act like everything is normal, biz as usually. Time to pursue personal ambitions with my pretty little wife beside me," instead of the war, and life and death situation that it is. These are not normal times, and honestly, the fact that Ron didn't endorse Trump immediately should have woken me up. This isn't politics, this is war. And we need to be united. And it wasn't Trump that divided us. Trump isn't in this for himself. Like he said, I had a great life. He's taken nothing but shii for the last 8 years now, and serious losses in his businesses. And don't think they are going to let up on Trump if Ron wins. They want blood. They want to send the message, "Don't any of you EVER do this again or we will destroy you and your family. WE will pick your candidates, and you will like it."

This is a revolution. And King George doesn't like it one bit. "This is it -- make no mistake where you stand."

Just think. If Ukraine would have kept their nukes, they could have protected their sovereignty, and could have associated with whomever they wanted to. It's what free nations do, whether or not we, or Putin, likes whom they chose to associate with.

America: Don't give up your guns, or you will NOT be free to chose with whom you associate and why you chose to associate with them.

Don't let people like Eric Swallow-well say our guns are no match for government nukes. THEY KNOW IT IS WHAT KEEPS US FREE. THAT'S WHY THEY WANT TO GET RID OF THE 2ND AMENDMENT SO BADLY.

It's also why bought & paid for Ukrainian officials (some Russian and/or bought by Russia, and some of them bought by the USA) gave up their nukes, and forsook their people and county, for a fistful of $.

March 22, 2023

"Sometimes-Trumper, but really, Never-Trumper" Fox News contributor, Liz Peek, was on our local morning radio show this morning with "same-ilk-as-Liz" host Brian Boxer, saying she was REALLY ANGRY.

I thought for sure she was going to scream about the political abuse of power of arresting a former President on a misdemeanor because Dems/Establishment don't know of any other way to get rid of him.

Nope. Liz was really angry about the economy. What's the matter Liz? Did you have money in SVB?

Hey Liz. We are angry about it too. But if it wasn't for a fraudulent election (which Fox News helped to pull off) we wouldn't have the problems we have now. So wake up, or shut up and go away.

We have a whole class of people who obfuscate by being angry, and saying, "Oh, we need to deal with this/that," then pretend to deal with it, but never DO deal with it.

TRUMP is your answer, Liz. Not, "Oh he was great then, but now..." TRUMP.

Ron "DeSanctimonious" and his wife, "Tammy Sue" DeSanctimonious are starting to remind me of a televangelist couple? "Ron, honey. Jesus told me you should run for president. You'll be president, and I'll be Jackie O... how exciting!"

Maybe that's where Trump got the DeSanctimonious title. Because Trump is a real man of the people - preferred to hang with the workers on his projects instead of "the suits."

Even if Ron and wife are for real, I don't feel bad about saying this stuff about them, because the Dems will say FAR worse about them. And Trump KNOWS that, and told Ron as much.

Tidbit surprise: Casey DeSantis was a journalist and did special reports for CNN.

Even though I get about 20 "Draft Ron" text messages a day, we already know he is going to run.

About two month ago, the READY FOR RON trolls were all over the place -- twitter, GETTR, Truth Social, and the comments sections on Breitbart and The Gateway Pundit.

They would attack any comment that was even slightly not in favor of Ron. First they'd say, "Oh, he hasn't even said he was running yet." Then they would never rebut your points, or answer any questions that you asked them, but rather, they'd just ask snarky questions, trying to put you on defense. But if you nailed them, they would get REALLY nasty and make sickening comments (of the Hillary nature) about Trump.

Then, suddenly, they just dropped off of the face of the earth. THEY WERE TRAINED RECONNAISSANCE!!! I don't even think they were Republicans for Ron. Probably Dems, testing their "Operation Chaos" plan.

March 21, 2023

Declared Presidential candidate, Vivek Ramaswamy, came out immediately in defense of Trump in the Manhattan D.A. situation, without a thought for his own campaign. Ron DeSantis also had the chance to stand up for President Trump and justice in America, or the chance to play politics. He choose politics.

"...we are not involved in this....we won't be involved in this.."

Ron missed his chance, and everyone WATCHED him miss his chance. He is as naked as the fake news media.

I think Mrs. DeSantis Claus is the driving force behind Ron's impatience and ambition. I have no facts to support that, other than 70 years experience of being on earth. I think he'll continue to do a decent job as governor, and might try to run against VP Kari Lake for president in 2028. But I think she'll be a 2 term president. And I think she'll be Trump on steroids. BUT ONLY because she has the humility and patience to APPRENTICE.

Remember, it was the Ryans, the Roves, and the Jeb!s that told Ron, "Run now, or you'll miss your opportunity." Bad advice, because by running now, he's missed his opportunity.

Lessons learned? Never take advice from the Woke OR from Rinos. (I'm not even gonna touch "wife advice.")

Keep your eyes open. The Rinos, Rove, Ryan, Jeb! & Associates machine will be moving Youngkin and Kemp into position.

March 20, 2023

TGP: BREAKING: IS THIS ALL A SCAM? Now It Looks Like President Trump Will Not Be Arrested Tuesday

If this was a scam, the media will shift and say Trump perpetuated it to fund-raise. But my guess is they did this to just try and drive his numbers down (which didn't work) or to try and out leakers in the D.A. office, seeing as 60% of the DA office is against this "arrest."

I'm making a list of those who are endorsing DeSantis, and will never support them again. I like Ron, but we don't have time for a neophyte right now, or for people who are tired and looking for an "easy way out."

This is war! There is no easy way out.

March 19, 2023

Think of how liberal induced fear of the world ending in X number of years, and guilt over white privilege or color-victimhood, have caused liberals sleep deprivation. And think of how sleep deprivation leads to poor mental and physical health.

