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January 11, 2024


In systems (biz, gov, etc.) you can interchange people to a certain degree. But in missions, you cannot separate the man from the message. This is why people like DeSantis and Haley are literally traitors to the people they claim to want to represent. They have made their personal ambitions obvious, and have destroyed any chance they may have had at real public SERVICE.

Liberals can't separate form from substance. Nor do they want to, because it is their use of form "out-of-context and without substance" that gives them power, and allows them to manipulate non-thinking human beings.

Liberals hate to be confronted by wisdom and substance. And when the unreasonable can no longer withstand wisdom by using bullshit, they seek to silence wisdom's messenger BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. They stop their ears, howl, and throw stones at the messenger. So much for elite composure.

This is why they cling to Jan 6th. On Jan 7th CNN's Anderson Cooper said, "Republicans can no longer claim to be the party of law and order." This is the crisis they were waiting and hoping for. But even more than that, it has since become evident that this was the crisis they were PLANNING for.

And as Rush put it on his Jan 7th show, "One wrong move." This was what they were waiting for. "Russia, Russia, Russia" failed. The "Ukrainian phone call" failed. The left is always lying in wait to deceive, but now they thought they actually had something that the American people would swallow.

I will go on record to say that there were a lot of stupid Trump supporters there on Jan 6th. They were not stupid because they supported Trump, but because they fell for the Jan 6th setup. They had to have known that "peacefully and patriotically" did not include going into the capital (even though the vast majority did behave themselves peacefully and patriotically within the Capitol - which makes me especially weary of those who didn't).

But they fell for it. Fell for the Ray Epps's (and the now confirmed, at a minimum, over 200 intelligence assets) in the crowd yelling, "We must go into the capital." They fell for the Carl Winslow (Family Matters, Die Hard) cop removing the barriers and waving them into the capital. (Has anyone identified and questioned this little "cop" yet? He can't be that hard to find.)

If you watch the Christopher Burgard/Nick Searcy documentary, "Capitol Punishment" then you know there were wise people who knew this didn't feel right; knew that even though they were being waved in that it just did not feel right and did not go in. But now, we have a DOJ that is going after people who didn't even go into the Capitol! who were just there exercising their 1st Amendment rights!

I am not justifying the treatment of the Jan 6th hostages since that day. I'm only trying to emphasize how much people who were there that day underestimated the devilish intent and methods of those who are trying to protect the D.C. club -- a club that has existed for decades. And this club is the reason they hate the messenger, Donald J. Trump, so much.

After Trump had left office, they tried to impeach him a second time with the help of the "Un-select" Jan 6th committee -- a committee filled with D.C. club insiders and Trump haters. They included the likes of warmonger Liz Cheney and Trump hating cry-baby, Adam Kinzinger, while Pelosi excluded people like Jim Jordon and Jim Banks from the committee.

If we have a another Jan 6th committee to investigate the Jan 6th investigators, I hope Trump haters like Raskin and AOC ARE included, so that everyone may see their folly and their bias hatred. They are not reasonable people, and it shows.

During the second impeachment, Raskin left out exculpatory evidence -- literally edited out the word "Peacefully and patriotically" from Trump's speech that day, showing that his intent was NOT for justice or to "save democracy," but showing his only desire was to "get Trump."

There's a lot of big money floating around D.C. to "get Trump." And each year since Trump came down the escalator, it has been increasing.

So much for justice. So much for saving democracy.


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