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I'm thinking drug use has bewitched liberals' whole outlook on life.

November 6, 2023

Which Came First: The Red Chicken Or The Blue Pot?

Are drugs turning America Blue? Ohio is facing ISSUE 2 -- a proposal to legalize recreational pot. One could claim that states who have legalized pot, first became liberal. But I contend that drug use pushed these states liberal, then got the support of libertarian-Republicans, and then became full-out liberal states which then legalized pot.

I am reminded of Galatians 3:1 "Who has bewitched [Greek: pharmacia] you that you should not obey the truth?"

Obviously, other issues like pseudo-racism, pseudo-xenophobia, and pseudo "the world is ending in 2 minutes if we don't get rid of fossil fuels and cow farts" have been pushing liberalism too. But the 1960s promiscuity that went hand-in-hand with drug use, combined with stupidity ("Geez, what's contraception?"), created the abortion issue. And both promiscuity and drugs have "opened the mind" to the bullshit Democrats push.

I'm sure there are some old hippies out there who are also MAGA patriots who still toke and vote for Trump. And I'm glad they do. But here's a look at states that have legalized pot:

Colorado. There is NO question Bolder drug use (blatantly violating federal law) liberalized Colorado. And they continued to do so until they turned the state blue in 2008. They finally legalized in 2012.

Washington. Turned blue in 1988. (Legalized 2012)

Oregon. Turned blue in 1988. (Legalized 2014)

Alaska. Red, but has gone from 60% to 52%. (Legalized 2014)

Wash D.C. Always blue. (Legalized 2014)

California. Turned blue in 1992. (Legalized 2016)

Maine. Turned blue in 1992. (Legalized 2016)

Massachusetts. Turned blue in 1988. (Legalized 2016)

Nevada. Turned blue in 2008. (Legalized 2016)

Michigan. Turned blue in 1992. (Legalized 2018)

Vermont. Turned blue in 1992 (Legalized 2018)

Illinois. Turned blue in 1992 (Legalized 2019)

New Jersey. Turned blue in 1992 (Legalized 2020)

Montana. Red (Legalized 2020)

South Dakota. Red (legalization measure approved November 2020, struck down by state Supreme Court November 2021)

Arizona. Turned blue in 2020 (Legalized 2020)

New York. Turned blue 1998 (Legalized 2021)

Virginia. Turned blue 2008 (Legalized 2021)

New Mexico. Turned blue 1992 (Legalized 2021)

Connecticut. Turned blue 1996 (Legalized 2021)

Rhode Island. Turned blue 1928 (Legalized 2022)

Maryland. Turned blue 1998 (Legalized 2022)

Missouri. Red (Legalized 2022)

Delaware. Turned blue 1992 (Legalized 2023)

Minnesota. Turned blue 1932 (Legalized 2023)

(*some states have shifted back and forth, but above is currently and mostly)

You can argue that liberalism caused drug use, and not vice versa. But as for me? Been there. Done that. Yeah, I'm thinking drug use has bewitched their whole outlook on life.

And as far as Libertarianism's contribution to turning red states blue? Been there. Done that, too. Please accept my apologies.


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