Now, think of the one man who has done the most to combat sleep disorders. No, not Freud. I'm talking about the My Pillow man. I sleep great because I know God has my back, I have a My Pillow, and I know that someone cares as much about election integrity as I do.


With the imminent arrest of President Trump, and silence about it from some, the left and rinos are removing any doubt about who loves this country and is fit to lead it.

And thanks to this, Rino Ron has painted himself into a corner. He doesn't know what to do. Delightful.

March 18, 2023

If Trump is indicted by the Manhattan DA, Trump will win in a landslide. This will likely unite the Republican Party, as well as uniting independents and sober minded Dems (if there are any left) behind Trump. Even Dem cheating won't be able to fill the gap.

More importantly, IF this happens, take careful note of Republicans who cheer it or are quiet about it, and END THEIR CAREERS.


Dems normally overplay their hand, while Republicans fold too soon. But it seems like Republicans are finally realizing they have a great hand and are playing it out, while Dems are betting the farm on a bum hand. Let's hope the game keeps going this way - for the sake of our country.

March 17, 2023

Tucker Carlson said in a recent interview:

CARLSON: I’ve spent my whole life in the media, my dad was in the media. That is a big part of the revelation that’s changed my life is that the media are part of the control apparatus.

Yeah, I know, cause your younger and smarter, and you’re like “yeah.”

But what if you’re me and you spent your whole life in that world, and to look around and all the sudden you’re like “oh wow,” not only are they part of the problem, but I spent most of my life being part of the problem. Defending the Iraq War, like I actually did that. Can you imagine if you did that?

For too long, I participated in the culture where I was like, “anyone who thinks outside these pre-prescribed lanes is crazy, is a conspiracy theorist.” And I just really regret that, I’m ashamed that I did that.

It's a start. He recently said that Jan 6th was the biggest fraud next to the 2020 elections. Fox is not going to let him last long when he makes statements like that. Hope Hannity, and some others wake up. As Fox moves further left, it is no surprise ATT/direct TV is eliminating OAN and Newsmax, because they want to eliminate a platform for these media people who are waking up.

BUT give Tucker too much power and he could try to use it to get rid of Trump. Given America First or his multimillion job...? Also, Fox made him, Fox can take him out.

There are SO many differences between Rush and these Fox-made pundits. No one made Rush but Rush. (Which Rush also said about Trump.) So no one could break him or buy him. Can't say that of Tucker (or DeSantis Claus for that matter).

March 16, 2023

Even with all the Dem cheating, Kari Lake was still within a tenth of a percent of a recount. Dems couldn't have that, thus, the mysterious 35,000 ballots.

Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.

March 15, 2023

When able and competent people are left unleashed, everyone benefits, including the unable and incompetent. Binding the competent so the incompetent won't "feel bad" or left out hurts everyone.

Since the tactic of making people feel bad doesn't seem to be working anymore, the left has moved on to the motives on the part of the competent -- you are greedy, you shouldn't be rewarded for your contribution-- and matters of equity for the incompetent -- everyone gets the same piece of pie no matter how much they did or didn't contribute.

March 14, 2023

According to the million text messages I've gotten, "Draft Ron is gaining momentum." Of course this is bullshit, and he'll probably run regardless, prompted by the deep state, to his own determent.

Trump is pushing back against globalism, wokeness, election fraud and the deep state. DeSantis is pushing back against... woke culture. And I don't see the deep state really pushing back against DeSantis; as a matter of fact, they're actually helping him.

Woke culture may be important to snowflakes, but for the establishment/deep state, it's just a cover for something more nefarious.

Liberal "plants" in the Republican party have been years in the making, but have really stepped up since Trump's unexpected win in 2016. These plants are not just in office, but as election poll workers and observers. It's so they can say "bi-partisan" -- no bias here, no cheating here.

When we are buried knee deep in lithium batteries and solar panels, it will be the same ideologues who caused the problem, saying they had nothing to do with it, and saying they know how to fix it.

March 13, 2023

Unlike Trump, Tucker is one of those that you need to say to, "Thanks for your service," and then dismiss him. Because unlike Trump, Tucker takes no losses for his service. On the contrary $$$.

He doesn't like Trump. He is not MAGA. Give him too much power, he'll use it to get rid of Trump. Given America First or his multimillion job...? And as much as I appreciate this random act of journalism (report on Jan 6th tapes which failed to launch), he's still just a high-paid opinion personally.

There are SO many differences between Rush and these Fox-made pundits. No one made Rush but Rush. (Which interestingly enough, Rush said the same of Trump.) So no one could break him or buy him. That cannot be said of the rest. That includes candidates like DeSantis Claus too.

The only way DeSantis Claus wins the nomination, is if Dems cross over. And that's a real possibility. And even though there are only 21 Open Primary states (only 5 of those are blue), Dems may register early as Republicans in Closed Primary/Semi closed Primary states, since most Dems won't care about voting in their own primaries anyway, because they'll assume Biden, or any other random PoS will win their nomination.

Watch these associations: DeSantis+ Youngkin+Kemp.

So are here we are again -- our enemies picking our candidates for us? So many shenanigans. Pray this backfires on them.

March 12, 2023

For all of you who are "Ready For Ron," I understand just how worn out you must be... I mean, they tried to ruin your life with phony hoaxes and impeachments and indictments; tried to destroy your businesses, and threatened to put your children in jail. And they aren't done. Even if you quit, they'll still go after you, because they want your blood. They need to send the message: "Don't any of you ever try this again!"

So I understand how thoroughly exhausted you must be. Go get your "Trump without the baggage."

I wonder if "Ron Is Ready" for what they put Trump through? Cause if they/you succeed in making him the candidate, then they'll start on him, and if he is for real, they won't quit. Poor you. You'll be exhausted all over again!

Good thing Trump isn't exhausted... like poor you.

The overwhelming majority of Trump supporters are law and order. The overwhelming majority of Democrats are "by any means necessary," and that includes violence.

So just from a common sense point of view, it is obvious that Jan 6th was an attempt by the "by any means necessary" party to paint Trump supporters as what the left is themselves. It's their standard M.O.

I think it was stupid for Trump supports to take the bait, but still I can see how they fell for it, with planted agents shouting to go in, and police waving them in.

Now that the truth is out, the non-violent prisoners need to be released. The violent, and those who instigated the riot, including government agents, need to be prosecuted.

March 11, 2023

Dems will crossover for Ron in the primaries wherever they can, and they'll probably start attending his events to pump up his numbers/appearance. I like Ron. But whatever his motives for running (be it personal ambition or "being lead by the Lord"), those financing him want to get rid of Trump.

Clay and Buck got all giddy when they had DeSantis on their show. They seem to think this is some blood-sporting event that is "healthy" for the party. But this is not a game. It is just a waste of resources that could be used to defeat Democrats in the general. Maybe not for DeSantis backers, as they can funnel it right back to themselves, but for Trump backers. And maybe that's the game.

DeSantis Claus is a great governor. Might even make a great president in 2028, or in 2036 after President Lake's 2 terms.

Republicans have proven they don't care about people dying because they are removing dead people from the voting rolls!

Democrats are pretenders. They pretend to be the voice of the people, while governmentally controlling the people.

The success of a republic depends on the idea that good people will generally do what is right for themselves and others. But because we are a representative form of government, if the leaders become corrupt and/or stop representing the people, or, the people they represent become corrupt, then so does the republic.

March 10, 2023

Jane Fonda can make statements to "murder" prolife people, because she knows no one on our side will take her out for such statements, and that she won't be prosecuted for inciting people to violence against elected officials.

Chuck Schumer can threaten SCOTUS as if they were elected representatives, and even threaten journalists and news orgs against the constitution, and nothing happens to him.

Meanwhile, Trump tells people to "peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard," and told people to stop and go home, once things became un-peaceful, and the establishment wants to put him in jail for "inciting violence." And the "Q'Ano Shaman" is in prison for 4 years, even though completely peaceful, and tweeted Trump's statements for peace and to go home!

This is TREASON.

Little Orphan Karine Jean Pierre lies. She knows she is lying. She knows WE know she is lying. She doesn't care. It's what they want. It's part of the process of intimidating your political enemies by sticking your own power and arrogance in their face. "We are in charge. What ya gonna do about it, sucka?"

As Trump pointed out, the reason the MS-13 gangs use knives is because they want to inflict pain. They want to instill fear in others because that fear gives them a sense of power.

Do you think the same thing isn't going on with the deep state and their open prosecutorial misconduct and persecution of their political enemies?

They do so openly to instill fear and intimidation. Let's take the fight to them.

Equality means one thing equals another. Equity is the difference between assets and liabilities -- NET WORTH.

Conservatives are an asset. Liberals (in their current form) are a complete liability. Yet Democrats wants each person (each Dem voter) to have the same share of the equity.


Every Democrat/establishment Republican hoax has been uncovered. So now they've got nothing left to ride on in 2024 but election fraud and their Jan 6th narrative. They'll be hanging onto these two with all they've got.

If they lose these two, they are going to get really ugly-er.

March 9, 2023

If Trump supporters are a "cult," then why didn't they obey their cult leader when he told them explicitly to "Peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard"?

We know that there were those in the crowd that day that encouraged violence, and also those who participated in it.

The American people want to know who those were who encouraged it, and what was their motive for doing so? By seeing the tapes, the American people can be a valuable asset in identifying them and determining their motives.

Why were some who were encouraging violence, initially charged, and then let go? The tapes show some who testified committed perjury. They also show exculpatory evidence to which the defendants have been denied.

These are all questions that must be asked and answered.

Insurrection? So the "insurrectionists" were going into the chamber, sit in the seats, and suddenly the whole nation would listen to them? They'd be in charge of the nation? Q'Anon Shaman would be speaker of the house?

If any of these DC turds really believe Jan 6 was an insurrection (they don't), then that means that they think those buildings and the people in them ARE the government, and not WE THE PEOPLE. This means that THEY are already insurrectionists. Not hyperbole.

March 8, 2023

The "establishment" ploy is no longer "never-Trump" because they saw that didn't work. Their new ploy is "Trumpism without Trump." They are doing this to destroy both Trump and the movement.

But there is an even bigger game at play here: They are getting us/Trump to waste time and resources by playing Don v Ron. This is just what the establishment wants. They know Trump is going to win the primary. They just want us/Trump to drain as many of our resources as they can so that we have less resources for the general.

Let's end their game. END THE PRIMARY TODAY. And if Ron doesn't end this, then he is PART of the game.

Everything is going to come out, including the 2020 election steal. If Trump wins the Presidency in 2024, I doubt any former president will have the humility or the guts to show at the inauguration. If DeSantis were to win, they'll all be there with bells on, which should tell you a lot. The establishment is not afraid of DeSantis. They might be in 2028. But right now they just see him as an alternative to Trump.

But since I believe Trump will win, and since I doubt any of them will be at Trump's 2nd inauguration, I'd like to thank them for their service:

#39, Jimmy Carter, for not being the worst president (when compared to Biden). You dead yet?

#40, Ronald Reagan, for giving our country another chance. RIP.

#41, CIA director George H.W. Bush, for screwing up everything Reagan accomplished. Read my lips. Oh wait. You are dead.

#42, Bill Clinton, for being so busy with his pecker that he missed 5 opportunities to take out Ben Laden. (Yes, 5!) Thanks for 9/11.

#43, George W. Bush, for saying he was going after the people who knocked down these buildings, and then instead, going into a completely different country to finish his daddy's old score. (Thanks for removing Iran's biggest deterrent.) Oh, and for looking into Putin's eyes, seeing his soul, and allowing him to invade his first country to put the old band back together.

#44, Obama, for fundamentally transforming America into a liberal shithole. Oh, and for helping Putin recruit a couple more members of the band.

And finally, last but not least, #46, pRedident Biden, for wrecking our country, and putting us on the verge of World War 3.

Thanks for the memories.

March 7, 2023

Look at how quickly ex-CIA director, George H.W. Bush, un-did everything Ronald Reagan had accomplished.

Reagan was our really our last chance. Trump was God giving America yet more grace. If we have another Trump term after the theft of the 2020 election (and the destruction of our nation and the verge of World War 3) it will be MERCY.

If DeSantis were to become the nominee, the battle is over. We'll be right back in the pretend D.C. tug 'o war that we had before Trump. AND, "If the light that be in thee is darkness, how great is that darkness."









Everyone else (18 people + other & undecided) <1%

Those who claim to be conservative (Ryan, Rove, Jeb!)...? this ought to answer your questions. And will also answer why they are going after Matt Schlapp.

There is no "moving on" from 2020. A CRIME WAS COMMITTED. A crime of history's most notorious nature. And the result is a wrecked nation, and a wrecked world, on the verge of World War 3.

Many of the same problems from 2020 and 2022 remain unfixed. And Dems are constantly working on NEW angles. And perhaps the worst is revelations that not only were public officials bribed, but people were bribed to BECOME politicians -- to go into office!

We are in a war. We don't need a PR president. We need a general. He won twice. He can win again.

Fox News has become "All things tabloid" and "All things DeSantis." And their saying Nikki Haley came in 3rd in the CPAC straw poll, instead of telling the truth -- that she came in 4th behind a complete unknown -- is a strong indicator that they are pushing a DeSantis/Haley ticket. (Funny how Nikki polls worse than any of the candidates among "non-whites.")

Trump isn't trying to sink Fox. He is sending up a flare to warn them of the iceberg ahead -- the one they should have learned of by watching CNN sink. He isn't trying to sink DeSantis either. He is trying to save an apprentice.

In the same way D.C. politicians keep dirt on each other to keep each other in line, I wonder if Fox keeps dirt on their top money makers -- like Hannity and Tucker -- to keep them in line and to make sure they never jump ship.

And yet, Tucker's revelations regarding the Jan 6th tapes could end up putting the Jan 6th "unselect" committee in prison. Can't imagine Ryan, Rove, and Jeb! are too happy about that. Can't imagine Fox being happy about it either.

March 6, 2023

All the big news stories of the day are about screw-ups, and not about successes or fixes, because the incompetents and crooks and are the ones running the government.

I learned this morning that dinosaurs don't like cereal or milk, but that they do like coffee. Yep. That's what I learned.

If every metric showed that you had an embezzlement/theft in your bank/financial institution, would you say, "Don't dwell on the past. Just move on. We'll fix it next time."

If you had a video of bank employees in the vault in the middle of the night without permission or supervision pulling stacks of cash out from under a skirted table, and counting it over and over to effect the tally, would you really say, "Nothing to see here?"

Until our votes are treated like cash, the fraud will continue. (Shhhhh. Don't tell Fox this!)

March 5, 2023

Dick Morris in his July 2022 book, THE RETURN: "The goal of Democrats will be to destroy the Republican party by creating a bloodbath between Trump and DeSantis."

I've always said that DeSantis is the only one that can stop this by endorsing Trump NOW, and by doing so, he would also save his own career.

But, I'm starting to see it is more complicated than that. Because the people who are sending millions Ron's way to "make" him, are just as willing to spend millions to "break" him, if he doesn't cooperate.

Trump vetted Ron before endorsing him. And you can bet the rino/never-Trump backers have as well. They all know the dirt. But I still think Ron's best bet would be to endorse Trump now. If he does, he'll be subjected to the same treatment Trump has gotten. But he would at least have our support, IF he has the balls to stand the pressure.

March 4, 2023

Russia/Ukraine is a stalemate, and everyone knows it. Putin thought it would take 3 days, and now that it's been a year he's saying it was planned all along. Sure. So Biden keeps dumping our money and weapons into Ukraine. Now China is dumping their money and weapons into Russia. What a joke.

Until Trump is back in office, I don't see a good ending here. If we stop helping Ukraine, that's the end of Ukraine. If Trump was in office, this never would have happened. If Trump were back in office, he would negotiate a deal that neither side would like, but both would sign. I think most of us know how he'd do it.

Mike DeWine was in East Palestine this morning. The people there just want to go home. They just want everything to go back to normal.

Every normal person just wants everything to get back to normal. But the abnormal people of the world don't want that to happen.

Speaking of Ukraine... Russians are forcing Ukrainians to open their garages and then looting them. ANTIFA. BLM. Now, RLM.

March 3, 2023

Steve Bannon at CPAC:

Let me leave you with what Trump is up against. He’s not up against DeSantis or Nikki Haley or Mike Pompeo. He’s up against Ken Griffin and Mitch McConnell and Murdoch. Okay? They have deemed if he wins the primary, they’re going to work for the Democrats just like they work for Hillary Clinton. I was there.

I can tell you. They were in Clinton’s camp the entire way. All they are is about money. And the only people can stop them on the face of the earth are you. You and you.

MAGA. MAGA. Remember Murdoch? You’ve deemed Trump’s not going to be president. Well, we’ve deemed that you’re not going to have a network because we’re going to fight you every step of the way.

If your task and purpose is to take your country back, this country will be saved.

March 2, 2023

Don't get all excited. The left went from, "I'm not taking Trump's poison vaccines" (Kamala) to "covid vaccines are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Take them early and often, or else!"

They are making the shift back to "Trump poisoned us." And Rino Ron will be right there cheering with them. Don't doubt me on this.

March 1, 2023

My neighbor was a huge Trump supporter. Now she says she is voting for DeSantis. Says a lot more about her than it does about Trump or Ron.

Trump went through the FIRE for us. And he is still going through it. I just listened to Rush's Jan 7th, 2021 show, and was reminded as he said, "They are not going to let this go. They want blood." The establishment/swamp wants to send the message, don't anyone ever try this again!!!

They will never give up on destroying Trump, even if he were to give up and go away today. THEY WANT BLOOD.

That's why I'm never giving up or going away or joining the wusses. Rush NEVER gave up. He was still giving his all till the day he died. As his wife Kathryn Limbaugh said, "Rush and Trump were a lot alike." I want to be in that company.

It's not so much that I'm against Ron, as against the powerful people lining up behind him; many of the same who lined up AGAINST Trump.

They don't want the people who lined up behind Trump (that's US) or Trump anywhere near the oval office. They don't want people like Kari Lake, and Hageman, and Bannon, and Navarro, and Giuliani, and... the list goes on.

They still think Jan 6th was an insurrection. They won't go anywhere near the stolen 2020 election, or... the list goes on.

"Ready for Ron" means, "we are tired of Trump" (though Trump never gets tired). It means, "Let's just move on." But trust me - it's personal for them. They still have some vengeance to deal out.

But they didn't make Trump. So they can't destroy him.

Who is your favorite fearless hero?

Feb 28, 2023

We live in a de-meritocracy -- a place where idiots who haven't accomplished anything, elect (or rather, appoint) their idiots like Biden and Fetterman to office, so that they will give them stuff for free.

And guess where they get the "free" stuff? From those of us who "didn't build that (according to Obama)."

Feb 27, 2023

My kids were up at the crack of down this morning, playing with their electronic keyboard that makes somewhat realistic missile/explosion sounds. They were having a blast (no pun intended) and it really didn't bother my wife and I as we were already awake. However, my Ukrainian mother in law who lives in the war zone is visiting us. Just a bit to real for her.

I pray those sounds are NEVER a reality to my children. But it looks like we are staring at 3 outcomes.

1) Stalemate in Ukraine: we keep supplying Ukraine; China keeps supplying Russia.

2) World War 3 under an incompetent and corrupt commander in shitef.

3) Trump.

As Trump said: Too many people are dying. Ukrainian/Russian Military. Ukrainian civilians. Trump will tell Zelenskyy to come to the table, or no more money. Trump will tell Putin to end it, or no more Moscow. Don't doubt me on this.

Feb 21, 2023

I don't want the left to EVER be canceled. I want everyone to hear just how crazy and vile they are. However, the left certainly wants us canceled, and that in itself is very, very revealing.

As I was driving this morning, I saw people of all colors on their way to work, to contribute something, and to get something in exchange for their contribution; to try to make a living.

We live in a free society, where, if you don't feel like what you're getting is fair, you can search elsewhere. There's plenty of competition. If you don't have much to offer, you can advance your education; even self-educate at free public libraries, to improve your skills and to make yourself more valuable in the marketplace.

When people talk about disparity in the black community, I think about how the black community has never really stood together, except to vote Democrat and to kill each other (basically the same thing).

Trump did more for black Americans than perhaps any president since Lincoln. But he is the "racist?"

Feb 20, 2023

No matter how you view Zelenskyy, you must understand how the Ukrainian people view him; especially the young people. They see him as a Trump, because he had BIG money before he ran for president, and he didn't flee UA with the "the gold" like Yanukovych and many others had before AND since the war started.

Many know Biden is corrupt, so they assume Z is corrupt, since he is cozy-ing up to Dems, Rinos, and Hollywood. Russian propaganda/trolls lend full support to this view. However, the UA people view him as desperate to keep Ukraine, Ukraine, and that he will cozy up to whomever to get support and weapons.

I don't know either way. But Ukrainian's have a more commonsense view, because their blood is at stake, and because Z took the ammo, not the ride or the gold.

One thing Zelenskyy better not over estimate is Biden's competency or his motives, or Ukraine will end up being "like old times, comrade."

Feb 19, 2023

Helping people without expecting anything in return has been the downfall of our society.

Yes, love and compassion can be the impetuous to help someone to get on their feet. But when it is just to help them to just lie there and feed like a clam, IT IS NOT LOVE.

Everyone has something they can contribute. I fully support the war in Ukraine because 1) I have skin in the game (family), 2) Putin broke an international agreement and must not be allowed anymore invasions and country takeovers, 3) China will offer to rebuild Ukraine, NO STRINGS ATTACHED (Ha! Ha!)

Like Trump said about Iraq, "we should have taken the oil - to the victor the spoils." Ukraine MUST provide something of benefit in return to the USA -- not to the Bidens!

Ukraine had a good trade relationship with Russia for many years, but the problem was -- Russia wanted to have puppet presidents and politicians in power there, and the USA wanted the same. But the Ukrainians were never allowed to run their own country.

Talk about Ukrainian corruption all you want, but most of it was conceived and flourish under Russian puppet rule. Those Ukrainian politicians (some born in Russia) went on to sell to the highest bidder, and the USA outbid Russia for use of the money laundering machine, again, all at the expense of the Ukrainian people, and NOW with their BLOOD .

Biden OR Putin acting like the good guy here is ludicrous. NONE OF THIS DID/WOULD HAVE HAPPENED UNDER TRUMP.

Feb 18, 2023

The reason we want our leaders to visit hospitals, disaster zones, OUR SOUTHERN BORDER, etc, is not for photo opportunities. It's about YOU sticking your nose in the ugliness and pain other Americans are having to go through. We need you to experience it FIRST HAND. Then if you still don't care, then we know you are incapable of caring, either emotionally, or ideologically.

Now, you are going to help Turkey, but not our own towns and border. YOU ARE IDEOLOGICAL, UNCARING SHII.

I only takes a modicum of intelligence and common sense to run these government agencies. But when people like Biden put idiots and ideologues into them, not only do we see incompetence, but indeed, weaponization against political enemies.

It's a shame for our country, and it's WAR -- a civil war we didn't ask for.

Feb 17, 2023

Trump did a lot of great things during his presidency, but one of the most significant and gutsy things he did was awarding Rush Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and doing it DURING the State of the Union address.

In many ways, Rush held back the flood of liberalism for many years, and you can bet that all the little devils in that room were going ballistic watching Rush receive that well-deserved award.

Rush passed 2 years ago today. And there's not a day that goes by that I don't miss him... especially Monday through Friday from noon to 3 p.m.

Fox News polls are no better than CNN polls. They are what Rush used to call "influence" polls, designed to influence people before an election. Then as they would get closer to the election, the pollsters would be more accurate so that people would still listen to them in the future.

There were a number of polls that Rush would look to, not because he liked the results they gave, but because they would more accurately reflect results months out. It is called objectivity.

Fox knows what Trump's real number are. Like the RNC and DNC, they have internal polling that they keep to themselves. But they need to push the "ready for Ron" narrative, and they don't care about the damage it causes to the Republican Party. In fact, they may be happy about it.

Feb 16, 2023

Here's how the info war works:

"People are tiring of Trump. We should just move on to someone less offensive. A new generation of leaders. Maybe it's time for DeSantis/Haley. Trump can't win anyway. He proved that in 2020."

Then you think, "Yeah, Maybe. I love Trump, but if other's are getting tired of him, maybe he can't win. Maybe I have no choice but to move on."

See how it works. But here are the REAL questions you should be asking:

1) who is pushing this?

2) Is TRUMP getting tired? Because after all they have done to take him out, I don't see it. If anything, he is MORE energized. And he has learned SO much. He has been through the fire.

And I would also ask, "What do we end up with IF we compromise?" RINOs: The Next Generation. To Boldly Go... into Oblivion."

Feb 15, 2023

The devil would prefer "Destroy America" Biden over "Save America" Trump. But he'll take sanctimonious if he can't get destruction.

I'm not being cute or playing with words. Think about it. It's the way it works.

RINOS: The Next Generation

To boldly go.. no where!

♫ ♪♫ Da, da-da-da, da-da-da... ♫ ♪♫

Feb 14, 2023

Nikki Haley has announced her bid for the presidency. She says to be careful, because she kicks back with heels.

Nikki, wouldn't it just be easier to use your horn?

Her 2024 slogan: Time for a new generation... of rinos!

The two politicians I see most similar are Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin. Neither are so ideological as they are political.

Hillary thought she could rile her base calling "half" of us deplorables. However, she underestimated the size her base and the deplorables.

Putin does Trump style rallies, but also labels his enemies Nazis, rallying his base by saying, Fascism is on the rise, specifically to destroy the Great Russian Empire.

He tries to create continuity in Russian history to give it longevity. But the truth is, Putin has undermined the generation that tore down the wall; the generation that tore down the wall destroyed communism; and the communists destroy the Czar. They are all quite divided ideologically.

Putin's current courting of the Russian Orthodox Church is for political expediency.

Feb 13, 2023

The Soviet union fell by late 1991. The Budapest agreement (1994) agreed that Russia, the USA, and Great Britain would recognize and protect Ukraine's territorial integrity if Ukraine gave up their nukes.

1) USA liberals dreamed of a gun-free, nuke-free utopia, and this was a "step" toward it.

2) Russia would take responsibility for destroying Ukraine's nukes (3rd largest arsenal in the world), which (don't kid yourself) they never did, making them the world's largest nuke power.

3) The Ukrainian government was full of West-friendly, Russia-friendly politicians' whose pocket$ were filled to procure it.

Wonder how many of the nukes from that arsenal Russia has sold.

If you have bio-weapon, Ukraine, don't give them up. USA, Russia, China, and God knows who else, has them too.

Feb 12, 2023

You are doing a great job in Florida, Ron! Now, just a few questions for ya:

1) Was Trump the legitimate winner of the 2020 election?

2) Will you commit to pardoning non-violent Jan 6th offenders?

3) Will you commit to suing the federal government for depriving them of their constitutional rights?

4) Will you seek prosecution for those who have treated them inhumanly?

Well, we're waiting. Oh, and maybe one more. Why did you hire a lawyer that represented Dominion whose specialty is defamation? Must be pretty expensive.

Feb 11, 2023

Trump/Lake 2024

Lake/?(maybe DeSantis) 2028

But I don't think Ron's gonna happen. DeSantis is starting to needle Trump on the vaccines. But Ron will require never-Trump/Dem money to win. And he IS getting it. And Mike Lindell just nailed DeSantis on the Dominion lawyer he brought on board in FL.

Like Dick Morris said, the Dems will try to start a bloodbath in the Republican party over Trump v DeSantis, and only Ron can give them that.

Ron should endorse Trump, NOW!

Our fathers and grandfathers stood right next to each other in the trenches and foxholes and they SAW where each other was at through their experiences together. They were indeed a band of brothers.

I haven't agreed with Trump on every issue, but I know who he is, and I know where he stands. And I know he has my back. And I have his.

Trump has learned. He has been through the fire. As for the others? Grunts. Still in basic training. They have yet to prove themselves. Come back in 2028. We'll see then.

Feb 10, 2023

When Russia went into Donbas in 2014, 95% of the people who fled the conflict went west into other parts of Ukraine, while 5% went east into Russia. (Info that is publically available and was also covered on TGP in 2014). So the idea that Eastern Ukraine is all Russian loyalists, or that Russia was protecting people from Ukrainian Nazis is ludicrous. (Common sense: You don't run TO the Nazis to get away from the Nazis.)

Even the idea that all of Crimea was ecstatic about the takeover is not true. There are those who have bellyached about the Khrushchev card game for generations, but most had strong relationships with "mainland" Ukraine, especially by way of tourism.

BUT, that being said, Ukraine is never going to get Crimea back, and Donbas will be assumed or occupied forever, unless there is WW3 to force Russia out, which probably wouldn't succeed anyway.

Ukraine gave up their nukes for Russia's territorial recognition and protection. But Russia broke that agreement, so there is not much of a reason to trust Russia again. (Russia keeps no agreements with anyone unless they HAVE to. It helps if you have Russian friends to understand this. Not so much the people from rural areas, but from the city, especially Moscow.)

Since Ukraine isn't going to get these areas back, and since Russia doesn't keep its agreements without force, Ukraine should evacuate those who want to leave and give Russia Donbas. Then they should BUILD A WALL on the new border and put NATO nukes on it. It is the only way Ukraine doesn't become annihilated, and for Russia to be kept in check. Better to end this now, before Russia takes any more territory, and to prevent them from taking more in the future.

This never happened under Trump, and we all know why. But it has happened, so this is probably the "deal" he would put on the table now, at least as a starting point.

Oh, and Ukraine -- if you have bio-weapons, don't give them up. Russia has them too. And China. And the USA. And God knows who else.

Feb 9, 2023

If in 2020, someone would have asked me what would happen during the next term if Biden assumed the presidency, and even if they said, "Go crazy. Be wild. Paint your wildest, negative sci-fi scenario screenplay," I never would have imagined the insanity and measurable destruction of this admin.

It is surreal. The only thing more surreal is the gas lighting by the left. Everyone on BOTH sides know they are being gas lighted. One side literally doesn't care. Pure insanity.

Feb 8, 2023

Governor Sarah Sanders gave a great rebuttal to the SOTU last night. As she said, "The choice is no longer between right or left. The choice is between normal or crazy."

She is the youngest Governor -- Biden the oldest President. One of the things she re-enforced while on the campaign trail was, "it is time for a new generation of leadership.”

Ron DeSantis MIGHT be part of that next generation of leaders if he stands down and gets FULLY behind Trump for 2024. We will soon see who is learning and ready to carry the torch, and who is just in it for themselves.

Whatever he does, the never-Trumpers are sending money and compliments his way. We will see if he falls for it. If he doesn't, it's a step in the right direction. Even if he were to win, he either has to pay the piper who put him there, or he'll fold once the crucifixion starts. He has NO idea what Trump has endured or has learned.

Feb 7, 2023

When honor systems aren't honored, the only eventual alternative is conflict and war. Dishonorable people must be forced to honor their agreements. When all parties become dishonorable, there is no document, no matter how just, that can rule the unruly.

When dishonorable people gain power, all honorable people will be made to suffer.

Feb 6, 2023

Sorry I can't attend Brandon's SOTU this evening. I have a previous engagement. I'm attending the 112 birthday celebration of Ronaldus Maximus.

Polls show a HUGE majority of Dems don't want Joe Biden to run again. YET, the DNC just moved their first primary of 2024 to SC, where Clyburn is almost certain to endorse Biden for president, sending the signal to all blacks across the country, No One Else Need Apply.

The most sure voting bloc Dems have is black females. YET, the NYT is trashing Kamala Harris, showing liberals don't want Kamala to run for president.

WTF is going on? Division in the party? Michelle Obama to the rescue? Hillary to the rescue?

Feb 5, 2023

Like Don Jr. said, if there were China balloons over the USA during the Trump admin, there would have been a 3rd impeachment, and "whistleblowers" would have been coming out of every orifice of Washington.

But after another Biden debacle, suddenly the Pentagon releases this? WE CALL BULLSHIIII.

AND even if it were true, them releasing this info now, shows BLATANT PARTISANSHIP.

Feb 4, 2023

Do not EVER by an EV -- ever! I'm even sorry I bought my hybrid (even though I love the car). I will buy oil stock and pay $10 a gallon for gas. BUT I WILL NOT ALLOW THESE GREEN MONSTERS TO DESTROY OUR COUNTY AND WORLD UNDER THE PRETENCE OF SAVING THE PLANET JUST TO GAIN POWER OVER EVERY ONE!!!

The wave of the future isn't batteries. It's something safe, cheap, and environmentally friendly. (And it doesn't come from China!)

Feb 3, 2023

If Ukraine really does have WMD bio-weapons as is being reported, they'd better hang onto them. Because I'm sure China and sweet, innocent, little Russia doesn't have any bio weapons (yeah, right!!!!!!) and Ukraine already gave up their nukes for Russia's promise to protect them and their territorial integrity.

It's like a criminal saying, "Put down your gun and I won't harm you. You have my word."

From my (and/or your) cold dead hands.

Feb 1, 2023

Ukraine has WMD? Hum? If true, does this mean:

1) Ukraine gives up its bioweapons it supposedly has, and get's its nukes back?

2) Russia gets rid of its bio-weapons they supposedly don't have (wink-wink) and respects Ukraine's territorial integrity according to the Budapest agreement?

3) China stops developing bio-weapons in cooperation with Russia, and with the USA (with Fauci funding)?

Lots of questions. No conclusions that end with, "Ukraine bad. Russia GOOD!"

The one conclusion that does make sense is, Chi-na, Chi-na, China. And the big guy and the deep state are right there in it with them.

Jan 29, 2023

We could have peace in Ukraine in 24 hours. It is simple, but we'd have to be tough on both sides.

Ukraine, give Russia Crimea and Donbas.

Russia, give Ukraine back their nukes (the ones Ukraine gave up when Russia, GB, and the USA agreed to protect their territorial integrity) or WE WILL!

So, Ukraine - Do you want Crimea and Donbas, or do you want your nukes back?

Russia - you still want Crimea and Donbas, or are you going to honor your original agreement with Ukraine?

(And don't give me the, "Oh, Russia doesn't want NATO on their doorstep" crap. Didn't hear that mentioned when they made the Budapest agreement with Ukraine.)

The honest thing to do would be for Russia to get out and honor the agreement. But Russia has a long history of breaking agreements unless forced to honor them. As Reagan said, "доверяй, но проверяй" - "Trust, but verify."

Mexico allows invaders to "bomb" across our borders, yet we can't bomb Mexico City.

Putin invades and bombs Ukraine, but Ukraine can't bomb Moscow.

None of this seems "fair."

Jan 26, 2023

Kamala is only polling at 2% for president for 2024. So Joe isn't going anywhere before his term is up (unless he has a stroke, etc.). But it is highly doubtful he'll be the 2024 candidate. Nope. Obama's(?) Corvette-gate has made sure of that. (Some have suggested Eric Adams is moving into position for 2024.)

But I wonder if Obama is beginning to realize that he is not in charge of Joe and that China is calling Joe's shots? Barrack may not be happy with that.

Adam Schift has announce he'll challenge Katie Porter for Dianne Feinstein's senate seat. Dems will be voting for the one they feel is the most crooked. That's a hard one, but I think I'd have to give it to Pencil-neck

As much as some people complained about Trump's endorsement of Dr. Oz, I think one thing needs to be considered. If every Republican and Independent in PA voted for Oz, he still would have lost.

PA is so far gone, that in order to win, our candidate needed DEM votes, not just "swing" votes. Trump knew that. It wasn't a risk. It was the only move on the board.

If you don't believe me, just look at WHO won, and how much they won by.

Jan 25, 2023

I'm starting to look at this Ukraine situation very differently.

Q: Who owns Biden?

A: Obama


Correct answer: CHI-NA!

Q: Who owns Putin?

A: [Russian Troll] No one owns Putin or Muther Ruccia!


Correct answer: CHI-NA!

Q: How do I get that?

A: At $60 billion to Ukraine, and more on the way, Biden (at the behest of his owners - CHI-NA) are spending Russia (with an economy the size of Italy's) into the poorhouse.

Q: And who is funding Russia AND offering to broker peace and finance the rebuilding of Ukraine? Who ends up the winner?


Q: And who is Chi-na/Biden weakening through this whole process?

A: THE USA (and Russia too, as China is building Russian dependency on China, hoping to lessen the threat of Nuclear Russia on themselves.)


Better arm up, not for "insurrection" but to defend the USA when Chi-na invades, and our military runs up the rainbow/white flag.

Jan 24, 2023

Trump told Putin to keep his hands off of Ukraine. Here is the conversation:

Trump: "It would be a shame to watch all those pretty towers destroyed."

Putin: "You wouldn't."

Trump: "Watch me."

Putin knew Trump had the political will and competency to do it. He knows Biden has neither.

This invitation into Ukraine started with Obama's red-line. Ha. What a joke. Biden invited Putin in with the "limited excursion" comment.

Now Biden and family, Cheney and family, Bush and family, Pelosi and family... (should I stop) are watching their defense stock portfoilo bust at the seams.

Trump was the only one who tried to stop this scam of politicians using our children's blood to get rich.

Remember how Dems used to be "anti-war." Just a game D.C. plays. The faux tug-o'war.

Jan 23, 2023

Why would I want to see some businessman's taxes? I don't want to see Donald Trump's taxes. I don't even want to see Shiit Romney's taxes.

You know who's taxes I want to see? John McCain's. And I don't care if he's been dead almost 5 years. I think we could learn a lot from those taxes about how Washington really operates. And Liz Cheney's taxes? I think one could earn a PHD in political science studying her taxes alone. (I'd throw in Nancy Pelosi, but we already know what hers are about - cheat and repeat. Schift? Lie and retry.)

The problem is, we wanted to send someone to D.C. to fix it. It's why we sent Trump and why we love Trump. We just didn't realize they wanted it broken so we would "need" them. It's why they hated/hate Trump.

Jan 22, 2023

What's so great about "diversity" again? The original idea was sold to us as, "Oh, we'll all learn so much from each other's cultures and differences - a smorgasbord of ideas."

And what are we getting? Hash? A hodge-podge blend? More like an unrecognizable smoothie, as individual cultures are annihilated. And anyone who has pointed this out was called "racist" and "xenophobic." But it's gone way beyond that now. It's BLEND IDEOLOGICALLY OR ELSE - WE ARE COMING FOR YOU!

Enjoy your sweet and sour, curry burrito. And when we are all one melado mix - no black or white - who's gonna play the victim then?

Reparations to all, and to all a good night.

Jan 21, 2023

Gasprom and Burisma have long been used by Ukrainian AND Russian politicians to funnel money to themselves. So while the west and Russia fight over the money laundering machine, the blood of innocents is used as the detergent.

This was all encouraged by the Obama admin (Donbas, Crimea) while Joe was VP. The corvette docs seem to revolve around this period of time. And Hunter conveniently had access to them. AND Hunter made money from Ukraine, China AND RUSSIA.
This is starting to make sense.

Jan 19, 2023


Jan 14, 2023

When the Hunter laptop stuff first broke, Rush said he thought there was a possibility that Hunter meant/wanted for the laptop to be found, the goal being: Throw the big guy under the buss; the motive being: Resentment for having to care for the whole damn Biden family all those years by way of illegal activities.

Jan 1, 2023

All the clever comments we make are not stopping the full-on destruction of our country and the rest of the world.

The 1st Amendment is to make sure we can speak, debate, and EXPOSE, so we can STOP destruction. So far, we are failing miserably.

The left WANTS a violent revolution, just like they wanted, setup, and encouraged a phony "insurrection" on Jan 6th, but for different reasons.

They wanted Jan 6th so Anderson Copper could say, "Republicans can no longer call themselves the party of law and order." Again, to get us to lie down and shut up, and just let Dem do what they do. But they want a violent revolution (and they just might set that up too if we aren't watchful) so they can declare martial law and make ALL their political enemies JAN 6TH STYLE PRISONERS.

Nice plan, Barrack.

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